Thursday, September 19, 2019

September Is My Favorite

Sometimes I sit down to catch up on my blog and instead end up reading back through old posts feeling envious of my former self. The one who wrote about what she saw and felt and thought instead of the girl I am now. The one always playing catch up with lists and what I did on my summer vacation type posts. I try to give myself grace because it's been a weird hard year, but I miss that girl.

I plan to bring her back here one of these days.

But not today because today is playing catch up with a list and a what I did on my summer vacation type of post. Might as well embrace it, right?

I celebrated a birthday yesterday. My birthday is the third family birthday in the month of September so everyone's a little caked out by the time mine rolls around.

Not so caked out we won't dive into this scrumptious German Chocolate Fudge Pie Daughter2 baked for her momma, but we won't eat it all in one sitting either. My favorite man cub face timed so he could join in the singing of Happy Birthday and also help blow out the candles from 7000+ miles away. The happy birthday song is in his current list of top ten favorites.

Hubs suggested we go out for my birthday but we eat out a lot, and on my birthday I want a home cooked meal I don't have to home cook. I love something on the grill that I don't have to a) plan for b) shop for, c) prepare or d) clean up. Honestly I'll eat whatever is put in front of me if I don't have to do any of the above.

Hubs obliged by grilling the most delicious pork chops he'd purchased from his guitar teacher/ pig farmer and Daughter2 made garlic mashed potatoes and a spinach salad and that fantabulous pie and it was all pretty perfect.

Low key is the name of the game this month because next month we will amp up into supersonic speed with four separate trips covering multiple states, flights, road miles and countries so we're trying to rest up. Hubs doesn't quite get the concept of 'resting up' but even he's not operating at 150% power like he normally does.

It has been exceptionally hot and humid here for the past month but this morning we woke up to 70 degree weather and sipped our coffee under a blanket beside the fire on the porch. Pure bliss in my book. Fall is my favorite and I'm so ready for it this  year.

I've been reading a lot of books and hubs and I have binged on The Americans on Amazon Prime. I really need it to end so I can quit thinking about it, but we're almost there. My Bible Study group is back in session and I've also started a book club in my neighborhood which has been fun. And because it can't be all cake all the time I'm still plugging away at my exercise class a couple of days a week too.

Also today's weather is not the norm so we're still boating and swimming and we're not even mad about it.

The air still says summer but the sunsets whisper fall.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Monday's Child

My favorite second born baby girl celebrates a birthday today. She's told me in years past that reading my blog on her birthday is one of her favorite things so I try hard not to drop that ball.

Putting words to feelings has sometimes felt like too much this year. Too complicated, too personal, too everything.

But today I'm going to try.

Because the birthday girl has taught me so much, and while we often say we just want to forget all the painful things we've ever walked through I don't.

I want to remember how my bright eyed baby girl has looked for joy in the middle of a hard thing.

I want to remember the wisdom she's shown and how she's grown in ways she maybe didn't want to grow, but she pressed in and pressed on, and in so doing found her faith to be a sure sure thing.

I want to remember the way she has doled out grace by the bucketful and I want to do the same.

Happy birthday to my bold, big-hearted, beautiful girl.

It is my great great joy to be your momma and I pray this next year is filled with God's tender mercies and blessings abundant. May you always laugh easy and love great big xo

Friday, September 6, 2019

Long Time No Blog

I do still have a blog, I just haven't been here in a while. Nearly a month but who's counting? No worries, I excel at cramming a month's worth of happenings into a single post so strap in.

Actually no need to strap in because it's been a pretty low key month round here. Our definition of low key that is. Other people might say we're still awfully busy but we've managed not to leave town so that's something.

Wait. Hubs left town. He popped over to Tennessee for a couple of days to visit his mom, but other than that we've been planted here at the lake.

And maybe instead of telling you ALL the things I'll pick just five that stand out in my mind-

1. The dogs. Y'all. It's almost like hubs has a job, and the responsibilities of that job are focused primarily on wearing out the newest addition. Hubs takes the little brown dog for long walks, he swims with him, he kayaks with him...well hubs kayaks and little brown dog sits on hubs lap the kayak, but even when he's just sitting he's on alert. He knows as soon as that kayak hits the beach hubs will throw the baton into the water approximately 47 times and he will fetch it all 47 times. Then they'll kayak back to the dock and little brown dog will launch himself off the dock after that same baton another 47 times, and even after all of that the little brown dog will not seem overly exhausted.

Hubs on the other hand...

And Daughter2's dog has been sick since Sunday so she has needed watching. Normally the greyhound is super low maintenance, in fact we joke she's like living with a stuffed animal, but then hubs spent all of Tuesday morning with her at the vet because Daughter2 needed to go to work and great dads step in where they're needed. Hubs is a great dad.

For people and for animals.

2. Also he's a whole year older.

He had a big birthday recently, and we had the best time celebrating his special day. We invited a whole slew of friends and neighbors to bring their favorite raft or noodle and come for a 'float party'.

The weather could not have been more perfect and it was a great way to ring in a new decade.

photo credit: Pam N. 

Still young at heart!

3. We've done lots of face timing with our daughter and grandson in South Korea this past month, and we love that. Facetime really does make them feel not so far away. Daughter1 generally calls in the evening which is their tomorrow morning and that works on both sides of the world.

They've settled in beautifully and if you're not following her blog and/or YouTube channel you should. She has made several short videos that are wonderful and give you a fun glimpse into life overseas. Click here for her YouTube channel and click here to visit her blog.

4. We've had lots of relaxed evenings with nearby friends and neighbors, most recently at a local brewery where the Cousins Maine Lobster Truck made an appearance.

It also happened to be the night of the Clemson home opener (they killed it btw) so downtown was hopping, but we enjoyed that. Even better Daughter2 offered to hold a place for our gang in the super long line, and we all gave the lobster rolls two thumbs up! You should know that lobster tots are a thing and they're delicious.

The Cousins have a great story, but essentially they got their big break on Shark Tank after being asked more than once to audition for the program. Turns out producers of the show were some of their earliest customers and eventually convinced them to try out. They have over twenty trucks now in something like thirteen cities, and ours was I think from Charlotte.

5. Lastly but not leastly we have marveled at God's handiwork in a water colored early morning sky-

Been sun kissed-

And heaven blessed-

Not quite ready to let summer go...