Monday, February 25, 2019

Check Check...Is This Thing On?

Let's just dive in and not mention its been a month since I cracked open my little corner of the Internet.

Hubs and I just got back from dropping Daughter1 and our grandson at the Atlanta airport for their flight back to Washington. What a full, busy, beautiful week+ it has been.

And by beautiful I mean there was much love and celebration. The weather eh. Not so very beautiful, more Washington-like. Which is unfortunate when you've traveled from actual Washington to normally sunny South Carolina hoping to escape the rain, but we made the best of it.

And baby boy just rolled with everything.
All of it.

Wearing a life jacket over an actual jacket-

People coming and going, the extended family whose voices rise several octaves at the sight of him, the picture taking, the sleeping in a portable crib at his other grandparents house for a few days, transitioning to our house and a different portable crib set up in the office because we had a full house and then some.

The dark rainy days indoors and the trip to Hobby Lobby and the happy noise and chaos that always occurs when our families come to town.

Yes there is wrapping paper on the sideboard and a plastic sheet under the high chair and his other grandmother might have a Clemson orange football in her lap for safekeeping, but we cannot be bothered with picture perfect pictures. Ain't nobody got time for that when there's a toddler at the table.

A toddler who wakes up happy and goes to bed happy and gives you the biggest bestest smiles all the day long.

There were approximately two pockets of sunshine while he was at the lake and we fully embraced those minutes.

That little chair he's sitting in has seen some miles y'all.  His mama and his aunt both did a lot of driveway sitting in that very same chair back in the day.

Mister was all in on the slide. There might have been mud puddles at the bottom but we made sure he didn't land in one.

He loved being near the water, walking out on the dock, fish spotting, and of course bird feeding with his pawpaw.

Anything with his pawpaw really.

Our little mancub is the busiest boy I know but we are mad about his every word, giggle, and antic. He is still rockin' the 90's boy band hair he was pretty much born with and we absolutely love it. His pawpaw trimmed his bangs sorta kinda one evening but it was like trying to hit a moving target so we decided it would be best safer if his mama let a barber handle that job once they're back home.

If you're looking for a great gift for a 19-month old non-breakable appetizer plates are always a good idea. If you can manage a stack of five the sound they make when dropped on a wood floor is completely on point.

While we loved all the time we had with our number one boy, Daughter1 and the mancub didn't really come all this way just to soak up the sun (good thing!) or twirl plates. They made the trek south so Daughter1 could host a bridal shower for her sister aka baby boy's aunt aka the bride.

And because I'm determined not to jam an entire month's worth of happenings into a single post I think I'll save all that for next time.

I still have plenty.