Friday, July 12, 2024

TGIFriday Favorites

I should be doing about a hundred things, but let's blog about nothing too important instead. I like to say that's my niche. I'm linking up today with Friday Favorites (A Little Bit of Everything and Momfessionals) to share a few things I'm loving lately. 

1. We made this fabulous pasta dish a couple of weeks ago and we both absolutely loved it. I took pics along the way, but of course never posted any so here ya go-

Hubs stumbled across a reel on Instagram by a chef named Cesar de la Parra and we decided to give his recipe for Spicy Vodka Pasta a try. It's all in Spanish but there's a translate option at the end. 

After you add the vodka the instructions were to set it on fire, which is always fun. 

Muy deliciosa! 

Except I want to say molto delizioso! because isn't this dish Italian? No matter, just know it's a keeper. 

2. When the grands come to the lake we always try to have some new little fun things for them to play with. One thing we bought this time around is a giant Connect Four (Pottery Barn) for the patio, and I look forward to winning  playing lots of games with the two oldest boys these next couple of weeks. They might be almost 7 and not quite 5, but they get their competitive spirit from their Nana and play to win too. 

3. The outdoor shower. When we built our house we knew we wanted an outdoor shower. 

The carpenters assigned to this part of the project spoke very little English so we kind of pantomimed what we were going for and y'all... 

You could have a party in here.  

Watching them construct this door was one of the more entertaining parts of the entire home build. Pretty sure this door is as deep as what you'd find on the vault at Fort Knox lol.

If hubs had a summer bucket list, near the top would be this-no indoor showers between May and October.  So far so good. 

And you can't beat the view!  

4. My hydrangeas. They took a beating this year, mostly because the deer got to them before we realized what was happening, so they grew a bit wonky. 

The blooms are still beautiful though. 

5. I am loving this little bed on the side of our lower patio. 

Here's the view from above-

It's all hubs doing, he's got the green thumb, and has added something to this space every year for the past few years. We have a hummingbird feeder on the upper deck, but he added a second one here and the hummingbirds flit back and forth between the two. This space is lush and soothing.

6. Our wine club.

We've belonged to a wine club for several years here at the lake, and it's gone through some changes recently. My hubs is the current President and it's been quite the job managing said changes, and he is exactly the right person for this role at this time. 

        smoked lamb chop, yukon gold potato puree, rosemary demi glace, English pea reduction

The venue we used for twelve years decided in January to no longer host any events (not just ours), so we've had to find a new location. Not an easy thing to do in 'the country'.    

 pistachio crusted Chilean Sea Bass, smoked gouda risotto, charred fennel grapefruit relish 

We meet once a month for a five course dinner with wine pairings and last night was our first gathering in the new space. Everything was so good!  The food and wine were both  five *****. 

  candied pecan croissant bread pudding 

The chef at the new venue is fantastic and I loved every course. Besides what's pictured there was a scrumptious smoked salmon salad topped with crispy leeks and a seared duck breast with a chipoltle honey cream. Honestly I could have eaten an entire plate of the sea bass and a big bowl of the bread pudding and called it a day, it was that good. 

7. The sunrise. I think you know I'm obsessed. 

How can you not be? 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Young At Heart In The Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week's edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my blog. Be sure to visit your neighbors on the list as comments make the blog world go round. Here we go- 

From this Side of the Pond
1. Do you feel older or younger than your age? Elaborate. 

Hmmm...depends on the day and what's happening. While I don't feel like a 20-something I also don't feel four decades beyond that either. Physically there are definitely days I feel my age. On the inside I'm still younger than the calendar claims. 

I think about this quite a bit as my mom and my mother-in-law are three decades ahead of me, yet I know they still feel young at heart. It's frustrating to have your thoughts and opinions discounted or unappreciated because of a number when on the inside you are still the girl you always were. I feel this too. 

2. What's one thing you should toss right now, but just can't?

I have several dresses I feel like I should part with, but there they hang...still in my closet. They fit, and are mostly classic in style, but I never wear them because they have been worn and worn and worn and sometimes you just want new. 

3. Have you visited many of the 63 National Parks in the US of A? You'll find a list here. Do you have a favorite? What National Park that you haven't seen do you most want to see? 

We've visited some, but not nearly as many as I'd like to see. A trip out west (Yellowstone and Grand Tetons) is high on my 'to-see' list. My hubs grew up just outside of the Smoky Mountain National Park and we've spent a lot of time there. It's for sure a favorite. 

I had to go in search of a photo because I have literally dozens of us at various ages and stages in the Smoky Mountains, but here's where I landed-

Be still my heart. I think this must be 1992 and y'all those babies on my lap now have babies this very same age. The absolute sweetest days. Then and now. 

Also there's my God given hair color. 
Carry on. 

Acadia is another favorite, definitely one of the prettiest places in America. I've also been to the Rocky Mountains many times as my grandparents lived on a Colorado farm with a view, Shenandoah (ooh, that's another favorite...they're all favorites I guess)...Mt. Rainier, The Everglades, The many beautiful places. My sister and niece were in Joshua Tree recently and they loved that. I've been to California a few times so not sure I'll get to that one, but never say never. 

4. How often do you get take out? What's your favorite? 

There's basically no take out where I live. I mean there is I suppose, but by the time you get home with take out it's cold so you may as well eat there. We don't even have pizza delivery. We either cook at home or go to a restaurant. There's not a lot of in-between. I keep a frozen pizza here for when we want pizza, but on the whole we don't miss take-out. 

Well okay, occasionally I might pine for pizza delivery, but mostly we have adjusted expectations and it's all good. There is so much to love about living on a lake, and I have a grocery store and all other life 'necessities' within an 8-10 mile radius so I don't pine too much over the no-delivery. 

My favorite would be Thai or Chinese but it's not happening here. We do have a Thai restaurant we enjoy so if we want Thai we just eat there. 

5. Do you have many (or any) subscriptions? Not necessarily magazines, but thinking more along the lines of boxes or products that companies offer, and you can sign up to receive on a regular basis. Could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, even daily. Tell us about them. 

I have several subscription boxes. I've been ordering Home Chef a couple of times a month since the Covid nonsense, but am going to cancel that one at the end of the month. We recently bought a chest freezer so I've started a meat subscription to Good Ranchers and will do that instead. 

Not the same thing, but honestly we're not enjoying the Home Chefs as much as we did in the beginning. If you're looking for lower calorie/lower sodium content the options are few. And I never order any of the steak entrees because we're picky about our steak. 

We've ordered random boxes from Good Ranchers and like their product. It's all American ranchers and farmers and the quality is excellent. I started a subscription that included free Wagyu beef patties in every box for a year, plus a $100 dollar/box savings over the course of four orders. I signed up for a delivery every six weeks, but you can pause or cancel at any time. My box includes ground beef, chicken, sirloin, and flat iron steak, plus the free burgers. They always have specials so check for one before you order. The podcasters Allie Beth Stuckey and Alisa Childers both always have codes you can use too. 

I subscribe to Lovery for my youngest grands, and I get a Stitch Fix box once a quarter which I enjoy. I get a Grove box once a month, although some months I skip depending on what we've been doing. I get trash bags, dishwasher soap, dish soap, dog treats, dog bags, toilet bowl cleaner, and a few other odds and ends from them and it's nice not to have to add those items to my grocery cart when I shop in person. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Well I have a million things to do to get ready for next week, but instead I spent a good part of today (Tuesday) putting together a photo book from a trip we took in 2017. 

I'm on top of things. 

In 2017 we drove up the coast of California from San Francisco all the way to Tacoma Washington, where my daughter1 was living at the time, and every time I look at my photos I think 'I should really make that album.' 

My daughter makes beautiful family yearbooks with Mpix and I had a 40% off coupon sitting in my email that expires today, so I made a book. It was time consuming and I'm so glad I have my blog, because I wrote about the trip in great detail when it happened and that helped me get the album in chronological order, and also remember the names of all the tiny towns we drove through. 

Still a long to-do list, but tomorrow is another day. 

Also, in 2022 we drove up the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco and once I see how this  album turns out I'm determined to get Volume 2 done as well. Before another seven years pass I mean. 

Have a great day everyone! 

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Hodgepodge Questions-Volume 559

Here are the questions to this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. Answer on your own blog then hop back here tomorrow to add your link to the party. See you there! 

1. Do you feel older or younger than your age? Elaborate. 

2. What's one thing you should toss right now, but just can't? 

3. Have you visited many of the 63 National Parks in the US of A? You'll find a list here. Do you have a favorite? What National Park that you haven't seen do you most want to see? 

4. How often do you get take out? What's your favorite? 

5. Do you have many (or any) subscriptions? Not necessarily magazines, but thinking more along the lines of boxes or products that companies offer, and you can sign up to receive on a regular basis. Could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, even daily. Tell us about them. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Monday, July 8, 2024

A Post-Holiday Hello Monday

Hello friends and happy Monday. 

I'm joining Holly and Sarah for a post-holiday weekend reap today. I took so many pictures of the beautiful sky this weekend I might just post them all. 

I have a hair appointment this morning which is going to throw off my entire day, but I had to take what was available. I had to cancel my normal appointment in order to go to my daughter's house a couple of weeks ago, so I'm overdue and my stylist is fitting me in today. Do you have to book your hair appointments three at a time in order to be sure you get on the calendar, because that's what I have to do?

So how was your holiday weekend? Ours was really fun with a lot of time spent in the water because it was HOT!

Hubs brother and sister-in-law arrived on Wednesday afternoon on their way home from the beach. They brought four pounds of fresh shrimp with them, which we promptly deveined and cooked to have with our dinner. 

They lived in the Chicago area three different times and know their Portillo beef, so they also treated us to dinner Wednesday night by sending a 'to go' order to the southland. If you're a Chicagoan then I don't have to explain, but for those who are not here's the 411-

Portillos beef is a slow-roasted, thinly sliced, beef served on baked Turano French bread. The bread is key. The standard way to serve the sandwich is to put the beef on the roll, splash it with some of their secretly-spiced gravy and then have a cup of gravy on the side for dipping. It's even better topped with their oven-roasted sweet peppers and the hot giardiniera peppers which we love. 

My neighbors joined us because they also have Chicago ties and I wish I'd taken a picture but it's a bit of a production getting it all put together. I'd made a cucumber salad and we all sat around our outdoor table and it was a low-key fun way to kick off the holiday weekend.

We woke up on Independence Day and had coffee on the deck, then spent most of the rest of the day in the lake. It was HOT! but the water temp was perfect. 

For our July 4th dinner hubs grilled ribs to perfection and I made baked beans, cole slaw, and a roasted corn salad, plus there was  more shrimp. 

I made a frozen strawberry pie for dessert, which doesn't actually contain any strawberries, but does have a strawberry topping so I guess the name fits?  I made the Alex Guarnaschelli's recipe linked here.

It does contain mashed raspberries which are what give it the pretty pink color, and the pie is really light and tasty. Also refreshing, which was the name of the game this weekend.

It was HOT!! 

My across the cove neighbor does a ginormous fireworks show and boats start coming to our cove and to the water just outside our cove about an hour before. A neighbor asked if they could tie up to our dock and we said sure and they asked if they could bring a few people as they had friends at their house, and we said sure and y'all!!!

They floated over on a boat filled with 28 people and a few more in a car and it was ka-razy! 
Fun for sure, but also ka-razy!

Kids peeled off that boat and scattered like ants. Adults too! 
God bless America! 

The fireworks display was its usual fabulous happening which we all enjoyed, and then one of the adults who had come by car (and who we did not know) announced she had dropped her keys in the lake. 


Their car was parked at the top of our driveway, and there it sat until 4 PM the next day. It would have been moved earlier except her brother who arrived from an hour away brought the wrong key so...

All's well that ends well, right? Lol!

We had nowhere to be on Friday except the lake so it was just a funny thing to us. Maybe not so much to the person who dropped the keys, but we spent the day boating and swimming. Late afternoon the most delightful storm rolled in and we sat on the screened porch listening to it roar, feeling the humidity drop to an acceptably breathable level.

I love a storm on the lake, so long as we're all tucked safely indoors. 

Hubs grilled steaks for dinner and afterwards we sat on the deck and watched the sun make a perfectly pink exit. 

Family left Saturday morning, then hubs had some real estate-ing to do for a fair chunk of the day. I put the house mostly back in order, did five loads of laundry, cleaned out the frig, and took care of some paperwork that needed taking care of. 

We have a busy week filled with meetings and appointments and readying the house and the pantry for a big wave of family who will begin arriving this coming weekend. We can't wait to have all the grands here!! 

We also know we need to eat our Wheaties, fill our frig and our sleep tanks to overflowing, and get our steps in so we're in tip top form to keep up with the under six set. No grass grows under their feet when they're here and we gotta keep up!  

Hope your holiday weekend was grand! 

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Show Us Your Shelf-June

Happy birthday America! I hope you're celebrating this big beautiful country today, and all the freedoms we still enjoy. It's also time for the book link party hosted by Joanne, Marilyn, Tanya, and Jennifer-Show Us Your Shelf. Here's what I read in the month of June-

The Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon

Set in 1789 Maine and inspired by the life of Martha Ballard, an 18th-century midwife and healer, The Frozen River is a work of historical fiction billed as a mystery.  

As the Kennebec River begins to freeze, a corpse floats down and becomes trapped in the ice. Martha Ballard, midwife for the town of Hallowell, Maine examines and identifies the body as Joshua Burgess and declares he was murdered. Burgess was involved in a recent town scandal, the rape of Rebecca Foster, the pastor's wife, who named him and a local colonel and judge as her attackers. There are a number of threads to the plot, which are woven together with finesse. The legal system in the 1700's was still figuring things out and much of how justice was served back then was new to me. It added a lot to the tale. 

Each of the novels six parts includes a flashback to a second storyline and the format works really well in this novel. If you like historical fiction I recommend this one. 

The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan 

Anthony is a former short story writer who takes comfort in rescuing lost objects and then writing stories about them. He has amassed quite a collection of seemingly meaningless objects, each tagged with time and place details. Laura, a young woman recovering from a painful divorce, answers an ad and becomes Anthony's secretary, and grows to become his very dear friend. Laura is eventually tasked with returning these lost objects to their rightful owners. A second storyline is woven into the tale, and there's a gardener/love interest along with an across the street neighbor with Downs Syndrome, aptly named Sunshine who feature heavily in the Laura plot.

There's a great deal of back and forth with the two storylines, which the reader knows will eventually collide. Probably a bit too much coincidence happening, and there's also an element of 'magic' that isn't appealing to me, but there's a quirkiness to the characters and a certain charm to the storyline that made this a pretty good read. Three stars for me. 

Lies and Weddings by Kevin Kwan

If you enjoyed Kwan's novel (and/or the film based on his earlier novel) Crazy Rich Asians , then you'll probably like this one too, maybe just not quite as much. If you're not familiar with Kwan's style of storytelling it will take a minute to get into, but once you're in you're in. This was an entertaining read, set in the world of the ultra rich and privileged

The future Earl of Greshambury, Rufus Leung Gresham, son of the Earl of Greshambury and a former Hong Kong supermodel is, much to his mother's dismay, in love with the girl next door. The Greshams are throwing an extravagant wedding in Hawaii for their daughter Augie and her Norwegian prince Maxie, when a series of mishaps and outright disasters overwhelm the occasion, leaving the family finances and their reputation in tatters. Rufus is expected to find a wealthy bride and recoup the family fortune. 

Rufus wants nothing more than to live in his surf shack, create his art, and woo Eden, the girl he's loved since childhood. A secret tragedy, hidden for two decades, makes for an interesting twist to the Greshams troubles. 

There are some very unlikable characters in the novel, but they didn't ruin it for me. I especially loved the English country home setting, and while it's all a bit over the top (waaay over the top) this was a fun read. 

Nothing To Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick

Thinking this one should be required reading for high school seniors or college freshman. Or anyone espousing the notion that communism is a good thing for any society. I am so grateful to live in the land of the free. 

Nothing To Envy follows the lives of six North Koreans over a period of fifteen years and gives us a look at what it's like to live under the most repressive regime in the world. No internet connection, for that matter very often no electricity, government only radio and television broadcasting, a police state that rewards neighbors informing on neighbors, and one where a truly innocuous comment can land you in prison (or worse) for life. 

Citizens know only what they hear from their leader which is that everything outside N. Korea is evil, capitalism most of all, and that their government will take care of them. Until it doesn't and they make the decision to flee. Sadly their decisions are not without consequence for the ones left behind. Heartbreaking consequences. This book was haunting, sad, and made me appreciate once again the freedom we have to think, speak, worship, move, and choose in abundance.

Summers at the Saint by Mary Kay Andrews

Traci Eddings, a 'townie' who fell in love with, and then married, the son of the owner of a local resort, is now a widow running that same resort, The St. Cecelia. A mix of mystery and beach read the tale follows Traci as she faces numerous challenges in maintaining The Saint's reputation as a five star resort. New information surfaces about a drowning that occurred at the hotel two decades earlier just as a murder occurs on resort property. There's a long list of characters, a love interest, and some truly cringy dialogue, but still an enjoyable summer read. 

So what have you read lately that you loved? 

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Three Cheers For The Red, White, And Hodgepodge

Welcome to our first Wednesday Hodgepodge in the month of July! I love everything about the July 4th holiday here in America and hope you have a great week celebrating in some way. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger before you. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond
1. It's a big week in the US of A as we celebrate Independence Day. Do you have any special plans? How will you mark the day? BBQ? pool-lake-beach time? fireworks? homemade ice cream? If you're not an American you can tell us what's happening in your corner of the world on Thursday. 

It's always a fun day on the lake, but the water gets busy. We normally don't take the boat out on the 4th because we live here and can boat when there are fewer people out. We'll play it by ear. Conveniently our across the cove neighbor puts on one of the best firework displays on the lake and we're in the prime viewing zone. Boaters come from all around the lake to watch (we sit on our dock) and when there's an especially pretty firework everyone honks. So fun! 

Normally my girls are here on the 4th with all the grands, but because my daughter1 has movers coming next week, and once they finish the pack and load, she'll be at the lake right after, both girls decided to wait. Daughter2's hubs is currently extending their patio so his parents went to TN for the holiday so his dad could help with that. Parents are great, aren't they?  

The girls want to both be here at the same time, so we'll have the whole crew in a couple of weeks, and we'll make homemade ice cream then. A lot of noise too I'm sure lol. 

Hubs brother and sister-in-law are coming here for the 4th, and we always have a great time with them. Hubs plans to BBQ ribs, and it'll be HOT so we'll spend a lot of time relaxing in the water on our floats. 

2. What's your favorite 'All-American' dessert? 

Is a brownie an American dessert? 

The answer is yes. I checked the internet and apparently the brownie was developed in the USA at the end of the 19th century. A brownie is one of my favorites. Strawberry shortcake feels All-American and that's another favorite. 

I'm not making either for the holiday though. I'm going to make a frozen strawberry pie that sounds yummy and also refreshing. I'll let you know. 

3. Does that patriotic feeling come easily to you, or are you having to work for it more these days? What's something that makes you proud to be a citizen of your country?  

It comes pretty easily to me. I mean as long as I don't watch too much TV or surf social media for too long. The men and women who serve our country make me proud. The way neighbors pitch in and help neighbors and strangers alike in times of tragedy or following natural disasters makes me proud. The volunteer spirit in America makes me proud. 

4. Your favorite 'patriotic' movie? Favorite patriotic song? 

This is a tough one. I think I'll go with Saving Private Ryan for my favorite patriotic movie. 

There are so many really good patriotic songs, not sure I can choose just one. A lot of country music has a patriotic bent to it and I love that. 

Some of my favorite patriotic songs are Only In America by Brooks and Dunn, Whitney Houston's version of The Star Spangled Banner which never gets old, and The Marine Corps Hymn which makes me think of my dad. Whenever that one's played it makes me proud to be an American. 

And I love Rodney Atkins 'It's America'. 

5. One simple pleasure on your July 'bucket list'? 

Make a peach cobbler. I generally make just one a summer and it feeds a crowd, so will probably do that when the kids and grandkids are here. I like to get the peaches from a farm store that's a bit of a drive from our house so I need to get hubs on board with a ride out that way.  Hi hubs! And yes I could buy them in the grocery store but these are worth the drive. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

America is a bit of a mess but it's still the land I love. May God bless and keep her...

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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Hodgepodge Questions-Volume 558

Here are the questions to this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. Answer on your own blog, then hop back here tomorrow to add your link to the party. See you there! 

1. It's a big week in the US of A as we celebrate Independence Day. Do you have any special plans? How will you mark the day? BBQ? pool-lake-beach time? fireworks? homemade ice cream? If you're not an American you can tell us what's happening in your corner of the world on Thursday. 

2. What's your favorite 'All-American' dessert? 

3. Does that patriotic feeling come easily to you, or are you having to work for it more these days? What's something that makes you proud to be a citizen of your country?  

4. Your favorite 'patriotic' movie? Favorite patriotic song? 

5. One simple pleasure on your July 'bucket list'? 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Monday, July 1, 2024

Good Mor-nin' America How Are You...

Good Monday morning all! Hope you have some fun plans to celebrate our nation's birthday this week. The weather here has certainly screamed summer lately and looks like we'll have more of the same all week long. 

Linking up today with Holly and Sarah for their Hello Monday blog hop. I'm going all the way back into last week with my recap so you might want to grab your coffee and get comfy. 

I spent all of last week at daughter2's house as she was recovering from some minor surgery and couldn't do any lifting. She's 100% fine so no worries, but I think I know now why all moms my age have aching backs.  

High chairs and bathtubs and car seats and baby carriers. So.much.lifting. It's got to leave a mark. I carried the baby in the baby seat to and from the car whenever we went out, and also into and out of any shops or restaurants we visited. I know I did that when mine were babies but I don't remember them being quite so ridiculously heavy and awkward. 

My daughter might say the awkward part is just me, but whatever. She quite often is managing the baby seat with one hand and wrangling a 2-year old with the other. I don't feel like a weakling, but this week kind of makes me wonder.  

All my grandchildren have wonderful dispositions, but our little Sugar just might be the happiest baby on the planet. I could eat her up with a spoon.

She's a beauty like her momma. 

It was nice to have a low key week with my girl. Her hubs was traveling for work so once the babies were in bed we hunkered down and watched the entire new season of America's Sweethearts-The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. It's on Netflix now, but there were several seasons prior on another network that had a slightly different format. 

This new version is a bit more documentary style, and we loved it. When we finished that we moved on to Spring Baking Championship. She and I both love to bake and while The Great British Baking Show is our favorite we like these seasonal baking shows too. 

We tried to plan a little outing every day. There was gelato one afternoon- 

And of course there was a teensy bit of shopping because there's the cutest children's shop very near her home that I like to visit whenever I'm in town. They have a beach trip later this summer so I bought the kiddos something beachy. 

Hubs did not go with me this time because the little brown dog also had a minor surgical procedure this week and he needed to manage that. 

Such a handsome fella. 

I got home from Tennessee late Friday afternoon, unpacked, then hubs and I went out for Mexican food. We caught up on the week over margaritas and chips and salsa. Honestly this could be my meal when we go for Mexican. 

Saturday I did all the things that needed doing after a week away. 

Maybe not all, but many many. I did get all the laundry done and put away, made a menu for the coming holiday week, then hit the grocery store. Saturday morning is not my favorite time to shop and it was as zoo-ey as I expected.  

Question-do you shop just once a week? I don't know how people pull that off. I feel like the produce doesn't last the way I'd like it to so I usually shop twice a week. 

After lunch we went 'back to town' as we say here, because I had an Amazon return and discovered I could do that at Staples without any wrapping or label printing. Easy peasy. We need to replace some of our flameless candles so made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby to see if they had the size needed, but no. Amazon it is. Again. 

I've ordered about ten smallish things from Amazon in the past three days, one at a time though. Oops. I wonder if anyone looks at the orders and asks why this woman can't get it together to make a single order? They've managed to consolidate it into less than ten deliveries so kudos to Amazon. 

Anyway, since we were in town we decided to pop in Lowes for something, and saw they had their chest freezers on sale so we bought one. I have two refrigerators, both with drawer style freezers, but there's just not enough space in either one to store much of anything. They deliver which meant that was pretty easy peasy too.

When we got home I spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen. Our basil plant was out of control so I made pesto to have for dinner. 

The smell of fresh basil is heavenly. 

I had some basil infused olive oil and used that instead of regular which was delicious. My daughter1's in-laws brought over a big bag of home grown cucumbers while I was away so I made a pesto chicken dish for dinner with a cucumber-tomato salad on the side. 

We thought about going into town after dinner to an event at the local brewery, but the temperature was still something like the surface of the sun so we opted instead to sit on the deck and listen to our own music. Such a relaxing way to end the day. 

Sunday was spent at home as we had a delivery window we needed to be available for. We watched a movie and I baked a quiche to put in my freezer for breakfast later this week when we have people in the house. 

A college friend gave me this recipe and it's never-fail and so so good. I use whatever veggies I have and this one is bacon, spinach and red pepper. With cheese of course. 

It was still ninety degrees at 7 PM so we wrapped up the day with a float in the lake. Looking forward to fireworks from this very spot in just a few days. God bless America! 

Visit Holly and Sarah to read more weekend recaps and add your own.