Friday, February 28, 2020

Leaping Into March

Wow. January was about 317 days long and February lasted only a minute. I have not written a single blog post in February, but fortunately we're in a leap year which means I'm not too late.

Someone I met last night asked me how I fill my time here at the lake and I had to scratch my head a little. I'm never actively looking for something to do because there's always something to do, but what have I been doing this month besides not blogging?

Well there's that darn Coronavirus and babies living in South Korea. I suppose I've spent a fair amount of time this month reading about it, praying about it, and FaceTiming my people with reminders to do/not do all the things they already know to do or not do, but it makes me feel better to remind them anyway. I'm a mom and that's what moms do, right?

Speaking of babies is he just the cutest ever?

His mama is pretty adorable too.

And this guy is just the light of our lives. He is hilarious and chatty and smart and busy. We love these darling boys as hard as we can from a million miles away.

I know it's only 7,000-something but it feels like a million.

So what else is happening round here? Uh, we've had some rain. SOME rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. Ridiculous amounts in fact but I've decided that is 'winter' in the Palmetto State. Spring is coming and I've got daffodils blooming and we are so ready for blue skies and lake shenanigans.

I've been reading a lot, currently finishing up this month's book club selection-Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. It's one of those books you read with your stomach clenched because you know incredibly hard sad things have happened and more will be coming with every turn of the page.

I recently finished The Lost Man by Jane Harper and loved it. Set in the Australian Outback and a really good read. I also finished Slaves of Obsession which is a William Monk story for those of you who read Anne Perry, A Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson which was good, but I think lost a little something in the translation from Swedish to English, and The Wives by Tarryn Fisher which I thought was a teensy bit crazy.

We're not people who binge watch much, but I got hooked on a Netflix program called Hinterland and had to see it through. Hubs said it was too depressing to watch more than one episode at a time, but I loved it. For one thing it's set in the Welsh countryside and the scenery is spectacular. Makes me long for a trip across the pond in the worst way. The storyline is excellent and while the episodes are long the series season is short.

When I think about it I guess it's just been everyday February life happening round here...exercising, Bible Studying, cooking, card playing, tax organizing, spending time with friends, and of course not blogging. That last bit is about to change because I signed up for a ten day writing challenge hosted by Kate Motaung (go here for details), which means ten blog posts in ten days using the word prompt she provides.

Starting Monday.


Hope you've had a quiet cozy February in your little corner of the world too.

Forward March!