Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Monday's Child

My favorite second born baby girl celebrates a birthday today. She's told me in years past that reading my blog on her birthday is one of her favorite things so I try hard not to drop that ball.

Putting words to feelings has sometimes felt like too much this year. Too complicated, too personal, too everything.

But today I'm going to try.

Because the birthday girl has taught me so much, and while we often say we just want to forget all the painful things we've ever walked through I don't.

I want to remember how my bright eyed baby girl has looked for joy in the middle of a hard thing.

I want to remember the wisdom she's shown and how she's grown in ways she maybe didn't want to grow, but she pressed in and pressed on, and in so doing found her faith to be a sure sure thing.

I want to remember the way she has doled out grace by the bucketful and I want to do the same.

Happy birthday to my bold, big-hearted, beautiful girl.

It is my great great joy to be your momma and I pray this next year is filled with God's tender mercies and blessings abundant. May you always laugh easy and love great big xo


  1. Such a lovely message to your daughter. I hope you have a good day celebrating together.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  3. My daughter likes to read my blog on her birthday too. No pressure, eh? You did a great job and I am sure she is proud of her mama!

  4. Happy Birthday! Praying she has a beautiful year ahead filled with blessing from God.

  5. Awe, such a sweet and thoughtful post. And, I can only imagine how your heart has literally hurt for her this past year. That's what we Mom do, hurt for our kiddos. Blessings abundant to Maggie!

  6. You have expressed your thoughts so well here. Belated Happy Birthday to Daughter #2. She is a blessing.