Monday, August 27, 2012

And now for something different here's a list...

It's Monday and it's been a while since I did a random list, other than every single Wednesday but that's different, so today I'm going with a list of things I love lately.

1.Hubs took the day off on Friday and worked in the yard, washed his car, and hit some golf balls. I went with him to the course and practiced my putting. I don't actually ever play golf but I like putting and I love driving a golf cart.

2. Oh, and the view~

The view from our neighborhood course is pretty stunning.

3. Speaking of beautiful was a lovely evening weather wise so we dined Alfresco beside the lake.

Italian food and a pretty sunset...what's not to love?

4. Something else I'm loving? Instagram. If you're there send me your screen name and I'll follow your photography. I'm daleyshots.

5. We saw The Bourne Legacy on Saturday afternoon. We liked it and they definitely left an opening for a sequel. I am a fan of Jeremy Renner.

6. I love my iPhone but feel like my fingers are just a little too big for the keys. Does anyone else have that problem? When I text my girls I always sign it xoxo (don't laugh, they like it) only what I usually end up sending is coco.

7. We took the little red car out for an early morning drive on Saturday and Sunday both. Perfect convertible temps and I am loving these cooler mornings.

8. Sunday afternoon we watched hubs small town Alma mater play their longtime crosstown rival on ESPN2. They lost but it was a good game. Until the end obviously. Love the way a small town rallies round their teams.

9. I spent the rest of the afternoon tackling my photo organization. It is really hard to stay focused when I'm looking at old photos.

Just sayin'.
That's daughter2 with her mama and a favorite uncle way back when.

10. While I'm on the subject of sweet things...the little cutie pie pictured above turns 22 in a couple of weeks. Can that be right?

Yes, I guess it can because that's her on the left, smiling big and a long way from four. Still adorable though. And I won't even insert a sigh here because grown up daughters are an awful lot of fun too.

September rolls in on Saturday and in our house we brace for a month of birthdays, beginning with hubs on the first day of the month. Daughter2 will be celebrated in week2 and mine in week 3. Whoohoo! I'm spending a few days with Daughter2 on and around her birthday and there is nothing I love more than face time with my girls. I'm talking about real face time, not the fake computer kind.

11. I made these orange muffins with a citrus glaze last week and they are yummy! Light, delicious, and really moist. Next time I'll put a small bit of orange peel on top. I took them to Bunco and at first people thought they were corn muffins.

fyi-The recipe calls for one cup of milk and 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed oj. Reviewers suggested flip flopping that so I used one cup of oj and 1/2 cup of milk and the orange flavor was just right. You'll find the recipe here.

12. Because mornings on our patio have been so perfectly lovely temperature wise, hubs and I sipped our coffee there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

We love watching the hummingbirds who are much braver now about dive bombing the feeder while we're sitting close by. They are amazing little creatures.

I'll stop there because that's a nice even dozen and symmetry is required to face a Monday, don't you think?


  1. September is a quiet month for us. I hope to get down to see my sister. And of course a trip down to see Miss Savannah!

  2. In the picture with you and daughter #2 that looks just like your husband. Is that his brother?

  3. Loved the list! Happy birthday to daughter2. Don't you have a birthday coming up? I thought you were in Sept?

    Loved the golfing with the hubs and the dining by the lake-I know I will miss my kids when they are grown, but being able to do those sorts of things without kids sounds MAGICAL right now :) :) :)

  4. I loved your list. It sounds like you had a "picture- perfect" weekend :)
    I love orange, so I just might have to try your muffins!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend! My Instagram id is CKKWEST
    I love September and the cooler temps! On saturday it was Buffalo hottest day on record! yuck! Happy Monday!

  6. Great list....full of lots of fun and good memories. We are in the middle of lots of birthdays in our family, three in Sept. also. I like to call it "cake season".

  7. I think your phone is just auto-correcting the xoxo and not your fingers being too fat.

  8. It took me a minute to recognize two of the faces in the third picture. They look so much like two other family members! BTW, I love you and daughter2 in your matching turtlenecks. Why wasn't favorite uncle wearing a floral turtleneck too??

  9. I like your list. I agree that once you start looking at old pictures you can get melacholy for those days - but, yes, adult daughters are nice too! We had beautiful weather this weekend here in SC too. Yesterday was one of those picture perfect days to try and find something, anything, to do in the great outdoors. We spent the afternoon on the boat, and then came home and took Miss Honeybee for a romp on the beach. Late summer... aaaaahhhh...

  10. You're so funny... each of your points are a full post worthy. Of course. ;)

    My fingers must be the same size... my ok's are often oj's ;)

    I'm on istagram also... I post about as often as I tweet... which is seldom. :)

  11. It's just not fair those kids keep getting older.
    I like the same things about golf. Except the putting. :) I bet your neighborhood golf course isn't lined with corn fields and soybean fields.

  12. Love new muffin recipes - thanks, these look delicious!
    What a fun, busy, celebratory month you'll have - enjoy it and the wonderful fam you're blessed with! : )

  13. I don't do a lot of Instagrams but I am now following you. We really enjoyed Bourne too.
    Speaking of typing on the phone, when I was just looking for daleyshots I put daleyshits.

  14. As for typing on the iPhone, try holding the phone sideways, the buttons become bigger that way. See if that helps. Great photos and memories of "little one" who are little no more.

  15. Your hubs must be an identical twin. The muffins sound yummy. And can I just admit that the lake is calling my name? i went the whole summer w/o any time on or near water and I am what you'd call "grieving the loss" of this annual pleasure.

  16. I love instagram too! I just followed you - mine is skyefillmore -
    You shoudl check out my recent post called best of summer - I put a few pictures of your boardwalk on there :)
    My daughter is 2 but will be 22 in now time I'm sure! Ohh boy!

  17. Oh Joyce, I so enjoyed your favorites things. My, what a view from your golfing perch. Your weekend sounds like definitely one you would label and a good to remember and share. Hubby and I saw the movie a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it as well. Look forward to the sequel. I'm following you on Instagram by the way - my screen name is bibbylaz.

  18. Hummingbirds remind me of my grandmother - she always had a feeder up for them and LOVED watching them :) We say the Bourn Legacy this weekend too - I couldn't believe it was over when music at the end started playing. I wanted to see what happened to them. I agree, I am a big fan of Jeremy Renner! Could your auto correct on you Iphone be causing you to send coco when you mean xoxo?

  19. Good for hubs for taking a day off! You both deserve it!

  20. What a beautiful view!! My Hubby would "eat that up" for sure!

    Yes, I do the same thing with my IPhone and I do hate the predictive text. Heavens, it tries to say things that I do NOT want to say. Aggravation!

    Your daughters are just as "cute as cupcakes." And, I am quite sure that they will produce some mighty cute Grans for you one of these days. You'll be a great Grandmother too.

  21. I saw you were on instagram and am following you. Love seeing your pics. I'm bettywiens if you want to follow back.
    The muffins sound good. And you reminded me of my task I've been putting off( scanning my pics) :(

  22. I love hummingbirds. They are neat little birds and I'm not usually fast enough to get a picture of them. I also have trouble with big fingers on my iphone. It takes me a while to text because I keep having to delete and fix the wrong letters I've accidentally pushed.

  23. I miss hummingbirds. Don't know why we don't have them here, but we don't. Those muffins look yummy!

  24. Those muffins sound delicious!

    I wonder if your iPhone is auto-correcting your xoxo to coco?? Rather than your fingers being too big. Just a thought. Or perhaps a stylus would help with the accuracy? My dad has an iPhone and needs to use his stylus. ;-)

  25. We liked Bourne too and I am glad they will probably make another. Maybe they will have a guest appearance by the real Bourne!

    I am also LOVING the cooler temps!

    it's very easy to get lost looking at old pictures! Be still our mama's hearts!

    It seems like our hummingbird feeder really gets busy at our dinner time. Of course, they could be there all day and we only notice them at dinner time! They are thirsty little things, Honey refills it regularly.

    I have the big birthday next month. I received my AARP card in the mail yesterday :/

  26. so much to love in this great blog----love those muffins---and yeah, isn't driving a golf cart the best---hope you're having a great week :)

  27. i saw the bourne legacy last week... i love jeremy renner! those orange muffins look delish :)