Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwing it Way Back

Have you've seen this photo that's been making its way around the Internet recently? I don't know where it originated, but just know I'm not the creative mind behind the lens.  

I've linked to the Facebook page where I first saw it, but not sure if it actually belongs to them either. I'm a little bit paranoid about not giving credit where credit is due, so shoutout to whoever thought this one up.  

In 1993 I never worried about who should get credit for a photo I was adding to my blog-ha! Hey, guess what was born in 1993? 'Twas a little thing called the World Wide Web.  

We had no idea of what we had no idea. 

I thought it would be fun to celebrate Throwback Thursday today, circa 1993. The year we 'jogged' with our Walkmen, talked on ginormous mobile phones, and wore actual watches to tell time. We video-ed using camcorders that sat perched atop our shoulders as if we were employees in a major news network.  FYI-I've been known to say videotape in the year 2013.  Old habits die hard.

Way back when, we had not all embraced technology, much of which was awkward, mysterious, and expensive. Plus I was a young mom in 1993, and had far more important things to worry about than an electronic world I couldn't imagine, and didn't understand. 

For starters, it was the year I sent my first born baby to kindergarten. 

This picture was taken at Christmas, but still, Kindergarten! 
I know!!

Then there was her sister,  a three year old mighty warrior princess who lived by the motto, 'Leap then look'. 

Was it really only 20 years ago I was parenting a three year old?  

A three year old who learned to drive at Disney World, and whose mother somehow always managed out of focus photographs with the heads lopped off.  

Apparently so.

We were living in NJ twenty years ago.  
Same state, different town.  
Same woman, different person.  

Just look at this little miss.  
1993 was the year American Girl Dolls came to live at our house.  

Also the year I started highlighting my hair.

When you're doing your best to keep up with a three year old whose mission in life is to go for the gusto, you're gonna grow a few gray hairs. Because they're worth it.

1993 was the year of Bill Clinton, the Branch Davidian, and the first World Trade Center bombing. Gasoline was about $1.20 and Beanie Babies were launched on American parents children.  

I know these things not because I remember them, but because I googled them. 
Google wasn't a verb in 1993.  
Actually Google wasn't even a company. 

Sometimes it's hard to remember the world before the Internet.

One last thing I discovered in my search was the number one song that year-  I Will Always Love You.

Turns out some things really are timeless.


  1. What a great post! I had not paid much attention to when things started...we didn't even get a home computer until 1995 and didn't get on the web until about 5 years later. My 3rd child arrived in May; that pretty well kept me oblivious to the world at large....

    Thanks for the smiles and the education!

  2. I remember "Pleasant Company" before American Girl was a big business with destination shopping! We have a "Molly" in a bin packed away for the next generation to get old enough to love her and the rest of them too!

  3. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! In 1993 we had a sweet 3 year old boy, a precious new born baby girl, and a little rascal of a dog who was positive he was our child too. We had one of those huge video cameras and my husband had a bag phone that he used strictly for work. We lived in a little blue house in a neighborhood of mostly older people who liked to keep an eye on what we were up to. Ha! Your post made me smile.

  4. Just look at those two little cutie pies! Now all grown up into lovely young women. My how the time just flew by. I'll never get over it. I was just thinking about all our American Girl dolls and accessories yesterday. I want to get it all out and look through it and maybe even set it all up in the office. I already got the minis out---did y'all have those too? We still enjoy those. Yep, I'm gonna have to get those dolls out. And Bitty Baby too! :)

  5. Great photos and memories. It IS amazing to think about the time before the internet. How did we survive?!!

  6. How can 1993 sound like it wasn't that long ago and yet . . .

  7. I enjoyed this post as always....soo many memories. I did remember ALL of these things as you mentioned them. Who would have known things would be this way today? This whole thing just made me smile!

  8. 1993...I had a 3 year old and a 6 year old. Sorta hard to remember those little ones. Or the young mom they had. I watched oms home movies with my mom and got to hear that little three year old talking and not saying her Rs. So cute!

  9. Awww...thanks for sharing the adorable photos! I enjoyed the walk down memory lane as well. American Girl dolls were very popular in my home. We wound up selling a few years later...made a pretty penny too! Chicky saved one for memory sake.

  10. Love this! We had a 4 year old, a 2 year old and one on the way, good times!

  11. Fun children would have been 12 and 14! I still love my cameras, computer and still wear a watch!

  12. I was pregnant in 1993.....leggings and tunics were all the rage....funny I'm wearing leggings now...looks cycle back.....I remember when we got our first computer I told my husband I just can't see every using it! Haha now I have a lap top, ipad and iphone....