Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Still Friday Fragments

It's still Friday so I guess that means I can still post fragments, right?

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Of course I can. Hubs and I have a saying we utter at least once a week around here, and it goes like this-"We're empty nesters. We can do whatever we want."

Not really, but we like to pretend we can.

Obviously I've got 'em.

It's a one day weekend here. again  Hubs has been in sunny Arizona since last Sunday, landing at a ridiculously late hour tonite, then hits the road again this Sunday. Technically he'll be in the air, but you know what I mean. I mean we have a one day weekend.

My gourmet group met today and that's always fun. Our theme this month was 'States of the Union', so everyone brought a favorite dish from a state they'd at one time called home. We had recipes from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, and Hawaii.

I made Virginia Peanut soup, and used this recipe. It was really delicious, and I'm thinking about making it as a starter for one of our holiday meals.

This morning when I came out of boot camp the sky was painted a pastel pinky pink orange-

I detoured past the lake to snap a photo, because I consider a pink sky at sunrise reward for dragging myself to boot camp at an absurdly early hour.

Also, I might be slightly obsessed with a fall sky.

The other night I snapped a photo of our back woods that were black as coal against a fiery pink backdrop-

There's something lonely and mysterious in the November wood, don't you think? The scene outside my door felt like a painting, and made me feel all kinds of things. The kinds of things I imagine inspires poetry, and I'm thinking about that still. just never know where a fragment will land you now, do you?

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


  1. Wow! can't believe you got two pics in one week with that beautiful pink in it. And, I'm so impressed with you and boot camp. Way to go! You'll certainly be ready for all the holiday eating and calories. Have a good one day weekend with your Hubby.

  2. gourmet group - now that would be an interesting group to visit. I assume if you are a member you must do a bit of cooking. Cooking beyond heating up leftovers which is not technically cooking. Does the group accept guest visitor that just eat?

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. I enjoyed reading of your states cooking challenge. That sounds fun. We are cool and foggy most evenings thus far in November. The pictures would be beautiful if I could capture the fog in the twilight hours.

  4. Ha ha, of course you can!
    We like to pretend that also. Kallie. is visiting her brother in Seattle this weekend so it feels like we're 'empty' again. Technically we are empty nesters but since she lives in town it doesn't feel like it. If that makes sense. We find ourselves checking with her as we make plans. It's all good. :)
    Those woods do look kind of scary. Pretty, but scary. ;)

  5. The photos...just gorgeous; I love 'em, too. Mr.4444 came home on Wednesday and left Thursday morning for hunting. I'm starting Christmas shopping while he's gone and dreaming of sneaking a fake Christmas tree into the house! Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend.

  6. Thank you for sharing these fragments. I appreciate learning more about your corner of the world and the peace you seem to be enjoying as empty nesters.

  7. It was so worth it to stop for those pictures.... the light of fall is always so beautiful... passes so quickly,.

  8. Sounds like a nice gourmet luncheon. I'm going to check out your recipe after I comment. Love the pictures and I love the fall sky. We are going to Orlando the first week in December and Mark just found out he has to be in the UK again so he will fly from Tampa and not even come home in between trips. I don't know how they do it....I love to travel but to work and travel has to be so hard.

  9. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the woods with the pink sky. It is mysterious.

  10. What an interesting lunch idea. My husband is feeling a bit like you and Mrs. 4444 I suppose. I have been traveling non stop for the past two years.
    Your photos are just amazing. What beautiful sky's we have been having this month..

  11. So, how's boot camp coming along? I assume it's ok since you are still alive. LOL I'm still running but haven't hit that three mile mark yet. The scenery around your house is lovely and mysterious. I bet Breezy would love to paint that last one. Enjoy your one day with your hubs.

  12. That is an amazing sunset image! I LOVE IT. I went 4 years without a weekend at all, so I love having any part of one off. Now we have many and I am learning how much football, golf, other sports I slept through when working night shift.

  13. Your pictures are amazing! :) I love the trees. I have never heard of peanut soup. You are so fancy!

  14. WOW! What gorgeous pictures! The peanut soup sounds interesting. What would you pair it with? Obviously not grilled cheese sandwiches! :)