Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hey Weary World

We're easing into the Christmas holidays here, if such a thing is possible. I mean once you haul all the bins and boxes from the attic you kind of have to deal, right?

I'm not dealing.

I'm easing.

My house is partially decorated, the main tree is up but I keep fussing with it, moving ornaments around and zhuzzing the beads. We put a tree in the pool room this year and it still needs a topper plus a few more ornaments before I declare it done. FYI-there's no pool in the pool room. There is a pool table but I tend to just call it the pool room. That seemed like it needed clarifying.

I have three fireplace mantles in various stages of completion, a stack of miscellaneous decorations on my kitchen table that I'm not sure what to do with, and a larger than I remembered collection of freshly washed candle holders, old wax laboriously dug out awaiting the new, but in the interim perched in a mostly out of the way spot on my kitchen counter.

My Christmas cards arrived on Monday and I kind of want to give myself a pat on the back for getting them printed in November, except they do still need addressing and stamping and the stamps still need buying, so maybe just a small pat. Shout out to Minted who is so nice to work with and does a fabulous job when it comes to printing Christmas cards. They might not be the least expensive, but their quality is second to none. Christmas cards make me so happy. I really hope people don't give up that tradition altogether.

I've done a little bit of shopping, no wrapping, and there's still shipping to deal with too.

Preparing for Christmas is a process, and if I look too often at the Internet it can start to feel like I've somehow fallen behind. Like there's some schedule I didn't get or some instruction sheet I missed on how to have the perfect tree or where to shop the best deal.

Then I look at my calendar and see it's not even December yet and I relax. Sometimes it feels like we're trying to remove one of the best things about Christmas from the season.

The anticipation.

The making room in our homes for the tree and the chaos and making room in our hearts for the wonder and joy.

Preparing for Christmas is part of Christmas. Taking my time. Easing, not dealing. Setting checklists and boxes and shopping aside to sit by the light of a less than perfect tree...

To rejoice with an oh so weary world at the birth of a baby, Christ the King.


  1. I have a pretty strict after Thanksgiving Christmas decorating rule. I will do it by December 1st or so and enjoy the process without rushing. No Christmas mixed with pumpkins for me!

  2. I’m almost finished but I have scaled wayyyyy back. I’ve gone from trees all over the house to now just one. Sounds like you are keeping your focus in the right direction. Lovely post!

  3. I like "easing" and your description is perfect. We spend our pre-Christmas time anticipating parties with Sunday School friends, participating in outstanding musical performances, thinking of something personal to write to each of our kids, and the whole planning and packing and driving to Northern Indiana while hoping for a white Christmas. Yes, I like "easing" too.

  4. If I look at my December calendar and didn't know that we have a sovereign Lord, I would probably fry. As it is, I know that we will take it one step at a time, enjoy all the family and happenings in the month, and that when January 7 rolls around, we will miss all the people and activity of December. Your tree looks lovely. :-) And yes, it's all about Christ, our Lord!

  5. WELL SAID! I'm about halfway done with Christmas preparations, more details regarding that on my blog...hopefully later today.

  6. I'm not dealing either. I don't feel the rush to get it done. I have been concentrating on gifts first. I love that you have three mantles. I convinced Adam and Gabby not to put a TV above their mantle, mantles need to be decorated! My sister likes her cards to arrived the day after Thanksgiving. All I can say for myself is the cards will arrive before Christmas. It is a process and I too thought that it's not even December yet!! Best of luck getting everything done. Must listen to music....

  7. The tree (and house) does not have to be perfect. Our former daughter-in-law decorates like a camera crew is coming from HGTV. I'm never comfortable there. Our tree has ornaments that have sentimental value and none of them match. My knickknack shelves are way too crowded with the addition of a Santa collection, Angels and Snowmen. The outside is lop-sided and mis-matched. We love it anyway. No worries and no stress. None of those things matter anyway....it's those who gather around the tree and around your table and in front of the fireplaces that matter. Love is all there is.

  8. Your tree is so pretty. I have the tree up but no ornaments on it yet. We’re just enjoying the lights. I’ll get to the ornaments soon. Maybe. 😊