Monday, September 10, 2018

Birthdays Are For Blogging

Y'all. We have logged some miles this summer and I am not kidding. At some point I might try to calculate the actual number of miles, but we're currently busy logging more miles so math will have to wait.

We're once again mid-road trip, which wouldn't be a big deal except today is Daughter2's birthday and when I spoke to her on the phone this afternoon and told her I hadn't written a birthday blog post she said, 'I know... I checked first thing when I woke up.'  

Zing. Like an arrow right to the heart.

Her sister was here visiting the week prior and everyone agrees normal activity will be suspended when our favorite man cub is in town. Sometimes I think he recognizes how much his mama and his aunt mean to one another so he loves her extra extra.

Daughter1 and company eventually left town to attend a wedding one state over, and Daughter2 and her fiancé spent the weekend with us at a different wedding in a different state. Then they flew back home and hubs and I got back in the car today en route to still another state.

Hence no birthday blog.

There should always be a birthday blog for this girl.

Secretly she was hoping somewhere along the way I'd have written something just for her because I'm her mother and mothers do their best to make birthday wishes come true. She told me last year when I thought about not mentioning her birthday here that reading my blog on her birthday was her most favorite thing, and those words ring in my ear more often than you might think.

How often are we mothers of grown up children told our words are very precious to them? I think that's one of the things I love best about my girl. She feels things deeply. She wears her heart on her sleeve and so often puts into words what I wish I could put into words.

Still she's had a nice day, most of it was spent celebrating with approximately 21 of her closest friends-ha! In other words, she taught kindergarten.

There were little voices singing out the happy birthday song. There were cupcakes eaten and wishes made. Blessings were counted, a calendar page turned.

Many miles away was a mother. A mother who thought all day about all the light and laughter this child has added to her life, keeps on adding to her life. About all the ways they are the same and all the ways she wishes she was a just little bit more like the child she birthed.

About how once upon a time a wailing newborn was placed in her arms and how that determined little blue-eyed beauty wrapped herself around the mama's heart and never let go.

About ties that bind no matter where we roam.

The miracle of life and family and love that grows in ways too wonderful for words.


  1. Happy Birthday to Daughter #2! How very precious our girls are to us!

  2. Happy birthday to your #2!! You and your hubs raised two amazing women!!

  3. I think your post did her proud the way she does you proud. Happy birthday to daughter #2.

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! It touches my heart that she was looking for that bd blog. I'm with Terri. You and your husband have amazing daughters and we know that happens when you are amazing parents!

  5. That's so sweet that she looks forward to the birthday post. Happiest Birthdays to her!!

  6. It's a beautiful blog post, even if a little late. I love that your girls enjoy reading your blog; I don't think I can say that for certain of my children.

  7. Happy Birthday to Daughter #2. I wanted to pop over and convey my best wishes and concern for your safety given the rapid approach of Hurricane Florence. Know that you and everyone in the Carolina's, who are in the projected path of the storm, are in our prayers. Please take care!

  8. You made up for any delay with this sweet tribute to your sweet birthday girl. Some times I wonder whether my grown children want their own blog on their own day or not. Obviously, they aren't as verbal as your girl is. But, Happy Belated Birthday to Daughter2.

  9. Happy birthday to your dear daughter.
    I'm giving all the blogs I visit fair warning that I might be real scarce as we sort out internet in the country. It will be satellite and just not sure how it will work for blogging. Cheers.

  10. Happy Birthday to Daughter#2. You are always on the road, flying somewhere or having company at your house. I don't know how you do it all but I'm sure she understands! The pictures are all perfect.

  11. Oh how your words hit home. I have 3 very grown up sons, 39,38&33. I always make my blog all about them on their birthdays and thinking they’re way too tough to prolly even read it. Until Valentine’s Day this yr when I was so busy (prolly taking care of their baby’s!) that I actually forgot to write about my babyboy’s special day😳. He called me mid afternoon to ask if anything was wrong...and when was I going to post on my blog!!!!! That arrow? Thru your heart? Oh how I felt it that day too!
    So as strong and tough as they are-they will always want confirmation of our pride in them. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!!!