Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'Twas The Week Before Christmas

So what's everybody up to? Ha! There's only about a hundred things I should be doing, but I'm sipping coffee in a Christmas mug and blogging instead. Obviously you're here reading so I'm not the only one avoiding my to-dos. It all gets done, right?

We had my sister and brother-in-law out for a mini early Christmas dinner this past weekend. My niece and her boyfriend came too and Daughter2 minus her fiance who was in another city. Hubs got up at the crack of dawn (actually before the crack of dawn) to start the cooking so I got up at the pre-crack of dawn too.

The sun hasn't even begun to think about rising, but here we are out on the patio making BBQ magic happen. Hubs cooked a 10+ pound brisket on the Green Egg because when it comes to barbecuing he's a 'go big or go home' kind of chef.

It was out of this world good with a peppery crust outside and so tender you could cut it with a fork on the inside.

Did you come here to see what we ate this weekend?
I thought so.

Daughter2 made this scrumptious English Trifle for dessert which involved a home made almond pound cake, pears poached in honey and vanilla, fresh raspberries, creme anglaise, and whipped cream. It sounds heavy but was so light and delicious.

She and I enjoy hanging out in the kitchen together and while I've known for quite some time she is getting married in 129 days (not that anyone is counting) it kind of hit me this weekend how much I'll miss having my baker bride at home.

Not just because she bakes.

And technically she doesn't live with us, but she's been secretly moving in since October and I'm okay with that. Brides need their mommas y'all, and mommas need their baby girls.

Dads do too-

Speaking of sweet things...

Oh my stars! The little mancub was not too sure about Santa Claus this year. Eventually he settled in and as long as Santa didn't touch him or sit too close everything was a-ok. I'm pretty sure this is the real Santa because he knew just what to do-

And on that happy note I will leave you. The reason everything gets done is because someone does it. I mean those presents aren't going to wrap themselves so I guess that someone is me.

Merry week before Christmas everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas Joyce! I’m getting better each year at reducing stress and doing what I like. Another thing good about getting older?!? Maybe. I’m all about the children and grandchildren now.

  2. Merry Week Before Christmas to you too! My gifts are nearly wrapped except the last few coming from Amazon. I just have no idea what Mandy is making for the dinner. I need to find out so I can help!

  3. That brisket looks awesome and so does the view from your back porch looking in. Hope you have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

  4. That is a great Santa photo (both of them!)! The brisket looks yummy good! That big green egg is paying off! Wedding posts will be more frequent as the new year approaches, I think. Looking forward to following along, as you allowed us to follow Daughter1's weeding prep! Merry Christmas, Joyce!!

  5. Oh, those Santa pics are the BEST and will be so valuable as the years go by. Have a wonderful Christmas time! I'll look forward to hearing all about it.

  6. Oh wow...the brisket AND the trifle look amazing! Both my boys and hubby are big-time into the barbequing and yes, you must get up early to start the job! The hubs is getting a new smoker from our oldest for Christmas and there is a secret plan in the works for said hubby to open it early so he can try it out on a Boston butt for our gathering meal this coming weekend. The Santa pictures are priceless...and what an authentic looking Santa! Merry Christmas to you and your family and may 2019 be the best year yet!

  7. I got a lot of my to does done yesterday. Taking the day off today. I have some presents to wrap and some baking to do but I will get it done. Yum on the brisket. We are doing Prime Rib for Christmas. Yes I love seeing what people are cooking. The dessert looks delicious too. Those photo are too cute. Most little ones scream. How cute to have Santa behind him. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  8. Ha I should be getting on with shopping and I'm reading blogs. Of course it will get done, somehow! lol. Had to laugh at the Santa pic. Typical response for your gorgeous little man. Our bigger man (Nathan) was snapped giving Santa a very suspicious look :)