Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rhythm and Blues

So much to catch up on and write about I don't even know where to start. As we speak my daughter, son-in-law and the mancub are finally on their way to South Korea. They left the lake Sunday and made their way back to Seattle in order to catch an early morning flight today to the Land of Morning Calm.

That sounds nice doesn't it?

Especially after spending seven hours in an airport with an almost two year old waiting on a delayed airplane.

My girl said he was good as gold because he had his trusty suitcase and apparently right now that's all he needs to make him happy. He loves nothing better than a suitcase on wheels so we got him a little backpack of his own to wheel around, which let's be honest could also be more trouble than it's worth, but in this case was a huge win.

Hubs and I are home now, in something like recovery mode which means hosing down the highchair to put away til next time, taking down the port-a-crib and putting it back in storage til next time, although next time they're here the mancub will be in a big boy bed and his soon-to-be-born baby brother will be sleeping in that crib.

It means stacking books and shelving puzzles and putting Thomas the train with the basket of toys that gets carried downstairs 'til next time'. 

It means changing sheets, washing a million towels, and sipping coffee quietly on the porch with nobody popping up the stairs in adorable pjs, big smile, eyes a-twinkle, shouting HI!

It means everyday ordinary life with a little less life and a little more ordinary.

Ordinary is okay too you know.

This morning we sat on the porch and listened as a soft summer rain fell on the lake. The birds sang and we talked about our plans for the day and how I'm not cooking dinner but we still have to eat. About the car that needs another repair, the dog we've gained, the people we love.

And just like that we let ourselves fall, ever so gently, into this new old normal and the familiar rhythm of everyday life.


  1. Bittersweet. Mostly sweet!! Full of so much love.

  2. Well--phrased, all of it. Praying all goes well as they adjust to their new home, so far away. And for you as you adjust, too.

  3. I have thought of you off and on for the past couple of days. My goodness, what an adjustment, but as you do all things, you will do it well. My prayers for Shannon and family as they adjust as well and she prepares for Man Cub #2. Blessings abundant!

  4. The house is so quiet when the little people leave after a visit. We do manage to get back to normal but it takes us a couple of days to adjust to the slower pace and the quiet. Safe travels for your girl and her family.

  5. I love all the photos. Your grandson looks so grown up. It happens so quickly. I imagine you will be traveling to South Korea in the near future.

  6. For years my dad used to say "the quietest hour and emptiest house is after all the grandchildren leave." I never quite understood that until I had my own that came and left. It was then I also understood that after that hour of quiet and emptiness comes normal again. And you're right; normal is good. I continue to think about you both as your family transitions across the world and for Shannon and this new life soon to come. Blessings on all of you.

  7. Sweet little man-cub. Watching him pulling his little backpack along, holding hands--oh that would turn me into grandma-gel.

    We had our own little one yr. old man cub here end of April. We still haven't put some stuff away. Guilty here.

    Our house is empty and quiet, too.

  8. I imagine you will welcome the peace and quiet. They are fun but so tiring!

  9. I'm sure the peace and quiet is nice but you'll still miss them. Thank goodness for video calls and voice messages.