Thursday, January 30, 2020

Blog Jambalaya

It seems the month of January is sorely lacking in ready made blog fodder.
What to do, what to do?

How about we make a list?

And since it's Thursday I'm going with thirteen items because that used to be a thing. When there's a whole lotta random and just a tiny bit o' meat a list works-

1. Hubs and I drove to N.J. last week to spend a few days with my mom. She was recovering from the flu, but was feeling a lot better by the time we arrived. We were able to get her office mostly organized for 2020, and see my brother and sister both which was really nice.

2. The flu is wicked this year. My teacher daughter says it's slowly making it's way around her classroom which, UGH! Pass the hand sanitzer please.

Also the Lysol, Emergen-C, clorox wipes, and more hand sanitizer.

3. Hubs and I have decided we don't want to do 12-hour car trips in a single day anymore. We can do 8 hours no problem, 10 hours if we must, but 12 is two hours too many. Plus coming home we were forced to make an unscheduled stop when hubs realized his diet coke cup had a pinhole in it and was furiously leaking into the cup holder. Good times!

4. This guy was with us-

And was not happy I claimed the front seat.
He loves a car ride and is a good traveler.

5. Our other dog which I know is technically daughter2's dog had a minor accident requiring an emergency run to the vet for a leg full of stitches. She's healing really well now, but about two weeks ago this sweet girl slipped crossing a sewer grate and in went her leg. She promptly yanked it out, and chaos ensued.

Truth be told the chaos was less about the dog and more about the fact that hubs was walking her alone and couldn't reach me. I was in the shower and didn't have my phone with me so he had to carry her a fair distance home.

Do you take your phone with you into the shower? Asking for a friend.

6. This little nugget is officially three months old.

7. His hair! Grandson number one, aka the mancub, has always had the most fabulous head of hair which I did not think could ever be topped, but this little man is giving him a run for his money. The mancub had more of what we liked to call 'boy band hair'. This one is rocking something like a mohawk and I can't get enough of it.

8. Grandson number two needs a blog name, but I haven't landed on just the right one yet.

9. Perhaps if I made a trip to S. Korea and spent more time with him?

10. I've been reading a lot this month, currently finishing up our book club selection for February-The Amateurs by David Halberstam. In short it's the true story of four young men trying to win a place on the 1984 Olympic rowing team. Once you sort out who's who it's a good read.

11. Still have not tackled my 30-day home organization plan although I did get the frig cleaned out and hubs painstakingly cleaned all the light fixtures til they sparkled. That's something, right? February is a shorter month so perhaps we'll knock the rest out then.

12. These winter sunrises y'all-

13. Absolutely breathtaking-


  1. Let it be known that we are both trying really hard to keep our blogs afloat. High five! I literally laughed out loud at the phone in the shower question. The flu - no joke. The question asked and answered here last week . . .do you really need 2 TVs on? Yes, yes I do. Hence last weeks lesson - Hubby will need to find a hobby if/when he ever retires. Yikes.

  2. Breathtaking is an understatement, I think! Beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, grandson#2 is beautiful. Those two 'kids' make some beautiful children! Glad your mom is feeling better and hope D2 doesn't catch the flu from her kiddos. It was great catching up with you, Joyce!

  3. Well, Tommy and I have reached the age that anything over 8 hours is too long for one day. Thankfully our daughter only lives 8 hours away. :o)) That baby is just adorable and I bet you all Facetime a lot. Blessings abundant!

  4. Your little Man Cub #2 is not only handsome, but so grown up! Honestly, he looks much older than three months!
    Jack can no longer go for those 12+ hour drives. At almost 82 he uses the old man card a lot.
    Our last Shepherd got stepped on by a horse and fractured his leg. Poor baby spent several weeks in a cast and never really recovered. (This was late in his life) But he looked adorable in his blue cast!
    BTW: I only bring my cell into the bathroom if I am waiting for my daughter to call.

  5. Always enjoy reading your lists Joyce. Your little nugget is adorable. 12 hour drives, no way. We sometimes do Nottingham and back in a day to visit Grandson #2. It's about 3 hours each way and that is enough! That breathtaking photo is beautiful. (If I had that view I wouldn't get much blogging done either!) As for the phone in the shower. Well I usually take mine into the bathroom with me. Hubby believes a mobile phone should be with you at all times - that's why they call it a mobile after all. He'll often call when he's out shopping so I usually do need to answer it. He has his own ringtone so I know it's him. Anyone else, including the kids, has to wait lol. Aww your poor pup. That's the problem with those skinny legs though, they injure so easily. Hope she's doing ok. She looks appropriately sad in your pic.

  6. I am not a phone attached to me person when at home, so my husband and I have these “conversations” all the time if I don’t answer right away lol

  7. Even on a slow month, your sense of humor made this good reading.

    My second son had wild hair, too, while son #1 had some body to his.

    Then came our daughter with straight hair... curls would have been appreciated.

    Love the sunrise/sunset pics; and hope the doggie stitches mend without complications.

  8. Who's got the most scrumptious grandsons on the face of this planet other than me? YOU! The baby is amazing! Only three months? Wow! You are blessed!

  9. Skye DOES NOT LIKE riding in the car and when we drive to Montana which is an 18 hour drive we do 10 hours the first day and 8 the next day. Sorry about your MIL's flu and the classroom flu going around. I'm very concerned about the Coronavirus. Glad daughter2's dog is doing okay. Three months old, it goes by so quickly. Just look at the face....he's adorable!