Monday, November 23, 2020

Monday Morning Pre-Game Roundup

Good Monday morning! It's going to be a beautiful day here, the roofers are coming to start the re-shingling, my house is one part Thanksgiving, two parts Christmas, and there is so much to be grateful for as we head into this holiday season. 

Some of you are already there. Smack dab in the middle of full blown Christmas. I was watching an instagram story this morning and a young wife was stressing about 'only having her tree done' and nothing else and how she was feeling so behind. Dear mamas everywhere... it's November 23rd. If your house isn't picture perfect ready for Christmas right now you are NOT behind. 

The internet can make you feel all sorts of things that aren't true, right? 

Anyway, it's 2020 and I say if you're sipping eggnog round your fully decked out tree before Thanksgiving arrives, or if you opt to forgo any decorating at all this year, that is A-OK. If there's anything 2020 has taught me it's to focus on the heart of a thing and not the bells and whistles. 

A Saviour is born is the heart of the thing. 

Hubs picked up his mama yesterday and she's here spending Thanksgiving week with us. I'm not going to bother inserting the 2020 caveat that she's been home and we've been home and it's fine for us to be together. Except I guess I will mention it because someone will likely feel the need to comment on it if I don't. People have lost their minds over this virus and pretty much everything lately. 

I always really enjoy this week of Thanksgiving. There's a sense of anticipation drawing us into Advent, and family, no matter how large or how small, gathered round my dining room table is pretty much my favorite thing in the world. 

This week we'll work a holiday jigsaw puzzle, begin the Christmas baking, and decorate our tree. We'll set the table with the fancy china and feast on turkey with all the trimmings because that's what we enjoy. 

Also, maybe not all the trimmings. I'm trying to keep it a bit simpler since there's just the three of us here this year. And I'm also thinking I don't need to indulge in a carbpalooza with a wedding right around the corner. Just sayin'. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and while it's sometimes overlooked in the ever increasing chaotic frenzy of all things Christmas, I love this late November pause. I love this day that turns our hearts toward all we have, not what we don't. Toward home and food and family and finding much to be thankful for.

Yes even in 2020. 

Maybe especially in 2020.  

"For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies, For the love which from our birth, Over and around us lies, Lord of all to thee we raise, This our hymn of grateful praise."


  1. There definitely are crazy times and I understand how some people, who have been housebound for so long are ready to decorate for Christmas. I tend to be a 'one holiday at a time' person. I also know that if I decorate for Christmas too early then the delight of the lights, and the special music, etc. become 'worn out' by Christmas Day. Part of Advent is waiting... expecting... anticipating. To live by the church year is to get through some of Advent first. The 12 Days of Christmas start ON Christas Day and go to Jan. 6th. We are always in such a rush! Relax. Wait. Like a pregnant Mary waits for the time of His birth.

  2. It is just Jack and I for Thanksgiving this year. I am cooking the traditional meal. Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the holidays. I think because my family always got together and at times we would have 30-40 people. Most are gone now, but I choose to celebrate in their honor.

  3. Thank you for your paragraph on decorating. I know you know how I'm feeling this year and it's okay to feel this way. I'm glad your mom is coming. Since we couldn't go to Adam and Gabby's originally because of their "bubble".... it has since been cancelled because of Covid. We made plans to go to Mark's sisters about a month ago. They are isolated just like us so we should be very safe. It's just a 5 hour drive. Your thanksgiving plans sound perfect. I love Thanksgiving too! Take care and God Bless.

  4. My husband and I will be alone this year for for Thanksgiving for the first time in 46 years. To say it will be strange is an understatement. To say that I am sad is, well, another understatement.

  5. Amen, Joyce, a big AMEN! Great post!

  6. This is the year to focus on what we HAVE, not what we want.
    I'm glad your mil will be with you this week.

  7. So glad to be here and know we all are missing the rest of the family but what a blessing that we are healthy ,have food and shelter and know we are loved. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  8. We celebrated Thanksgiving with dinner cooked by our American DIL, my son and the two little ones. Against the rules but we've all been careful and it was needed. Liz skyped her parents which helps ease the distance but it's hard when she has no real idea when she'll be able to visit them again in person. They've yet to meet their latest grandchild. But we have lots to be thankful for despite all that 2020 has thrown at us and the meal was delicious.