Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Wednesday Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week's edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then go say howdy to the blogger linking before you. We're all about being good neighbors here. 

From this Side of the Pond

1. Besides the flag, tell us about something red, something white and something blue from your weekend. 

I made a trifle to take to a cookout at Daughter1's in-laws house. Hubs and I tell our girls we see their in-laws a lot more than they do-ha! It's so nice when you enjoy the families you add to your own via your children's choice of mate. 

Back to the trifle...I used the recipe found here and it was delish. The lemon syrup makes a difference so don't skip that step.  

2. June is here and it's National Give A Bunch of Balloons Month. Who would you give a bunch to if you could? Tell us why. 

This one's easy...Daughter1. It's her birthday month and I think every birthday needs balloons. 

3. What are three adjectives you associate with the month of June? Something you're looking forward to this month?

Soft, sweet, and summery.  June feels like the screen door opening into summer, and with a daughter's birthday and our own anniversary it's full of sweetness too. 

What am I looking forward to? Seeing daughter2 and her Mister, opening up the guest rooms to company, boat rides at sunset, and summer sunshine. I love June. 

4. Tell us about a time (besides the obvious Corona answer) when you felt stuck in second gear.

I feel a little bit that way right now. Lots of home projects happening, but it's slow going. 

5. Sum up your May in fifteen words or less.

The calendar looks less empty now and that's mostly a good thing. Mostly. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I'm a big fan of this band and her voice and this song...enjoy!


  1. That song is just lovely! I looked at the picture and thought, "She looks just like Carrie Underwood!" GREAT song!

  2. I do love a good trifle. I'll have to check out the recipe you used. Yippee for a celebration month. I'm listening to the song now while I type. Haven't heard it before. Happy June to you!

  3. The Trifle looks delicious. It is nice when your children get alone with their in-laws. Perfect....Happy Birthday to daughter #1! Happy Anniversary to you! When you said screen door opening it brought me back to my childhood in Union Pier, MI. There was a store in town and their screen door would rub against the sand on the ground. Beautiful times. Your June sounds perfect. Nice song. Have a great day Joyce.

  4. I hope you June calendar stays the way it is. :-) It seemed like our May was packed full too. I am going to try to make the trifle this weekend. yum!

  5. Going to the recipe when I post this comment. Thanks for sharing it! It feels so good getting life somewhat back to normal now. Praise God. I enjoyed the video and the song! xo

  6. Your trifle looks amazing. Yum. I love "june feels like the screen door opening into summer"...I can totally see it and feel it. I like Need to Breathe as well.

  7. Your trifle looks beautiful and I love that stuff. It’s always a really showy kind of thing to take to an outing in the summer. Enjoy all your guests, especially your daughter and her hubby.

  8. Thank you for the questions! Yum - that trifle looks so good!! I spelled screaching wrong (should be screeching) on the linky list and I don't see a way to correct it. Silly me!

  9. Thank you for sharing that song. What beautiful harmony.
    Love the thought of a screen door opening. And banging shut with little ones and favorite pets spilling out onto the yard. Lightning bugs!! June used mean lightning bugs for me but we don't have them in far west Texas.
    Hope you can kick your home projects from second to third gear this month. And enjoy the birthday and anniversary festivities.