Friday, February 25, 2022

In Grand Style

On this rather somber day I'm going to write about ordinary life here. Feels a bit daunting at the moment, but life carries on, babies grow up, seasons change, and here is where I mark the moments. The good, the hard, and most especially the extraordinary ordinary. 

Let's back the truck up to last Friday, which feels like years ago as opposed to days. Time has not been right since Covid was unleashed, am I right? 

Anyhoo, last Friday afternoon the grandboys (and their parents lol) pulled into our driveway followed by a carload of some of their best friends. That made for a grand total of eleven people, including five children ages 7, 5, 4, 2, and 2 all here for the long holiday weekend. It was a blast, and we agree it worked because they weren't all two years old-ha! 

The grown up guys spent Saturday morning at a quail hunt while we girls herded all the kids to the neighborhood playground. The weather was delightful and they ran and slid and swung as high as the bright blue sky. 

Later everyone tried their hand at fishing off the dock with varying degrees of success. 

The friends drove home on Monday, but Daughter1 stayed with her two boys, and the mancub spent lots of happy hours with Pawpaw 'fightin' the fish' and reeling in a whole bunch.

We spent Sunday before the friends left in the nearby small big city with our first stop the zoo. 

You could hear the apes carrying on all the way from the parking lot and they were so entertaining. It was a nice day and most of the animals were out which makes for a fun visit. 

Afterwards we headed to lunch and then a walk across the suspension bridge that spans the river running right across Main Street. It was a really enjoyable day and weekend all around. 

The friends plus my son-in-law headed back to Tennessee on Monday morning, but we got to enjoy a few more days with the boys and their momma here at the lake. 

We have a house just starting construction in our neighborhood and the cement trucks provided some easy entertainment one afternoon. 

As always we read a lot of books-

We played some new card games and we made pancakes for breakfast-

We raced cars on the track-

We drew with chalk, worked puzzles and 'we' checked the water temperature!! (but I want to go swimming Nana)

We visited the geology museum at the local university and wound down with bubble baths every evening. 

Honestly, there's just nothing like having little boys in the house. Can't wait for their soon-to-be- born cousin to join the party this summer! 

Thursday I drove the boys and their momma to the in-laws where they'll spend a few days before going back to their own house to get ready for us to come there. Our spring calendar is chock-a-block full and we look forward to spending time with the big and little people who mean so much to us. 

I want to hold them especially close in this season of chaos and turmoil all around the world. 

In times of strife we can love our families and say our prayers. We can know God sees and hears and cares. The world is a genuine mess right now, but there are pockets of joy always and we need them. Oh how we need them...


  1. How fun for you! Just what you imagined when you built the lake house, right 😀

  2. Such a joy to see you all together. Grands grow so fast...
    Amen to that last paragraph.

  3. Amen.

    Great photos of some very fun times with very special people!! xo

  4. I got chills reading this. You are so good at telling us stories and I know that there is nothing better than being with those boys. I know you treasure each moment. It sounds like it was a fun time!

  5. That sounds like such a wonderful weekend!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  7. You can see the joy all over your face! You are right -- we need joy.

  8. What a great time with family! So many memories made, you are blessed.