Monday, January 30, 2023

Picking Up Where We Left Off

Sort of. 

When last we spoke on the blog it was the second day of a brand new year, and now here we are rolling in to February. I might need to jump in somewhere in the middle.  

I know many people dislike January, and there are all sorts of memes about how January is 85 days long, but around here we need a January. We need time to catch our breath, rest, walk, think, figure out our calendars, and come up with a plan to organize this new year. 

We have mostly succeeded. 

I mean we definitely rocked the resting part and honestly that was the main thing. 
We were tired. 

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home."-Edith Sitwell

January here means reading books and watching HGTV curled up under a blanket. It's calling a friend I hadn't spoken to in a long while and taking care of a significant car repair. It's scheduling a couple of (hopefully) minor home repairs that need doing and it's dealing with the small mountain of paperwork that accumulated while we were holiday-ing and not January-ing.

It's spending a low key weekend out of town, saying cheers to a new year with old friends, and then everyone taking a mid-day siesta because they can. 

It's a walk in the woods on a crisp blue sky day and a swim in the lake right after...

That last bit is maybe not for everyone but some of us live for a swim in the lake. 

Mostly January says it's okay to be a little bit lazy after months of non-stop doing and I'm here to tell you it felt good. Better than good actually because we are not meant to go and do without adding a little slow and easy into the mix too. 

Last week hubs went with some buds on their annual duck hunt so daughter2 and her little guy drove over to spend the week with Nana. Her hubs was traveling for work so the timing was perfect and I absolutely loved having my girl in the house. We might have gone to bed at a ridiculously early hour every single night, but we still enjoyed chatting about all manner of things throughout the day, sipping tea by the fire, and playing cards. 

Speaking of perfect...

Be still my heart. 

This little man is just so precious. He literally lights up a room, a day, your whole entire life, with his bright blue eyes and his gentle disposition. Wednesday we drove over to my sister and brother-in-law's house because my sister is also over the moon for this little cutie and needed to see him. 

Who can blame her? 

I was reminded this week how long the days can feel when you are momma to tiny humans. Life revolves around their waking and sleeping and you learn to let go of your own agenda and needs in order to first meet theirs. 

What a special joy it is to watch my grown up girls be mommas to their littles. To realize we're not just mother and daughter any more...

...we're mother and mother too. 

Hoping your January brought peace and rest, order and energy, stillness and warmth, to the beginning of this brand new year. 


  1. Sounds perfect. So glad you got the quiet time and time with Daughter and Grandson. Have a great day!

  2. That precious and full of sweetness. Sweet time to enjoy daughter and babe in your home! Glad you had some recovery time, too.

  3. Sounds just about perfect for January. Love that last picture of the 3 of you together.

  4. Thanks for the catch-up, Joyce! I've missed you here!! That little guy is so cute!! I saw duck hunt photos on FB. Looks like to guys had a good time. Glad you had some great R&R time!! xo

  5. You wrote such a sweet ending to your post!! Sounds like you had a perfect January!!

  6. I enjoyed your catch up. I love that little guy, that smile. :-) Thank you for sharing him with us.

  7. Yes, one of the delights of motherhood is seeing your child become a parent and in my case, now a grandparent. Such a joy! And your little one is so adorable. Don't you wish he was eatable!

  8. Sounds like a nice January and enjoyed reading your post.
    The little guy is getting so big. Glad y'all could enjoy some time together.

  9. I love the turtles. They are a favorite of mine. The dinner and napping is so sweet. How wonderful to have daughter2 over with her little guy. He is so cute. Grandchildren are the best blessing ever! Enjoyed all the cute photos.

  10. What a delightful recounting of the first weeks of the year. I can certainly understand why you are over the moon in the presence of your adorable grandson. And having your daughter home must have been a treat, too. When my oldest daughter visits from out-of-town, we always plan far too many activities to try to do and spend our entire time together dashing about. Drinking tea, playing cards and climbing in bed sounds lovely.