Thursday, July 27, 2023

Now We Are Six

Dear Mancub, 

Now we are six. 

I bet you laugh at that because you know Nana is not really six, but in some ways I'm growing right along with you. I'm learning about all kinds of new things including why dung beetles are helpful, what's a pangolin, how to run with abandon, the trick to prying the teeniest tiniest lego away from another piece of teeny tiny lego, why is there a crescent moon, and so much more. 

Mostly I'm discovering how the clock and the calendar wait for no baby turned toddler turned six year old boy. I'm learning to put down the dish I'm drying and read a book on the couch with you instead. 

You are still a complete delight. You're bright and cheerful. You eat like a teenager and ask all the questions. So.many.questions. Pawpaw and I say often how much we love chatting with you. You're interesting and curious. You still never let a new word or phrase go by without asking what it means, and you keep asking until you understand. And you still love books which makes this family of readers oh so happy. 

You're a wonderful big brother to both of your siblings and watching you and Max play together these days is pure joy. You both gained a baby sister this year and she absolutely loves watching her boys. You make her laugh and are so sweet and tender with her. 

You're a master builder, putting together complicated lego projects and creating your own designs too. These days you color inside the lines, tell actual jokes, and think deep thoughts. You're a whiz at mazes and Sudoku and you love to play games. Our new favorite to play together is Sorry. When your momma was little she could never send anyone back to their base without shedding a tear, but you knock Nana's player off the board with a twinkle in your eye and I love it. 

Your favorite thing still is running off the dock, and if you're holding my hand even better. It never gets old and I hope when you're three x six we're still running into water somewhere, hands held tight, shouting Cowabunga as we splash. 

3 x 6 =18. I know you're asking. Numbers are your thing. 

As your birthday rolls around you are once again settling in to a new home in a new city, your 4th! house in six years. You are resilient with a capital R thanks in large part to your Momma and Daddy, and the way they manage all the transitions with patience and enthusiasm. When I write these birthday letters I always like to remind you of how very fortunate you are to have such wonderful parents. Honor and obey them because God says so, but also because they love you to pieces, they recognize and encourage your gifts, and they will always be your safe place to land. 

Six. It feels like time is moving so fast and I sometimes want to tap the breaks and freeze the frame we're in right now. At the same time each new year brings so much joy and the gift of being your Nana is one I never take for granted. I pray today and every day the Lord blesses and keeps you, that He makes His face shine upon you and He is gracious to you. May you grow to know and love Him more each day. 

Happy birthday Mancub...keep jumping in to life with both feet and know your Nana loves you deep and wide xo

'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.' Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. Happy Birthday ... loved your letter.
    xx oo

  2. Wonderful wishes and tribute to your sweet 6 year old!

  3. Absolutely precious letter to your Mancub. He is so cute and smart. Love are the precious photos. Grandchildren are the most precious gift from God. Happy 6th Birthday!

  4. Birthday wishes from me down under, six is a wonder age, it is an age when one has energy and imagination

  5. Gosh, six years went fast!! Your mancub is blessed and a blessing to all. Happy birthday and wishes for so many more!! xo

  6. Well, I guess is has been that long (6 years) since you took on the new title of Nana. What a beautiful letter you have written to him!