Monday, August 14, 2023

August Snaps

It's been all Hodgepodge and only Hodgepodge here for the past three weeks, so let's shift course and talk life lately. 

Or life for the past three weeks anyway. 

For starters we've been home. Can we just pause and give that sentence it's due, because it's a rare and welcome thing to have a block of time at home, especially late summer. 

We spent a relaxed Friday night one week floating with friends, sharing pizza on their dock, catching up on all their comings and goings, and savoring the sunset. 

One Saturday morning we took the little brown dog to a nearby waterfall, which meant a hike through the woods and lots of splashing in the stream. 

It was a beautiful day and we went early so had the falls practically to ourselves. 

Even though the falls are a mile and a half into the woods I think he smells them as soon as we get out of the car. 

He would run the whole way if we'd allow it, but there are rocks and narrow paths and we're not as nimble as a dog on the hunt lol. 

Hubs and I have taken the boat for a couple of sunset cruises on our own too, which is one of the best parts of lake life. 

This past weekend college friends came to town and that's always a favorite. One couple arrived Thursday evening and we went to a local wine bar for mussels and bubbly...

We came home and boated into the sunset (yes again!) because boating into the sun lowers your blood pressure like very few things can. 

Another couple arrived Friday around lunchtime and we floated the afternoon away before dinner was grilled and games were played. We laughed a lot and it felt so good to be with people who knew us when we were just becoming us. There are stories y'all. 

Saturday we boated to a nearby beach, had a delicious dinner in town at a local restaurant, then talked and laughed and listened to music and of course played more games. It was just a really fun, low-key weekend and we all enjoyed being together. 

And of course there's the other side of life always happening too... an extended family member in the hospital, a nagging sinus infection, a garage door repair, two dock lights that were taken out by lightning and in need of replacement, some little boat thingamajig that needs attention (at least we hope it's little!) and the on-going saga of the ice machine in my freezer that's not making ice and will get a second look by the repairman on Wednesday. Third look actually. 

Such is life and its the reason we need sunsets...a beautiful reminder at the end of the day that God has His hand on it all. 


  1. Lots and lots of enjoyment and fun that make the aggravations a little more tolerable. Always fun to share in your days.

  2. I was half expecting to see my brother in your picture of friends as your weekend on the boat sounds very much like the weekend he just spent on a friend's boat. Sounds just delightful. Laughter, games, reminiscing, adult beverages and sunsets. Yes, please.

    That waterfall is just lovely. We have several waterfall hikes here but no water. Just a trickle during the wetter times of the year.

  3. What wonderful times you've had over the last couple of weeks. I love how you put all of the good things first and then just "mentioned" the nagging ones - great perspective!!

  4. So much fun for you all. The sunsets are my favorite. Those are gorgeous waterfalls.

  5. That sounds like the best kind of gentle cruise at dusk and into the sunset. Very relaxing. Glad to read about your 'home' time in August. It is so much fun to be with those folk who knew us from the beginning. Cheers!

  6. I enjoyed all of the beautiful photos. It sound like it was a great week. Hope all the other things that need fixing will get done and that the person in the hospital is doing better.

  7. A beautiful way to be winding down the summer, Joyce! Your lake is so beautiful!! xo