Sunday, April 19, 2009

Running on Empty

So turns out house hunting is exhausting. We had our first full day of looking yesterday and I'd been awake since 1:30 am so I probably wasn't at my very best. I tried to sleep Friday night..I really did. My husband managed to sleep and since I didn't want to wake him up I finally took my book and decided to lay down in the bathtub at about 3:30. It was the only place to stretch out and turn on a light. We left the hotel at 8 am to meet our realtor and we arrived a little bit early so we drove around the little town we think we'll eventually be living in and we walked up to the lake and I remembered how much I love living near the water.

We viewed nine houses yesterday and things get a little blurry after that. We finally headed back to the hotel about 4 but my husband, who is just never tired and always has an endless supply of energy, felt the need to pull into every car dealership we passed 'just to look'. Actually buying a house is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to moving back. We will have to buy cars too. And televisions. And a refrigerator. And a washer and a dryer and about 20 thousand hundred other items. And did I mention we have two kids in college? And it might have been somewhere around the third car dealership that my husband says 'Mean Joyce' came out. And apparently Mean Joyce convinced hubby that we should go back to the hotel 'straight away' as they say in the UK. I sat down on the bed for a nap at 5 PM and woke up at 5 am this morning. Much better now.

We're meeting our realtor again this morning for round 2 of looking. I'm sure we won't be seeing 'Mean Joyce' at all today. Pretty sure anyway.


  1. I guess I missed something. So you're moving home. How wonderful for you. Where will you be living? I don't envy the house hunting. Our last two houses were new when we moved in. I just don't know if I could move into someone else's dirt.

  2. You are moving back to the US? When are you coming back across the pond? Where is your home state? I had no idea that you time in England was coming to an end...... how long have you been there? ahahhahahahha

    Look at all those questions?
    Good luck with the house hunting.... That is a hard thing to do........

  3. "Mean Valerie" comes out too when I am sleep deptived. :)
    I'm sure it's a little overwhelming.
    Hopefully today will be a very good day and that perfect home will call your name.
    I love the water! It would be a dream come true to live by water. It's so peaceful.
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Hi Joyce,

    So nice to hear from you again on your blog. The last two times that we went back to the U.S. for a trip, I woke up around 3:30 or 4 as well. What is up with that? I can't believe that my body gets so confused and turned around that I wake up in the middle of the night and am wide awake. Sleeping tonight should be much better for you as it was last night.

    Which town are you looking at houses in? I hope all goes well. When will you return to the U.K?

    Talk to you soon. Blessings in your house hunting and your travels.

  5. Glad you've gotten some sleep now. Your Mean Joyce sounds like Cranky Stephanie. Sounds like you have a VERY long to-do and shopping list.

    Charlie crosses the pond in the other direction on Wednesday. He'll be there 14 days. You go back to pack up and all, right?

  6. I'm sure you're not mean. You just needed a nap. Hope the house hunting goes well.

  7. I'm glad "MEAN JOYCE" is feeling better. Poor thing, you all have been on overload since you got back to the states. Finding a house in such a short amount of time, thinking about having to buy cars, televisions, appliances, etc. is so overwhelming. Just take one step at a time and things will fall into place! Hope your body clock is adjusting. Praying for you on Monday as you look at more houses. I hope you begin to have a peace about everything and that you and your husband will know when you find that perfect house that you can call "HOME". Love & blessings from NC!