Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tote that barge Lift that bale

We have missed our pack mule these past few days...pack mule is another affectionate term I have for my husband because he's the designated carrier of all things heavy and let me tell you there has been some seriously heavy stuff moved this week by me and my two daughters. Daughters, I might add, whose combined weight is about 70 kilos. I can speak in kilos because I live in a country that weighs you in kilos and doesn't that sound nicer? They also sometimes weigh you in stones but just the word makes you sound heavy so I prefer kilos.

I am flying back home today and for now home is still England. And my superman strong-arrive with a dolly-just tell me where to put this 2ton piece of furniture- professional packers will arrive on Tuesday and after the week I've just had I say bless them! I think I'll sip a mint julep and shout instructions. I wish. I have 8 hours of flying in front of me today/tonite and I am going to need every minute to rest up for the next week of activity at my house. Which is still in England. Did I say that already?


  1. Travel mercies today as you fly home. Moving is not fun, no matter who is doing it. I know you are exhausted from helping your daughters. Hopefully you can nap on the plane, but then you will have jet lag when you get home. What else is new? Take care. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband as you prepare to move back to the US. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Hi Joyce! Thanks for stopping by my blog to admire my perfectly perfect grandson. I've enjoyed reading about your travels(bless your heart). Next time you're stuck in Dulles for six hours, call me. I'm about an hour away. Cheers!