Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marlin Perkins would feel right at home

We're still living the hotel life...in fact I'm getting kind of used to someone making my bed, cleaning my bathroom, and fixing me breakfast every morning. Uh-oh.

We've been traipsing back and forth between hotel and house doing what we can to make a house that is still pretty much without furniture feel like home. And by that I mostly mean giving our credit card a real workout. It's a little bit like starting out as a newly married couple only without the benefit of all the bridal shower/wedding gifts. I realized today that we still don't have a rubbish bin or a broom. Or a few hundred other little essentials. Not that I've ever given anyone a broom for a wedding present but you know what I mean.

I kind of hesitated to post this next little gem on my blog because my mother reads here and she won't like this. Last week as the movers were unloading our storage container into our new house the lawn guys arrived to mow the grass. I know we're not actually living there full time yet but my gosh it has been raining day and night and the grass is loooong. My first introduction to the lawn guys was my husband calling me outside because 'look what the lawn guys found'. And let me just say upfront I hate playing this sort of game because I know it will involve something disgusting.

And I was right....it was a deer leg. And not to be too graphic but there wasn't a deer attached to it. Ewww. Much manly conversation ensued after which they all agreed that this was not the work of a bear but more likely a bobcat. Terrific. I knew we'd have bears, deer, skunks, foxes, raccoons, turkey vultures, and chipmunks but I had not really planned on bobcats. Welcome to The Garden State. If you've only seen NJ from the turnpike then all of this probably comes as a bit of a surprise to you...when you think of NJ you think oil refinery, smog and traffic. But you would only be partially correct because once you get off the turnpike there is a whole lot of very beautiful countryside.

We've also made the acquaintance of two groundhogs who have set up a comfy little home in the rock wall in our back garden. We discovered the entrance to their little hotel when we opened the car door and our very ladylike dog made a beeline for an opening in the wall. She managed to get her supermodel body (she's tall and thin) stuck halfway thru said hole before my husband finally yanked her out but not without alot of dripping sweat, brute strength and an expletive or two. Or ten.

Actually the dog is the teensiest bit distressed. I take her with me to the house each day and she walks from room to room and thinks we've lost our marbles. She wonders why we've moved her to a house without any furniture??? Every now and then she presses her nose up to everysinglewindow in the house and pants at the critters just beyond her reach. She is a bird dog and the hunting instinct runs strong. And it won't be squashed. Which is why I've got a fence company arriving on Friday. You're relieved aren't you?


  1. Oh, the adventures of a new place! I thought you were going to say that they found a snake. We have seen bobcats run across the road near my parent's mountain house in NC. I hope you won't have any further trouble out of your "neighbors" in NJ. That is frightening. Also, it will be nice to have your dog fenced in and the other critters fenced out. I hope your furniture will be arriving soon, so you can begin to set up your house. Living in a hotel sure does get old after awhile. We had to live somewhere else for weeks when we were having hardwood floors installed. It got old real fast. Take care and enjoy your week. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Oh my...after I read ...deer leg I actually said out loud...EWWWW. Then I see you wrote Ewww and I laughed out loud!

    My have I been away...you are in the states now and own a new home (and deer leg)! Congrats.

    You will love Niagara Falls...however, my first visit there surprised me. The Clifton Hills area is full of "cheesy" shops and entertainment. There are plenty of other areas of interest though.

    Congrats once more on 25 yrs together...time sure does fly, doesn't it?! Love those photos of Italy...one day I'll go there. An old friend of mine has a blog and went there for her 50th birthday. She posted some amazing shots...theroost.typepad.com

    I hope your furniture gets there soon so your dog won't go crazy. ; )

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on your settling adventures. Sorry 'bout the deer leg (shutter). I am sure your dog will be happy having a yard to run in once the fence gets installed. Welcome back to the states!

  4. Oh the adventures of a major move!! I look forward to that one day, or NOT.

    I wasn't expecting to hear about a deer leg, Joyce. But you are right about the beautiful countryside in NJ that no one ever hears about. Now we can look forward to the beautiful way you post about places you've been and live and New Jersey will be redeemed in some sort of way.

    My cruise pictures are coming soon. I just dread loading the computer with hundreds more photos when that is what has slowed it down to begin with.

    Blessings to you. By the way, I felt the same way as you when you moved. Like a neighbor (friend) that I truly enjoyed just left. Who knows? God may have us meet in person one day.