Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show Me The Money

Wow, nothing like purchasing a car, insurance, a phone, a computer and a printer all in the span of a few hours. My husband says Obama will likely take credit for the bump in the GNP but don't you believe it. We've certainly been doing our part to jump start the US economy.

We're feeling a little overwhelmed today. There is so much to take in I'm not sure where to begin. How about I start with our utilities set up. About a week ago, while still in the UK, I rang the telephone company only to discover that these days the telephone company is actually the internettelevisiontelephone company. The very nice girl on the line was just talking and talking and talking and I finally had to interject that I didn't have a clue what she was talking about and I would be hanging up now. In all honesty as soon as she started talking about bundles and 3.0 or 6.5 or 2.4 I wanted to put my fingers in my ears and sing lalalalala. I told my husband he would need to sort this out so he called today and his call went pretty much like mine...still no phone/tv/internet set up organized...hopefully the third time will be the charm. It's kind of hard to believe but when we moved overseas six years ago we only owned a couple of DVD's. They were just becoming popular and everything was still in VHS format. Now it's all High Def and Blue Ray and XYZ the saying goes, tomorrow is another day.

Speaking of tomorrow... we are going to South Carolina to see our girlies for the weekend. And can I tell you we are excited??!! Nothing says home like your kiddos. Funnily enough there are Scottish Highland Games happening down south this weekend. A little taste of the United Kingdom right in Greenville South Carolina. Who knew? And my sweet Daughter1 is celebrating her 21st birthday this weekend...I cannot believe that little bitty baby girl who looked me right in the eye the moment she was born is already a full grown person. Well, she's still little bitty. And she's still adorable. And sweet. I'm going to write a birthday post for her on her actual birthday which is Sunday.

We're off to walk the dog now. And by walk I mean stroll around the hotel complex which is large and very green. Actually our pup is loving life in our temporary housing....the grounds are full of squirrels and bunnies and Dixie is doing her darndest to catch one before we leave here. Earlier today she was surprised by a mama duck who came screaming and squawking out of a bush she'd stuck her nose in and now she goes stealth everytime she leaves the building. This is just a precursor to her new home...we have lots of woods on our new property and with woods come critters so Dixie is in for some excitement. I guess that means we are too. The last time we lived in NJ we had a sweet dog by the name of Abbey and she experienced the 'excitement' of the great outdoors...chased a bear cub up a tree and cornered a skunk who thanked her as only a skunk can. I was pregnant at the time and if you've ever been pregnant you know the whole smell thing is dicey anyway. Oh, and we were driving to my moms for the Easter weekend just two days later and that skunk scent really lingers. Good times. Good times.

Thank you for the kind thoughts, emails and comments. I'm a bit behind in reading posts but will be catching up in the next week or so. Moving house has seriously cut into my computer time. Cheers...Joyce


  1. It's good to hear from you Joyce.
    I'm glad you will be with your girls this weekend.

  2. Joyce, it sounds like things are moving right along. I'm so glad you get to see your girls tomorrow. I bet they're just as excited, if not more, to see both of you too. Have a wonderful visit.

    I can't wait to see pictures of your new home.

  3. Joyce,

    Have fun with the girlies. I can't wait to see pics, that is if you are going to post some, of the new house. No pressure, though.

    Hope you get all the tv stuff sorted out. Have a great weekend.

    Carol x

  4. Hope you had a great time in SC. I am glad everyone made the trip over the pond safe and sound. I worry about the doggies! Doesn't sound like you have any problems.

  5. The joys of moving! Yuck. I'm so glad Dixie is happy and healthy from the trip home. And, hopefully you won't have much longer in the hotel. Have safe travels to visit your sweet girls and enjoy a terrific weekend with them!!! Hoping you have an awesome birthday celebration too. So happy for you to be back home.... though it sounds like you were leaving behind some amazing friends. Wishing you all the best in this new transition.