Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thirteen Things aka Brain Dump

Two numbered posts in a row. Its not how I like to do things here on the ole blog but sometimes it just works out that way. When I was a little girl, and especially when I was a teenager, I would sometimes lie in bed at night and worry about things. I know, I know-'pray don't worry' is what we are told, and I would try to follow that advice but sometimes I would still just fill up with worry. My mom would come and sit on my bed and say, "Tell me everything you are worrying about and then it won't feel so heavy." I would tell her all my troubles, which I'm sure were mostly lots of teenage girl angst, but with each worry said aloud and shared I would feel lighter and could eventually drift off to sleep. When I think about this I am so grateful for my mother.

Not sure exactly how I got off on that tangent but I think lately my head has been so full of 'stuff' I feel like I need to put it down somewhere. Hello blog.

I don't know how I pictured this season of life playing out but I'm pretty sure I never imagined going ninety miles an hour week after week. I think I pictured more leisurely conversations over a glass of wine in the backyard, more sitting around pondering what we should do to pass the time. Yeah. That has not been the case around here since early Spring.

Here's some stuff-

1. I'm headed to the airport this morning and cannot wait to see this girl's smiling face-

Daughter2 will be home for her university's October break, really just a long weekend but as you know we take what we can get when it comes to time with our sweet daughters.

2. Tomorrow evening I will trek back to the same general vicinity as the airport, only detour over to the train station where this girl, Daughter1, will be greeted by my smiling face-

The sisters do not get nearly enough time together these days so they are both excited about hanging out together at home.

Home. Daughter2 has not been in the house to sleep in her own bed since May. May! Yes, May. Five months. We have seen her several times since May but we've traveled to her as opposed to her coming here. Daughter1 has been home two or three times more than that but still, this is the reality of the empty nest. I mostly do okay with the separations necessitated by college and working life and growing up girls stepping into the world of adulthood, but every now and then I just need to have my whole little family at home snuggled up on the couch watching The Little Mermaid. The daughters indulge me and the hubs. Truth be told, they need it too.

3. Saturday night the hubs himself will trek out to the airport to catch a long haul flight to Delhi. A long haul flight is... um, long. If you told me I had to make that trip just now I would likely curl up in a ball and suck my thumb. Hubs on the other hand, is a rock star when it comes to traveling. He's made this trip a few times so he knows the drill but I suspect this go round will be a little bit harder. Normally when he travels the girls are not in the house but on Saturday night he'll have to peel himself away from the loves of his life. These girls love their Daddy and he is the best father I know. This picture is one of his favorites and seeing it here today will make him smile. Sometimes it's the little things...

4. Friday night the girls have requested a fire in the firepit so weather permitting we'll roast hotdogs and marshmallows (not together silly) and we'll hang out under blankets and stars sitting right here-

5. We'll make the most of our Saturday and I'm hoping it's a pretty fall day for heading out into the leaves somewhere...maybe an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch or just a walk in the woods with our pup.

She looks raring to go here doesn't she?

6. Saturday night is gonna be a long overdue girls night around here. Although we're sorry hubs has to cut out early I am super excited about a whole evening with my daughters. Giddy might be the word I'm looking for. We may go out to dinner and a movie or we may decide to all cook something together at home and rent movies. We may talk. Ahem.

7. A friend in our little town phoned me mid September in order to try and set a date for a little end of summer backyard cookout she wanted to organize. She is also in the empty nest phase of life and keeps a calendar much like ours. That little end of summer backyard cookout? It has been marked into our calendars as a Christmas party in early December. Crazy!

8. I spent the entire day yesterday in my sweats. I dusted and vacuumed and cleaned every bathroom in the house. It was time. Past time actually and it felt really good.

9. I know I keep talking about the calendar but we have lots of comings and goings happening between now and Christmas that need a little more tweaking. Loose ends. Flights to be booked and hotels in some cases and the kennel. Thank heaven for the kennel...they absolutely love our pup and are so good to her. I think they've seen her almost as much as we have this past month. These loose ends are one of the things I think about when I lie in bed at night.

10. Is my list stressing you out? Actually writing all this down makes it somehow feel more manageable to me. Hey, did I tell you I have both my girls home for the weekend?

11. The holidays. I'm hosting this year. I need to have a game plan because see #9. On the bright side, I thought ahead and we took our Christmas card photo in September. These things need to be planned when you are living in three different states. I'm really happy with the picture and although its a summery photo I got a little creative (thanks Pinterest!) and added a splash of Christmas to the shot.

12. I cannot end this list without mentioning my niece. She is ever and always on our minds and hearts as she deals with leukemia. Cancer is a horrible disease whenever it strikes, but in a child it is truly awful. She is such a brave girl and her wonderful sense of humor remains intact for which we are grateful. She is waiting for a bone marrow donor match to be identified and if you are a person who prays I would be grateful if you would add her to your prayers today.

A few years ago I was in a Beth Moore Bible Study on the Book of Daniel. I keep going back to that study when I think of my niece, particularly the story of the men in the fiery furnace and how God brought the men through the fire. Beth Moore talked alot about how God sometimes stops us before we reach the fire and other times God brings us around the fire. Then there are those times when we must walk through the fire.

A sweet seventeen year old girl with cancer.
There is no way around... only through.
And thankfully, never alone.

13. I saw this when I opened my front door the other day-

A visible reminder that God is good and never fails to keep His promises.


  1. I know exactly what you feel like. I thought I would be sitting around eating bon bons and enjoying empty nest-dom but I am busier than ever I think. We don't do the the traveling that you do but it seems we are always running to and from something.

  2. I made a list today too. Must be something about Thursdays! I prayed for your niece today and will continue to do so. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your girls!

  3. Such a blessing to those whose trust is in the Lord - that He is always there with us, no matter what!

    I love the image of you and your daughters snuggled up together watching Little Mermaid. Sweet!! Have a wonderful time with your daughters. And I feel SO sorry for your husband and that horrid long trip!!!

  4. I like the term "brain dump?" Mind if I borrow it sometime?

    Seriously, I also wonder why our generation is so much busier than that of our parents. What happened to our society?? I long to get off the merry-go-round and utilize our little backyard retreat. But there is just no time.

    Enjoy the weekend with your girlies!


  5. decisions to "make the time"...that's what's important. BEING with your loved matter what you're doing...LOVE IT...continuing to pray for your niece. We have several of our friends/family who have walked through the fire as 'young people'. God blessed them thru the fire (in fact one got married this past weekend), another is continuing her teaching career, and another is finishing her degree in occupational therapy so she can now help others. So tell your niece to LOOK BEYOND and be planning what she will do AFTER her treatments/marrow transplant...she will be REFINED in His Spirit!

  6. I have to admit that being excessively busy is NOT my favorite thing, but your life sounds like so much fun (and full of exciting travel!) that I might be willing to try it. :)

  7. This weekend is exactly what you slow down and enjoy. Sorry hubs is missing it but girl time is gonna be awesome. My prayers for your niece I hope she finds a match soon.
    Have a wonderful time this weekend!

  8. I think it helps to write everything down on the blog. I know I feel better. Enjoy your girls this weekend.

  9. How wonderful! Having the whole clan under one roof is always a great feeling. Enjoy every minute.

  10. Your daughters are so beautiful, and I am still praying hard for your niece! God bless her.

  11. It's wonderful that your "to do's" are happy events, though busy ones. Enjoy the time with your girl (I know you will), and as they(whoever they is)say, "take it one day at a time" and enjoy it all, Friend. You live a fun life, as I see it. Love all your stories - even the "brain dump" ones. LOL

  12. Sounds like you're going to have a fabulous visit with your daughters! So sad your husband has to leave!

  13. Beautiful rainbow and keeping your niece in my daily prayers. ((HUGS)) Have a wonderful weekend with your girls. It sounds like it is going to be just what you need. I hate to think about all that has to happen in the next several weeks. It's that time of year again and it always comes way to fast for me!!

  14. And I thought I had a lot on my mind!

    Yay to children coming home for visits (mine hasn't been home since August and won't be here until Thanksgiving).

    Boo to those who have to go through trials such as your niece's. :(

    The picture of the rainbow took me back to the afternoon when we were driving to another part of state. My daughter was going to be having surgery to repair her torn ACL. As a soccer player, the injury was devastating, and we had been in quite the funk since she'd her herself.

    Well, it had been raining during our trip, and then, all of a sudden, we saw a double rainbow right in front of us.

    It was the most amazing thing ever, and we were reminded that God would pour forth blessings through the trial we were going through.

    Hugs to all of you as you go through the ups and downs.

  15. We will keep praying for your niece. It must be so hard for her parents to see her so sick.

    From reading your list sounds like your holiday season will keep on being busy, just like your summer. But enjoy it, it keeps you young!
    Have a great weekend spoiling your girls!

  16. enjoyed reading your list. pictures of girls with their daddy = heart melting. such beautiful girls you have. [one smart mama to schedule your christmas picture early]

  17. Brain dumps are good. Mine today was in an exciting recap of my Thursday.
    I hope you have a fantastic time with your girls!

  18. Time with family, isn't that what life's all about? So sorry hubby won't be with you three for the whole weekend, but as my husband always reminds me, "Someone has to work so we can enjoy this lifestyle." And so right he is. These guys have it down pat. I have just prayed for your sweet niece. How fortunate she is to have a loving extended family and the support you can offer to her and her parents. God bless.

  19. God is always good and He is ALWAYS with us. Prayers for your neice, her family, and her caregivers. May they feel His comfort and guidance in every area of this journey through fire.

  20. Lovely pictures here, and you have the prettiest daughters! Actually it was refreshing to read a list of things so different from the one in my notebook :)

  21. Praying for your niece.
    Your list stressed me out a little. Have a wonderful time with your girls. I am very impressed that your Christmas card is done. I couldn't get anyone interested in a photo over Labor Day, so we'll have to wait until Thanksgiving. Then I won't give them a choice. :)

  22. My goodness, you've been busy! Thinking of our niece.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  23. Praying for your niece. My schedule is going be like yours--Emily's basketball begins next Saturday in Kentucky. So long for the relaxation-I guess that is why I have fallen asleep at 10 for the past couple of nights-told Charlie I was resting up for basketball season.

  24. Reading your blog is like reading my life! I cherish the moments when the 2 daughters of mine come home and sleep in their beds here too. My two now live in the same city and I'm thrilled they get to see each other often, but also a bit jealous.
    My hubby flies all the time for work too. Not as far as yours goes, but he lives in airports and has to deal with the security, and "the public" as he calls it. (They still don't know how to go through the x-ray machine! duh)
    My prayers go out to your niece. Life is not fair. I tell my girls that all the time. So, enjoy each day, pray, and use our time here in service.

  25. Just stopping by to catch up, before heading out on my Monday marathon of appointments. I hope you had a great weekend with your girls!

    As for your niece, I'm still hoping and praying...

    Have a great week!

  26. I, too, always think "what? it's over already??" when Monday morning rolls around!

    It sounds like you all had an absolutely FABulous weekend!