Monday, March 12, 2012


When I say Reminiscing I'm talking about the song.
Well likely a bit of remembering too because there's always a lot of that on my blog, but mostly I'm thinking of the song.

It's been playing in my head since Friday night when we went to see Little River Band perform in a nearby smallish venue. I love to see/hear live music in these types of settings and we were on the third row so super close to the stage. We chatted with the other couples in our row while waiting for the show to begin and since this was our first time in the venue a woman sitting nearby warned us it would be loud. Ha. We're okay with loud. I might like to play my music kinda loud. ahem. My girls are laughing right about now.

fyi-it wasn't too loud.

Little River Band was originally a group of musicians from Australia who were popular in the late 1970's and early 80's. Even if you don't recognize the band name you probably know some of their music. Band members have changed some in the course of 30 years but their wonderful sound remains the same.

30 years?
That can't be right, can it?

Has it really been 30 years since I was in my lovely dorm room with the built in bunk bed and the cinder block wall and no a.c. listening to Little River Band on something that was not a CD because there was no such thing as a CD?

Nothing in that last sentence dates me, does it?

One thing did make us feel a little bit old. As I said the venue was not huge, a former movie theater with the screens removed to make way for a good sized stage. Most of the crowd was our age, give or take ten years. A couple who appeared to be just a few years younger than us took the seats across the aisle from ours. They were reluctantly accompanied by their tween-aged son who so obviously wanted to be anywhere but there on a Friday night in March. Oh, he was not a happy camper.

How did we know this? Well, let's see, it might have been the fact that he was the only under-25 in attendance, the surly look on his face, the slouch, or quite possibly it was the eye daggers aimed at mom and dad.

Fortunately when he dressed for the evening he anticipated a little bit of what he was in for because when his mama literally leapt out of her seat and ran to the stage and to say this nicely?....shook her groove thing? he was able to pull his hoodie completely over his face. If there had been a hole in the floor he'd have been in it.

His mother was o-bli-vi-ous.
I think she was a lost in 1980 for a minute or ten.
Nothing like watching that to remind you you're not 20 anymore.

One other little fun thing about the evening was that we got to meet the keyboard player...such a nice guy and so talented. Good hair too which is something held in high regard at our house.

Turns out he's from tiny town Virginia and one of our college pals is a mutual friend. This friend sent the keyboard player a facebook message saying we'd be at the show so he looked for us afterwards and we chatted. This wouldn't have happened back in 1980 ya know. We'd have had to stalk the band the old fashioned way.

Time marches on.

It was a fun evening and we were both a little bit hoarse on Saturday.
I'm pretty sure I heard my hubs invite the band to stay at our house next time they're here.

I told you I have to watch him every minute.

Some things never change.


  1. My Hubs totally would have done THE SAME THING! I'm telling you these two are crazy alike. :)

  2. I can so clearly picture that teenage boy in all his embarrassment! Glad you guys had fun!!I love these pictures of you- ever consider growing out you hair again?

  3. Ha, ha, ha! I'm not surprised that your hubs invited them to stay at your house...sure do hope he's actually in town when that happens! :D
    That poor boy! I feel for him!

  4. Ah yes, how quickly we're dated by our music. ;-)

    Glad you had a great time!

  5. Wow what a fun night! Love your old pictures you both were styling even 30 years ago or so!

  6. Its so nice to read your blog and I know exactly where you went Friday night. We went for the first time about 3 weeks ago. We saw TUSK - I thought it was a nice theater and I would go again. To find parking was a bit crazy. Did you have trouble parking??

  7. What a fun night. Those oldie bands are so good, I'll take them any day over the rap stuff. Have a good day.

  8. There's a lot going on in the last picture...Love it!

  9. My hubby, who is Australian, is a HUGE fan and saw them in Oz before they became so famous. He would be so jealous to know you have seen them. I best keep it a secret.

  10. Fun 'reminiscing!!' I think your 'hubby' could totally rock that hairdo, don't you? lol

  11. Love Little River Band! I laughed out loud at your stories!

  12. Oh I love LRB! What a fun night. Also? I am being totally serious when I say that I think your husband could pull of that hairstyle too.

  13. Ah, the dorm room. You even had plants! So homey. :) Right there with you with memories of the Little River Band. So cool that they're still playing music together. Sounds like it was a fun night.

  14. I used to love the LRB! How awesome that you got to meet the keyboard player :)

    Love the "flashback photos", too!

    Oh my word, I can only imagine what the poor young fellow in the hoodie felt like seeing his mom "shake her groove thing"...I can't get the image out of my head!

  15. I remember that band and I enjoyed their music, glad you had a swell time.

  16. Funny story. Love the pictures! Music does have a way of taking us back in time.