Monday, June 18, 2012

Empire State of Mind

The weekend. Where to begin? Let's back up to Friday so I can answer the question I know has been burning on your brain since did hubs like the balloons? (If you missed that post you'll find it here)

Hubs loved the balloons! I had them filled at our local supermarket and the girl who filled them was a little chincy on the helium so by the time he got home they were all standing at eye level which was actually better. He was surprised and said when he opened the door it was impressive. I can only tell you this second hand as I was sound asleep and missed his initial reaction. Glad I took a picture the night before! We had fun looking at the photos while we sipped our coffee. Here is 1985...

We were in D.C. to celebrate our one year anniversary and my hubs still talks about that dress.

Back to 2012...hubs made a few work related phone calls and checked email and then we went out to lunch and a movie-The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It seemed fitting since hubs had just been in Delhi. Some of our favorite British actors are in the cast and its a sweet story with our favorite line being the overriding theme.... 'Everything will turn out all right in the end. If it's not alright then it's not the end.' We both loved it.

In other Friday news...hubs bought me an iPhone. I finally traded in my phone that flips open to reveal the keyboard and is impossible to unlock in less than three tries, for a 21st century phone. I'd been waiting for my upgrade to become available and let me just say I am going to be even more obnoxious with the picture taking now. I got a cute cover too because that's important.

Saturday was a gorgeous day and our anniversary. We took the little red car for a spin ending up at our local farmers market. The market is relatively new so it grows some every year, and of course up here its still early for some of my favorite produce.

We did buy sweet cherries and big bunches of rhubarb and kale before heading home to work in the yard. I've heard people raving about kale chips so I tried a recipe I found on Pinterest. They are very good but very 'green' tasting in my opinion. Tasty for what they are but you will not be mistaking them for a potato chip. Just sayin'.

Saturday evening we drove into the city and had so much fun. Hubs brought me a beautiful sari type tunic in India last week and I love it. I know I said we don't do gifts on our anniversary and I got a new phone and a beautiful sari but maybe its just that I don't buy him anything? Hmmmm.... Anyway, I wore it in to the city and it was a conversation piece for sure. We got into a taxi at one point and the driver was from Bangladesh. He was not happy with life in America but hubs worked his usual magic and had him smiling before we left his cab. As I was walking away he got a look at my top (dress?) and shouted out the window, 'Hey Bengali Girl!' He had a great accent so it sounded better live than in print but it made us laugh and hubs referred to me as his Bengali girl for the rest of the night.

We began the evening in Eataly which is a huge shop, cooking school, and assortment of restaurants all in one building in the Flatiron section of NYC. I don't need to explain why this area is known by that name do I?

Okay-this is the Flatiron building. It was completed in 1902 and it's shape resembles a flatiron, hence the name. It marks the area of the city known as the Flatiron District and this is where you'll find Eataly. Which I highly recommend if you're in the city.

Eataly is owned by a group that includes Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich, two chefs whose names you might recognize. The space is massive and divided into sections...pasta, seafood, cheese, wine, chocolates and more.

We started with the wine and cheese and shared this delicious assortment of Italian meats and cheeses with spicy fig and apricot alongside.


We wandered the shop browsing the various counters and menus and shared a plate of gnocchi before moving on to our next destination.

The Bubble Lounge in TriBeCa. fyi-Tribeca is trendy and I'd like to walk around that part of the city more. Did you know that TriBeCa is an acronym for 'Triangle Below Canal Street"? Consider that your fun fact for the day. We took a cab because it would have been too far to walk from Eataly, and we passed so many interesting looking restaurants. When I'm in the city I always find myself thinking about all the fabulous restaurants I will never get to try. A friend had recommended The Bubble Lounge and we like champagne so off we went.

The atmosphere was warm with soft couches and big comfy chairs arranged throughout. We had champagne and ordered a chocolate fondue for dessert. Our waitress said the fondue was her treat and happy anniversary so that was fun. I love NY.

Afterwards we decided we needed to see Times Square because we just always do when we're in the city. A couple approached hubs and waved their camera at him for a photo and he asked where they were from. The man said Brazil and hubs spewed out something in Portuguese and the couple beamed. I was reminded once more of why I love this boy. I'm pretty sure he only knows a phrase or two but that doesn't stop him from giving it a go. We walked some more and noticed a family from India attempting a picture. Hubs offered to do it for them so the dad could be in it too. More happy tourists. I like to think they'll go back home and say how nice people are in this city.

We meandered back to our car and it was late late late. Waaaay past my bedtime but I didn't even care. It was the kind of night that happens sometimes in the city. The sound, the light, the air...everything feels so right you wish the night would never end. Hubs felt the same so we stretched it out a little longer by stopping in a diner opposite the parking garage for a midnight snack.

28 years ago we got on an airplane bound for our honeymoon destination. That was only the second time my hubs had flown. Now he's speaking Portuguese to strangers in Times Square and talking the finer points of Indian curry with the cab driver from Bangladesh.

We've come a long way baby!

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  1. so that's THE dress. Yes I've heard dad mention it a time or two. hehe. Love all the pictures and your new sari/tunic!! So glad you had such a fun anniversary celebration!

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary! You are beautiful! Looks like you had a WONDERFUL weekend.

  3. Oh, what fun! And I love your sari!

  4. oh what a nice weekend and a great anniversary celebration!!! I always take pictures for people myself. Its just a nice thing to do. Have a good weekend Joyce!

  5. What a beautiful memory. Being in love after 28 years and not wanting the night to end...that's what it's all about! Oh, and thanks for the TriBeCa fun fact. I always wondered but was too lazy to look it up. :) Oh, and the sari looks great on Bengali Girl.

  6. Happy Anniversary - you both look fantastic.

  7. wow what an amazing night--i love the sari!!

  8. What a wonderful day! Jam-packed with celebratory goodness.

  9. Oh my, could hubby possibly bring back one more of that gorgeous sari? I love the colors and everything about it. Perfect for a night on the town and it appears you both had a great anniversary celebration. Congratulations!

  10. Hooray for the iPhone, enjoy! (I enjoyed that movie too) I hope to see that flat building someday in person and Time Square. What a fabulous day you had. Happy Anniversay!

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  12. I love the dress and all the pictures. Sounds like you had so much fun. Congrats on the new iPhone. I'm jealous because I'm still using just a basic phone. Someday I'll have a smart phone. haha No really, I'm not jealous, I'm happy for you.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

  13. Happy Anniversary (belated). May you have many more such special weekendS! You two are so cute together and I love the sari your hubby brought you!

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  16. Happy Belated Anniversary! What a great celebration! I love Eataly my favorite! I hope you downloaded Instagram follow me I'm ckkwest

    Love your new sari...colors are great on you!

  17. Happy Anniversary! (I just got back in town from vacation last night, so 'm catching up!) Eataly is definitely going n my "to-do" list for the next time we're in NYC!

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    You rocked that tunic, woman!

  19. You guys were so darned cute!! (actually, pretty cute now too) :-) Love the balloons idea. How fun! And glad you had a nice anniversary celebration. Thanks for letting us know you liked 'Marigold' movie. I've been wondering about it, and now that I know someone who liked it, I'll try to go. And if I ever get back to NYC, I will definitely look up Lidia's place. Just love her show!

  20. Happy Anniversary! Your Sari is BEAUTIFUL! Your Hubby did a fabulous job picking it out for you!