Friday, March 8, 2013

Chillin' on a Snowy Road

Chillin' on a dirt road sounds so much better doesn't it? That phrase conjures up images of summertime fun which, with six inches of snow on the ground and more falling fast, feels a long way off this morning.

March why must you be so cruel?

Might as well grab your coffee and settle in for some Friday Fragments.

Every now and then Safari pops up with that annoying message saying it needs to unexpectedly close.  You're then given the option of reporting this to Apple or not reporting, so I'm you report?  Is there a person on the other side of my computer whose job it is to analyze said reports? I'm glad I'm not that person. I have enough trouble with this side of the computer.

Somehow I've ended up with a stack of routine doctor's appointments all happening this month. In spite of sunscreen and a hat, I have some ever so slight tan lines left over from last month's trip to Florida. I'm sure the dermatologist will scold me because that's what they do.

Then there's the eye doctor who will no doubt feel it his duty to remind me of my age. My eyes were absolutely 100% perfectly perfect until one day three years ago when I woke up to a slightly blurry world.

Aging is like a nuclear explosion. There is a lot of fallout.

Are you familiar with the Jason Aldean 'country rap' song called Dirt Road Anthem? I'm pretty sure twenty years ago nobody put the words country and rap in the same sentence, but whatever...

Jason does a good job with the song, but I have to say my daughter2 gives him a pretty good run for his money. She gets every.single.word. and is a tiny little blonde headed thing which makes it doubly fantastic.

Also? That child refers to me as Momma. Not Mother, Mom, or Mommy, but Momma. The word momma is like a windows open, soft breeze blowing, sunshiny blue sky day in my soul.  When your children grow up and move away you don't just miss their faces. You also miss the voices that go with the faces.

I took my pup to the vet yesterday and we won't even discuss how many dinero I've handed over to these people in 2013, but she's cute isn't she?

She thinks if she gets behind the wall maybe they won't see her.  

I'm supposed to be getting my haircut this morning and then having lunch out with friends to celebrate some birthdays. Those two activities together contain the makings of a great day, unless they are interrupted due to pesky snow in March.  

Having my haircut ranks right up there in my top ten list of favorite activities.  A good haircut has the potential to completely change my outlook on a day, maybe even life. (No pressure Jodie!)  

Having to cancel a haircut can also change my outlook on a day. 

Not life, just my day.  

Snow. Bother.  

We have nothing on the weekend calendar. I'd kind of like to go into the city and I'd also like the air to be somewhere around 65 degrees. Not sure either of those things will happen, but if I were betting I wouldn't put money on the latter.  Still, it's a weekend and we're empty nesters, so we can do whatever we want.  

I guess not all fallout is bad.  

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  1. I thought about y'all this morning when I heard that there's another snowstorm up your way.
    I'm with you on a good haircut; especially when the hairdresser does a great job of massaging your scalp!
    Stay warm! :)

  2. Our youngest daughter knows that when she calls me 'Mama,' as she did all the time she was growing up, it MELTS MY HEART! Mostly she calls me Mom, but now and then she still reverts to Mama, and my heart still reacts the same way.

    I agree that March is cruel. That's why at least here in NW Wisconsin, I secretly consider April 21 to be the first day of spring - although I wouldn't tell anyone. ;-)

    Have a good day, Joyce, your doggie is so cute!! Mine feel the same way about the vet clinic. :-)

  3. Both my kids are March babies and we brought them both home in snow! I'm also remembering those crazy 3 feet of snow blizzards we had in March way back then as well . . . I'm ready for spring too! Happy Haircut Day!

  4. Chillin' in the summer is much better. So is toasting in the winter. I use Firefox more than Safari but get the occasional problems and very seldom click the report to Apple. Your operating system no matter what type needs to chill after too many hours. I like your fallout idea.

  5. I got my haircut yesterday. I too love those days of being pampered. I feel great with a goof cut and color. Have fun with your friends today !!

  6. No sympathy here ... as I am so wishing that I could look out my window and see the snow that you're seeing. Even if it means a cancelled hair cut. ;-)

    Hearing my daughter call me Mama just makes my heart melt. It matters not that she's 37 and I'm 62. I'll never get tired of hearing her call me Mama.

  7. I just went through a few of those routine doctor appointments. They are no fun, but it is good to know everything is okay. I hope the snow doesn't interrupt your plans for the day. We have 8-10 inches predicted tomorrow....the good news is that I got my hair cut yesterday. :)

  8. I bet I would love your d2 doing Jason Aldean. We are country fans at our house. Yes, I am ready for spring too. Big snow this week, then forecast of 57 degrees on Sunday. Crazy! (and muddy) Have a great weekend!

  9. I get my hair done at a really nice place that I probably pay a little more for than necessary, but it is so relaxing - they take their time, give me a scalp massage and bring me herbal tea - heaven :-)

  10. You could come to Oklahoma. Supposed to be in the 60s and 70s for a week.

  11. Your snow pictures belong on a Christmas card! and here it is almost Easter.

  12. I think your snow is beautiful. But I don't have to live with it.
    You are right about haircuts. They are critical. I had mine yesterday and continue to think, it's gonna be ok, give it a week or so, etc.

  13. Ah, yes, the voices we miss much. Sigh. Puppy hiding with her back up against the wall is too cute. As for snow, sorry about tat. We got the lamest excuse for precipitation i ever saw.

  14. The lovelies call me momma too. And their friends call me mommaloft. So cute. You're quite right about missing the voices too. I quit spending all that money at the vet when I found a holistic one who comes to the house. I thought she'd be more than the regular one but she's not. I like that. And Tucker likes her so that's helpful too. Still no snow here. Sigh. But if you like 65 degree weather, come on down this weekend!

  15. I LOVE Jason Aldean. LOVE.

    My cat hides at the vet too. Like, up on top of cabinets or in them. She's such a pill at the vet, so I let her explore in hopes that she'll chill out.

  16. I'm so very sorry that my constant wishing for snow ended up your way instead of mine. I'll try to be more concise with my snow wishes in the future. ;)

    Whenever I get any of those messages that ask if I'd like to report it, sometimes I'll click on it and sometimes I won't. I never thought about the person on the other side of that who gets them, though...too bad you can't add a comment to make their day. ;)

    HAHAHA! There really is a lot of fallout to aging. ;)

    I absolutely LOVE that Jason Aldean song! I'd probably love seeing your tiny little daughter2 singing it - you should totally record her doing it.

    Princess Nagger (10) refuses to call me anything *except* 'Momma'. I asked her a couple of years ago if she wanted to call me 'Mom' or 'Mommy', but she just rolled her eyes and said "No! You're 'Momma'!" I love that kid. ;)

    Definitely having a haircut ranks very high on favorite activities - having to cancel said haircut really does change one's outlook on the day. :)

    Another Winter Storm Dud and some Funnies

  17. I would be sooo bummed if my hair and lunch were interupted by the white stuff! I hope you can get out over the weekend!

  18. The storm totally missed our part of the east coast It was a major dud! Can't say I'm sorry about it. ;-) I'm so ready for winter to be over!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. I love Jason Aldean - and he does a pretty good job with mixing a bit of rap in to this country song. I don't much like Kenny Chesney's newest one where he tries it too. I love Kenny - just not this song. And... I agree with you about hearing those little children's voices! Thank goodness we have videos of them when they were small & we can still hear the cute, sweet ways they talked. Mine also called me "momma" when we lived in Atlanta. And the younger one called the older one "sissy" because she couldn't say her name! It was adorable. {sigh}

  20. I mourned when my youngest stopped calling me "mommy".
    And I am right there with ya with the whole March snow thing. Yuck. We got that storm earlier this week and may get more tomorrow night. Yuck.
    My hair appointment is Monday, along with my toes! Getting all ready for our cruise!

  21. We got dumped on the begining of the week. It was pretty! You always feel so much peppier after leaving the hair dressers! Enjoy your day!

  22. My 25 year old still calls me Mommy. I think it is to make me smile if nothing else.

    Wow, all that snow! I hope it gets sun-shiny for you soon.

    I found you from Stacy's blog hop and a new follower.
    ~Naila Moon

  23. Hahaha, but we love snow ;-) Yours does look good!

    Someday I am going to have an empty nest. I am sure I will miss it, but right now that is the stuff of dreams!

    I do like some of Aldean's songs, but I am not sure country and rap go together. I prefer country and western ;-)

  24. i want to see snow! we haven't gotten any all winter :(

  25. I gave up on firefox and safari and am all about Chrome now. Haven't had an unexpected shutdown, or a page take forever to load since then. It's pretty sweet. AND NO MORE SNOW!!!! It's finally melting here, but there's still about 2 feet and my little dog is not happy!
    Following from FF!

  26. Oh, age is so cruel! Since I've knives in Florida all my life, I am a dermatologist's dream now and oh, we won't even go into the eyes!

    Bless your little doggie's heart and your wallet! I know all too well abut those $!

    Hope your weekend is's cool here, but oh, all that snow! Yikes!

  27. Wow lots of looks pretty but enough is enough already! Your pup is too cute hiding and all..poor guy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  28. We're so proud of our Jason Aldean. He's from Macon,Ga. just two hours north of here :)

    A hair cut really makes my day, too. I'm looking forward to Tuesday for that very reason.

    Your snow pics look like Christmas post cards! Hopefully, spring will find its way to your house soon! Enjoy your weekend, no matter what you end up doing.

  29. Oh, that snow looks cold and forbidding. I am almost ashamed to admit that it will be 70 degrees today here in Northern Calif.
    As for fall out, well, we are all dealing with it, one way or long as it isn't my hair - or the LOC's (Lovable Old Coot)- I guess we can handle it.
    Hope your weekend is at least cozy, since you seem snowbound.

  30. The snow looks beautiful. Definitely a day to stay in and cuddle up with a good book. Of course the computer is usually my choice. I don't do Apple so I can't help you there. The vet is always $$$$. Skye just shakes like a maniac. Hope your hair appointment went well.
    Enjoy your weekend.....

  31. I love that picture of your dog hiding. It's so hilarious. Totally get you about the haircut thing. Have a great weekend!

  32. I think chillin on a snowy road sounds plenty fun

  33. It is supposed to be almost 70 degrees here today and we are heading to FL at the end of the month. That probably didn't make you feel better.

    My children both call me Mamma. Being that they weren't born in the south, I'm not sure how it happened, but like you, I love it... well, when my girl says it, it's sort of short and terse, "Mamma!" always exclamation point worthy, but it still sounds better than 'Mom" or "Mother!"