Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lucky You! It's Time for the Hodgepodge!

Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge, lucky number 117.  
117 is a lucky number, right?  

Why not try your hand at answering the questions today...when you're through, add a link back to your answers in the linky at the bottom of my post, and then hop around to see what other lucky players had to say.  Here's my .02~

1. Do you play games of luck/chance for money? Have you ever played bingo for money?  Visited a casino?  Placed a bet on a horse? Bought a lottery ticket?

Not really.  I've been to casinos a handful of times, most recently a week ago with friends.  It was a fun day and the casino gave us 'free money' to play with, which I suppose is how people get sucked in and develop a habit. For me it was more about a day out with friends and lunch afterwards.  I mean, I'm  not tempted to sneak over there while hubs is at work or anything.  Ha.  Hi Hubs!  

Everyone knows I'm kidding, yes?

I've never played bingo for money and I've never bought a lottery ticket. The past few Octobers we've attended a  fundraiser for a local cancer hospital that revolves around a big horse race. It's always a great day out and I've written about it on my blog here, here, and here.  hmmm...two of those posts have the same title. Bother.  

2. Will you be preparing and/or dining on the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal this St. Patrick's Day?  Mashed-baked-hash browned-french fried...your favorite way to have potatoes?

I've already bought my roast and am ready to go.  It wouldn't be St. Patty's Day without corned beef and cabbage, although sadly we've pretty much cut potatoes out of our diet. Boo. Who doesn't love a potato? Every once in a while we'll have hash browns for breakfast since we like to eat at the diner and they come with your breakfast.  If they come with your breakfast you have to eat them, right? My favorite potato is mashed. 

3. What's the last thing you felt 'green with envy' over?

Probably my daughter phoning me mid snow storm on Friday to tell me it was 65 degrees and sunny in her neck of the woods.  

4. What's at the end of your rainbow?

My girls happily married with families of their own. Good health. Grandbabies.  

5. March 12th marks the anniversary of the death of Anne Frank (June 12, 1929 -March, 1945).  Anne's diary spent detailing her time spent hiding from the Nazis ranks as one of the best selling books of all time.  Besides your blog, do you keep any sort of diary or journal? Was this a habit you developed as a child or is journaling something new for you?

I've always liked to write down my thoughts, and I did try some journaling off and on during my childhood.  It wasn't a habit until after my first daughter was born. My notebooks are part record of my days, part prayer journal, and I enjoy looking back at them from time to time.  Not too long ago one of my girls was going through something confusing, and I shared with her some of the things I'd written and prayed for her through the growing up years. I think it helped both of us feel better to see how prayer is sometimes answered in ways we don't expect.

There are big gaps of time in my journals where nothing is written, followed by chunks of entries, then more gaps, more entries. Once I let myself off the hook in writing something every day, and just relaxed and wrote when I wanted, it seemed to flow better.  

6. What's an item in your home or closet that contains every color of the rainbow.

At this very moment there is an every-color-of-the-rainbow treat I made sitting on my kitchen table.  Two in fact, something cute I'm sending my girls for St. Patrick's Day.  Shhh...don't tell.   I'll post a picture next week.  

7. Write a limerick with you as the subject. You can do it!! Just remember this is a family friendly blog...don't make me get out my wooden spoon.

There once was a girl who loved words.
She wrote so that some would be heard.
On travel, mid-life
Being mother and wife
A few were considered absurd.

Or this-

There once was a mom of two daughters
She loved 'em as much as she oughter
When they were apart
It tore at her heart
Mid life sails thru tricky white waters

Hey, I never said I was a poet.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I had a million errands to run yesterday, which meant cue the rain.  It poured all day long, and I think I got in/out of my car no less than 10 times, most of them with my arms full.  

Once I got home I dug into our tax organizer. 

And maybe the Skittles.
Good times.  


  1. Love your limericks!! This was perhaps one of my favorite HP questions (assignments?) ever!

  2. Not a big fan of skittles. My sister was here using our turbo tax, chips n dip and beer got her through.

  3. Ha! I had the same answer for #3! And I would wish for #4 as well. :)

  4. Taxes always go better when one has skittles!!
    Love the limericks - well done - very reflective of who you are - mom and wife and happy. :)

  5. I don't know what you're thinking, Joyce, but you definitely did well with your limericks...I'm impressed! I agree with you about keeping journals. I've found that if it's something I feel I HAVE to do each and every day, it most likely won't get down. However, if I write when the mood hits me, I can sit down and write what seems to be forever! I sure hope my girl will cherish the ones I've kept for them over the years.

  6. If I were much of a gambler, 117 DOES sound like a lucky number....

    Wishin' it would RAIN here. We've had near 80 degree temps here already, and only March.

    Enjoy the corned beef [I use a brisket when I DO make it] and cabbage.

  7. Love the limericks and your answer about journaling! I have often wished I had written things down when we were going through all of our troubles. It would have been such a blessing to read about His faithfulness and all of the God things that were happening. I remember some, but they were hectic times and I am sure many are lost. God can and does sometimes bring them to memory though.

  8. I'd be jealous if someone rung me about their nice weather!

  9. I had to change my pants twice yesterday cause of the rain!

  10. Cute limericks. I would be green over that weather too, except ours was pretty much like that on Sunday. Of course, we have snow again this morning. lol

  11. I like your limericks. Thanks for the challenge to write one. I enjoyed it. :) Have a great Wednesday!

  12. Joyce, I agree that my "end of the rainbow" wish is for my daughters to be happily married and to have grandchildren (for me to spoil.) I didn't put that in my post tho cuz they read it - and they will feel the pressure! ha!!!

  13. Good limericks, Joyce! You have such a talent with words.

    The end of your rainbow sounds like a very nice place to be :) (I missed out on the good health part, but it could always be worse!)

  14. Awesome limerick...and love the end of your's perfect! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  15. Skittles always makes a day brighter :)

    You're pretty darn good at the limmiricks!! :)

  16. Nice limericks. No wonder you included that with this week's questions. ;-)

    Wow on the journals. What a treasure for your girls.

  17. Great job on your limericks. I use to write poem but of course being put on the spot never works for me! Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day celebration.

  18. Wow your limericks are soo good! I have noticed that rainbows change according to age, haha. I remember when mine was soo similar to I have that pot of gold it is on to the next, haha. Enjoy your day!

  19. Loved the questions....and your limerick. They were fun. Thanks for providing them for us. "There once was a hostess sublime" Who was good at a word and a rhyme. She could make us all think, with just a snap and a wink, give her answers and then ask for mine.

  20. I love the end of your rainbow, it lines up nicely with mine. I can't wait to get your package, I'm so curious what it could be. Plus I love mail and surprises (even though I can't keep any myself). Sweet limericks! Love you!

  21. Looks like not a lot of us gamble...guess we all know how hard money is to make and no one is ready to just toss it all away! Smart of us don't you think? Lice limerick, even 2 of them, I had a hard time coming up with one!

  22. Hopefully, you dug into the Skittles FIRST for fortification before digging into the taxes.

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

  23. Those skittles look like a great rainbow at the end of a rainy day! And those were great limericks.

    I should have mentioned in my answers that many times your turn of a phrase has me green with envy. You always seem to know exactly what to say and how to say it!

  24. Joyce, I especially like that second limerick. SO TRUE!!

  25. Rain and errands go together, don't they> (STUPID Murphy!) Yanno, I always miss something; I didn't comment about potatoes on my post. I like sweet potato fries with honey mustard dressing or a baked sweet potato with cinnamon butter and sour cr3eam. Regular potatoes I like a gazillion different ways. Maybe I didn't answer because I can't pick a favorite. I don't have them often, but I truly enjoy them when I do.

    Skittles go well with taxes as do jelly beans. Sweet, fruity and chewy are just great tax food.

  26. i used to NOT LIKE gummies, or jelly beans, or i LOVE them...i especially love the soft Jolly Ranchers

  27. Joyce, That limerick business was HARD. And mine was horrid. LOL Whining has become quite a habit with me lately. Hazards of the job. Ha! If I only write in my journals when the spirit moves me, I end up not writing much at all. So I write every single day even if it's just what I did that day. My MIL taught me that. Of course, she was a writer AND a poet and I'm still not so....:)

  28. yum, skittles! great limericks :)