Sunday, October 24, 2010

Off to the Races

It wasn't a great weekend to be a fan of the sports teams from Philly.
Or the Volunteers from Tennessee.

It was, however, a great weekend for a day at the races.

Who else loves the weekends?
Especially gorgeous golden fall weekends?

Especially gorgeous golden fall weekends where your Saturday is spent at a horse race courtesy of some business blah blah blah connection where you find yourself sitting on a very pretty hillside having a lovely lunch while watching the 90th running of a steeplechase?
Oh and did I mention the weather?

There was a lot of tailgating.

Not sure if all the tailgaters actually watch the races but they do have a lot of fun.

Which is why there are also more than a few of these around.

Here we are at the entry to our space for the day...

Our hosts made it feel more festive with fall tablecloths and beautiful centerpieces....

Food and drinks were available all day beginning with a nice breakfast which was followed up by a nice lunch later in the afternoon.
We had a great view of the track and best of all?
Our own restrooms.
Just keepin' it real people.
I'm not a big fan of the porta potty scenario which entails approximately 50,000 people visiting throughout the day.

If you wanted to place bets on any of the races you could do so right in the tent.
It was all done in support of a local hospital so it was fun for a good cause.

I appear to be seriously studying the race guide.
Actually I had my own system which consisted of something along the lines of-

"This horse has a fun name"
"Oooh, pretty silk colors"

Highly scientific.
I'm pretty sure this is how its done at racetracks the world over.

From the hillside you couldn't help gawking but notice a beautiful mansion sitting across the way.

This is Natirar and was at one time the 500 acre estate of the King of Morocco.
It was sold to the local park commission and now a part of the land has been leased to Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group fame.
He has been developing the property into a hotel/restaurant/spa and they also have a cooking school on the premises.
We heard from others at the race that it was a pretty amazing place and we wanted to check it out on the way home.

Except it took us 90 minutes to exit the parking area.
Seriously ridiculous.

Hello Race Organizers?
We had a fabulous day at your event but next year I think we'll come by helicopter.


  1. Wow what beautiful day! You look your race day outfit! I'm with you no porta potty kind of gal! You certainly went in style!

  2. Horseracing sounds like a nice way to spend the day...Me? I spent my day watching our oldest granddaughter celebrate her 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese--with about one hundred other excited children--who were also celebrating birthdays--but I loved every minute of it :)

  3. wow that looks like a fun day! beautiful pictures!!
    My pictures are from Boonton. We didn't go far. Just took a ride and stumbled upon this park. Have a good week. Who is your follower from Somerset, NJ? do you know??

  4. You crack me up with your method of choosing a winning horse. :) Looked like a fun weekend. {well, minus the phillies. we were pretty sad about that, too.} Love that centerpiece. Simple, yet purdy.

  5. That looked like a lot of fun. Loved the centerpiece and you looked faboulous! Loved the boots.

    That's totally how I would have picked my horses too!

  6. Wow, what a fun weekend ... with an absolutely beautiful backdrop. Of course, isn't that how everyone chooses what horse to bet on or cheer for? ha!

  7. Looks and sounds like a wonderful day out, Joyce! And your method of picking a winning horse sounds much like mine would be! :-)

  8. I am the same way at picking horses...and it didn't work so well for me.

    Looks like an amazing day and what fun.

  9. That sounds like an awesome weekend. I haven't been to the races in years and certainly not something like this affair. I always picked a horse because of its name!

  10. Perfect outfit for the day! We used to go to the Steeplechase in Virginia when we lived there to people-watch and pretend we were rich and famous.

    But the port-o-potties? No thanks, I'll hold it.

  11. Love your pictures. What a fun time. I have never been to the horse races. I would like to go sometime. Glad you had a great day!
    until next time... nel

  12. The colors in the trees are amazing! What is on the top of the car in the third picture? A fox? Hmmm...

  13. Joyce! Do not be alarmed! There appears to be a fox on top of a car!

  14. I just discovered the perfect way to spend a fall afternoon. Minus the exiting scenario.
    What a treat!