Friday, October 8, 2010

Show us Where you Live-The Kitchen

I know.

Two posts on a Friday but nobody actually reads blogs on Fridays anyway do they?

I wanted to link up with Kelly's Korner today for the Show Us Your Life series.
Today people are posting pictures of their kitchens...why not add yours?

I love my kitchen and spend more time there than anywhere else in my house.
I love how open it feels and I love the color.
Its not easy to take great pictures in there though because of the lighting.
We have recessed lighting and over the sink lighting and over the island lighting and over the table lighting.
Plus the kitchen opens up into my family room which has two story ceilings and big windows so the lighting is tricky.

Plus I stink at photography and have a puny camera.
Okay, I think I'm done with excuses now.

One of the things that convinced me this house should be mine was the island...

It's an unusual shape, a pentagon.
I like the angles and I love the granite, both the color and for clean up.
I have not allowed the island to become a dumping ground for mail or anything else.
Yay me!
Well, yay hubs because he's all over that.
I like to keep the island clear with the exception of a centerpiece of some sort.
Right now I have big pumpkin pie scented candles in hurricane jars with a fall berry wreath around the center jar.

The previous owners did not have a back splash behind the stove so I've put a big tray there for now which I love.
We may just leave it like that.
One of our house guests in England bought this tray for me after I took her to Windsor Castle. It's lovely and reminds me of England and good friends both.

I have some of my favorite pottery on top of my cabinets.
These came from a little town in Italy called Nove which is not far from Verona...

Here is a different view looking into our back hallway from my kitchen sink...

I also love the desk and cabinet above it which is filled with guess what?

More pottery.
Seriously, does anyone else feel happy just looking at this Fig pitcher?

We have a digital photo frame on the desk and when my girls are home we play a game where every time you walk by the frame you have to shout out the location of the current picture.

I think it's true that in many ways the kitchen is the heart of the home.
One of the reasons I love fall so much is all the cooking and celebrating and family togetherness it brings... weekend football games, daughters popping home for a few days of break and of course Thanksgiving dinner.
Plus the colors of fall match my house which is just a little icing on the cake.


  1. If I had a kitchen like that, I'd stay there most of the time, too! It's absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE your island, and the lights over it.

  2. I echo Mary's comments. My kitchen is in desperate need of renovation so it doesn't bring me the joy I would like but hopefully that will change in the next year. I want to go with warm coffee/latte colors with touches of red.

  3. Love the kitchen....especially the color!!

  4. I love your kitchen. The island is def a fabulous feature. I miss mine! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  5. What a spacious kitchen! Love that island! I think islands are so great in kitchens and hope one day to have one!


  6. I love it and I love all the warm colors!

  7. oh wow, our kitchens are almost identical! I love your lighting above the island. Beautiful. And I agree, I love our granite :) I think we might have the same kind!

  8. Yes, we read your blog on Friday.

    I have to agree with Mary. Love your kitchen. My dream is to have a house with a kitchen big enough for an island. And I think the unique shape of yours makes it even better. Love the color, the pottery, and even the tray. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, Kudos to you and hubby for not allowing the island to become a paper dumping ground. Same for your desk.

  9. Look! It's Friday and I am reading a blog! ;)
    Love your kitchen. Uber jealous. Mine is peach.

  10. I don't know what the rest of your house looks like but I would buy it just for the kitchen AND I'd make you leave that centerpiece and Windsor tray behind!

  11. Okay. I'll be over...

    A kitchen that pretty has GOT to make pretty food.


  12. Beautiful kitchen! Love the island and am amazed that you can keep it clutter free. The dining area in our kitchen looks to be the same color as yours. I love it, very warm and welcoming.

  13. I love your kitchen. Love the red! How cool is it that you have pieces from all over the world?! That island is amazing!

  14. You have a beautiful kitchen! It's very warm and inviting. Great colors too.

  15. It's a beautiful kitchen, thank you for sharing it. That game sounds like fun!

  16. Joyce,

    What a truly beautiful kitchen, I can see what a joy it would be to just pull up one of those chairs at the island and just have coffee and chat. That's what we do in our kitchen as well.

    Have you considered adding some glass tile to your back walls?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. What a beautiful kitchen, Joyce! The wall color is so beautiful. I know I would spend a lot of time there if it were mine. What a joy it must be to cook in there during the holidays...well...anytime really...but particularly during the holidays. Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend, Candace

  18. Gorgeous kitchen! I'm not fond of cooking, but I'd definitely find reasons to hang out in there. : )

  19. My island in my kitchen is a dumping ground, it is a constant battle to keep it clear!

    I thought I was looking at one of those dream kitchen magazine layouts. Outstanding kitchen!!!

    I am totally jealous of the space for your computer!


  20. Omg!! Love your kitchen! You have such great style!

  21. beautiful, joyce! kitchens that are open with the main living area are the best. {i used to have a red kitchen, too!} love the 'name that location' game with the digital picture frame. cute

  22. I tagged you in a post if you would like to participate :)

  23. I think that kitchen might inspire me to make better pancakes.

  24. Your house is beautiful! Love love love the kitchen. Love the way you have decorated it. It looks like it could of come out of a magazine, but very warm and inviting!
    until next time... nel