Thursday, October 7, 2010

This was not Walt's Disney

So my hubs got home a little late last night and I had planned for him to
cook fish on the grill for dinner.
He likes to grill and is always happy to cook outdoors even when he works late.
We normally cook outside every couple of days but haven't grilled in over a week due to rain, travel, eating out, rain and oh yeah, rain.

He was going to light the grill before changing his clothes so out into the
dark, drizzling night he went.
We keep our grill completely covered when not in use.
Imagine hub's surprise when he uncovered and opened the grill only to discover that a mama mouse had made a nest down in the very bottom sometime this week.

And had babies.

Don't bother sending me emails and comments telling me how cute they are.
They are not.
Especially not in the bottom of your grill.

He told me to come look but did I mention, Ew. Ew. Ew.
Not a fan of mice anywhere but especially not in the bottom of the grill.
So he had to remove them but before he could get the mama in the bucket she took off .
With most of her babies attached.
I'm just not sure I'm making my point.

One little babe was left behind so hubs scooped him out and deposited
him in the woods where I'm sure he met his fate.
Circle of life people.

Then of course the grill had to be scoured.
Taken apart.
Lit on fire.
Scoured some more.
Detoxed again.

Hubs was still in his work clothes.
It was drizzling.
Its really really dark here.
I had to cook the fish in the oven which I don't like to do
because it makes the house smell fishy.
Good times.

Things happen when you live in the woods.
Things involving critters.
It turned really cool here this week.
And when it turns cold, creatures who were perfectly happy living outdoors start looking for warm places to call home.

Remind me again why are we living in the woods?

Thank goodness I married a boy scout.


  1. This summer after a few days of rain - the sun came out and I decided to sit on my deck and enjoy the sun. I was sitting by the grill - I heard a noise and looked and a mouse, a BIG mouse came out from under the grill cover. I screamed and ran in the house. :>))

  2. Ew. Ew. Ew. is right! I detest mice. They are not cute. They are nasty, germ carrying vermin! Yuck! I'm on the look out for them at my house. Thank goodness I lived in the woods and know how to trap. lol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  3. thank godness you didn't light it with them in there....

  4. Ew Ew Ew. We had to "relocate" a raccoon family once. Those things are Nasty! Cute, but nasty! Yep, good thing the Hubs are up for the challenge!

  5. That is so completely disgusting. "Ew" is the only word for that, for sure! I was shuddering the whole way through that post!

  6. You had me at EW...with the first mention of the momma in the woods is exciting...bear, deer...when the wild life ventures into the house or onto the patio....that's just not okay....

    Btw I loved to hear you were a George C fan...I did not know that and am even more impressed that you have met him...but not at all surprised he's a favorite of yours too... :)

  7. I'm with you -- that's just so gross.

    And it is a wonderful thing to have a hubby willing to tackle those problems!

  8. you don't even want to imagine the field rat that took up in my car engine...
    EW, with ya!

  9. You are cracking me up on this one. I don't live in the woods, but there is a farm right behind my house so I understand. One winter we had mice get in our garage and then ate a hole in the wall and came into the house. Finally got rid of them and patched the hole and now we are very careful to never leave our garage door open for any length of time.

    So as bad as it was they were in the grill, at least they weren't in your house! haha

    And yes, I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse like you, but the rest just need to stay away!

  10. Ew! We have had mice in the BBQ too. Ew! Every fall we have to batten down the hatches here and hope to stave off the invasion. We are in the country and every little field mouse for miles around tries to get into our house for the winter. Hate them, but not enough to get a cat! An aging dog with poor hearing does not seem to be much of a deterrent.

  11. Circle of life-- ha!

    I can tell you're a member of PETA. ;)

  12. How did you even write this post??? I hate vermin...yuck.

    I could tell you about my rat experience, but maybe it might be a good post...


  13. Your Right EEK!!! Not a bit cute, hugs

  14. Oh, yes, I definitely know about things seeking the warmth when it turns the least bit cooler. We don't usually do "cold" around here, but it did get cooler about a week ago, and we heard a squirrel between the walls.

    Hubby set the traps. Last weekend while I was at my reunion, he came home from work to find one trap sprung and one squirrel toe caught in it's jaws. Ew!! He said he figured it took the squirrel a while to dismember the toe because there were squirrel droppings all around. Ew!!

    Not a fan of critters. Especially those of the rodent family. You do know that squirrels like mice are rodents.

  15. Every time the farmer behind us plows, we have an influx. Thankfully, I usually just find dead mice on the porch from the dog and cat...But I have caught 2 in my house, which leads to massive disinfection!

  16. Been surprised at myself recently as the cats bring me gifts almost every night. Never, ever, ever, ever thought I would just step over a dead rat or mouse and think, 'I'll get that later!' AND that I would pick one up by the tail and put it in the trash! Who is this country woman?

  17. Ha! So nasty-wrong.

    You have mice in your outdoor grilling device, I prefer mine in my trunk.

    We are certainly two peas in a pod. :)

  18. awww! poor mices! :)
    good thing your hubby can deal with that sort of thing!

  19. Ew Ew Ew Ew

    I'd love the outdoors if it wasn't for all the nature. Ew!

  20. You are so right! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! :)

  21. That is Ewwww for sure. Gotta love the change of seasons huh?

    Hope the sun shone in your neighborhood today. It finally did here! :-)

  22. Good Grief!
    Only thing worse than mice is a snake.
    Your dh earned another merit badge for "taking care of business" with the grill. I so get the "ew" response. Blech!

  23. I agree with all the Eww's.......That was not a good evening. Hope that fish smell is gone from the house! Hope your weekend is better then last night.


    From many miles away because I don't do rat.