Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stuff that bugs and stuff that doesn't and also just some regular stuff

Last week a question was asked on a blog I read and it was this, "If you had a theme song that played every time you walked into a room what would it be?"

I spent way too much time thinking about this and
still couldn't come up with a satisfactory answer.
A few days ago hubs and I watched a rerun of a favorite old program and I suddenly remembered that I want this one...


Who else out there always wanted to stand in the middle of a city street and twirl while tossing a beret up in the air?

Watching the old Mary Tyler Moore show reminded me of two fashion accessories from the 1970s which I hadn't thought about since, oh, the 1970's.
One was the crocheted hair bun holder.
Which is fine if you're a ballerina but not so great if you're a 13 year old girl with braces.
I couldn't even find an image online to show you but the descriptions all seem to include the words, 'looks much like a hackie sack for hair'.
Sounds darling doesn't it?

The other accessory I was reminded of was the choker.
Oh how I loved a velvet ribbon round the neck.
And if it had a little charm or pendant hanging from it so much the better.

The seventies.
I heart them.

In other news, I've taken note of a few things recently that I find annoying and I thought I'd share them with you here today.
Let's call it Stuff that bugs...

1. Because I've reached a certain age, ahem, my doc recommends I add a calcium and Vitamin D tab to my diet.
What in the world is up with the size of the calcium tablet???
Are they kidding?
I told my hubs he better brush up on the Heimlich because he may be called into action some morning.

2. Why do television chefs feel the need to take gargantuan bites when sampling their creations?
Then they want to tell us how good it is while they're still eating.

3. What is up with networks running animated ads along the bottom half of the screen over top of the show I'm currently watching?
I thought that's what the commercial breaks were for Mr. TV Executive.

4. Speaking of annoying and television...I've decided my hubs spends most of his tv viewing time on the tv guide channel with the program we're watching in the little tiny box up in the corner.
Seriously...let's just watch something.

And, since I don't like to be a Negative Nellie, here are a few things I'm lovin' right now...

1. The Philadelphia Phillies.
They're on fire!

The movie.
I absolutely loved it.
A fantastic heartwarming story.

3. My dog is ridiculously cute.

4. Fall flowers on the deck.

5. Daughter2

Well I love Daughters 1 and 2 equally but Daughter2 is coming home tomorrow.
Insert happy dance here.
Daughter1 will be staying behind, hard at work at her full time job.
Which I also love.
A lot.

Daughter2 is a student so she has a few days off for fall break.
We have plans which include-

apple picking

My plans may be heavy on the talking.
Her plans will be heavy on the sleeping.

And you know what?

I don't even care.
She can sleep.
And I can watch her sleep.

Remember when your children were babies...
you'd go into their rooms and stand over their beds and just watch them sleep?
And remember how you felt completely and utterly content?


Well grown up college girls sleeping sweetly in their own beds at home?
You need to know they inspire a similar feeling.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! I love this post!

    I am right there with ya on the size of calcium tablets!!! I've thought about trying calcium chews (caramel flavored, too!!), but I'd have to eat them like candy in order to get enough calcium (I have osteopenia and per doctor's orders, I have to get a whole honkin' truckload of calcium and vitamin D --> at least the vitamin D tablets are small and easy to swallow).

    And what is it with the men and TV watching? If DH isn't scrolling through the guide, with the current channel as a small box at the top, he's flipping back and forth between 2-3 channels. Whatever happened to picking a station and watching it!?!?! LOL

    Yay Phillies!! Since they made short order of those obnoxious Reds, I'll be rooting them on in the playoffs! ;-)

  2. Joyce, thanks once again for helping me start my day with a smile--actually a laugh--when I read your thoughts on calcium tablets! What IS up with that??? I also smiled when remembering chokers and bun warmers! What a blast from our past! Enjoy having Daughter 2 around for a while...there's nothing else in the world like a daughter--I sure love mine--and to think you were blessed to have two of them! Have a great day! Kathy

  3. We loved our fall break here! She managed to shop the outlets, visit the pumpkin patch and haunted house, enjoy mom's cooking including homemade pumpkin muffins and Gary's hot spiced tea. I tried to watch her sleep, but she brought along 2 friends and I am sure that would have been a lit.tle creeeeepy. Enjoy your weekend. Give that pretty girl an extra luv and hug from us!

  4. Amazingly you have covered so many areas I have to think about where to start! Always wanted my home (and my church, but that is a whole different issue) to have the Cheers theme. And I have always wanted to throw a beret in the air and twirl on a big city street . . . why haven't I done that yet? But watching (and hearing) my very large 31 year old son sleep on the sofa - which he always seems to do when he and his wife visit - brings me that same peace and contentment. Good reminder of the simple joys of life! Thanks!

  5. Have a great time with your daughter. Even if it is only watching her sleep. I get it. I really do.

    Also isn't this a fantastic year for Mums and other fall flowers. They are all just so vibrant.

    And my Dear Hubby's annoying TV habit - watching 2 shows (or more) at once. Just when I get into one show. Flip. We are onto the next. Get into that. Then, flip back to the original. And if it's sport season - we need to flip over to watch/check out the score. I've given up and either read or float on the computer.

  6. What a great post! The Mary Tyler Moore theme song reminds me of my mom. She loved watching it and I enjoyed it, too. My hubs, on the other hand, gets creeped out when he hears it. It used to scare him. He still jokes about it. :-)

    Those annoying ads bug me, too, and when I am looking at my cable "guide" to see what's coming on, I have to scroll passed an ad to get to the next page. Annoying.

    I love your fall mums and I am always happy for you when your daughter/s come home. I can see you feeling extremely content just watching them sleep. Precious.

    I heart the 80's, but like the 70's.

    Oh, the chef comment cracked me up. I love Paula Dean, but come on! Get a grip, Paula! She takes the most gigantic bites and then makes noises while she chews. Ew.

    Oh, and one more thing. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. on the mice in the grill. I was too busy to comment on that post, but I loved all the Ew's that you had in there. You make me smile like Mary Tyler Moore. :-)

  7. Hope you have a great couple of days with your daughter. I also loved velvet chokers, and I also hate the little ads at the bottom of the television show. : )

  8. I love your dog. If I ever get a dog, I want him to look like yours.

    How's that for stalkery comment of the day?

  9. I've thought the same thing about those calcium pills. Big ol' horse pills, they are!
    Have fun with Daughter 2! We actually had 2 nights with all of the boys...it was great!

  10. Joyce,

    I can say a mighty AMEN to the things that bug. WOW I thought I was the only one to think about those things especially the pop up ads on our shows. Irritating~ but love that you will be spending time with your daughter and can only imagine just how perfect that time will be to both of you.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Loved the Mary Tyler Moore show when I was growing up and That Girl! Oh yeah, I remember the velvet chokers, in fact I think I still have one of mine in my old jewelry box, along with the puka shells and an original mood ring. The kids love to go thru those. Eden put one of my hoop earrings on her wrist and said granny this is pretty. She couldn't believe I wore them from my ears. Enjoyed your post! And yep I know what you mean about watching them sleep! Enjoy your daughter!
    until next time... nel

  12. I agree with you on that last part about the college girls in their own beds. So true. Hope you all have some fun days together!

  13. Have a fun visit with daughter 2 and take lots of pics to share with us! :)

  14. Same pet peeves with the calcium tablets and the ads at the bottom of the TV screen.

  15. So happy for you, Joyce, that you get to have your girl home with you for a few days. I know you'll enjoy every minute! Loved this post!
    The hubs and I have completely different TV viewing likes and dislikes. I'm the one that tends to flip around and so on. :-0 LOL
    I know what you mean about the mums this fall! I've seen some gargantuan ones this fall! Soooo beautiful! As were yours!
    Simply looove the picture of your dog!! :-) How sweet!

  16. I loved Mary Tyler Moore! I loved her apartment - especially the sunken living room & the big "M" on the wall. I always thought it was so fun that Rhoda, her best friend lived in the same apt. building. I wanted to grow up and have an apartment like that. :)

    Enjoy your time with your daughter!

  17. I'm glad to hear that you liked Secretariat - I want to see it!

    Have a great weekend with your daughter. I hope you both get your "lists" covered.

  18. That's it, a great theme song. I loved watching her show. I take calcium twice a day and they are always big pills. You could buy those chocolate chewy ones. I really hate those advertisements at the bottom of the TV. My dad went and saw that movie and said it was fantastic. Super cute picture of your dog.

  19. Love, love this post...MTM was super cute...I considered That Girl's theme song when I was choosing...

    I am loving that their are other people who can't stand the chef's sampling on cooking shows...the reason I can't watch Paula Deene is the huge sample bites she takes and the "yummy noises"....ewwwwww........

    I LOVE the weekends when my daughter comes home from college....savor every second!!