Thursday, May 9, 2013

Honey Where's the Mustard?

My hubs is a very capable person with lots of talent and knowledge about all sorts of things. He's good at his job and can talk to you about outer space, the sea, cars, boats, military planes-tanks-weaponry-and battles, restaurants in any city in the world, music from the last ten decades, the finer points of Scotch whiskey, how to grill the perfect steak or make your lawn look like Augusta, just to name a few.

Last weekend he wanted to turn on the oven to warm something, and somehow managed to turn on the timer instead. He didn't know how to turn it off. We've lived in this house almost four years now, so it seems like something he should know, and of course now he knows, but still it got me thinking. What else around here doesn't he know? Also, what does he know that I don't? Other than most of the topics I mentioned up top-ha!

Since it's Thursday and Thursdays are made for lists of thirteen things I thought this would be a fun one...his and hers so to speak.

What We Don't Know

Hubs first-

where to order the water filters for our frig
when to change the water filter in our frig
where I keep the plug and card reader for downloading photos
what day of the week is recycling pickup
which weeks are cans and plastic, and which are paper collection
how much it costs to make my hair look sun-kissed
the exact birthdates of his nieces and nephews
who tunes the piano and how/when is that scheduled
when does the dog need her shots, flea/tick treatment or her meds refilled
what to hand wash
when the car insurance is auto-paid
who cleans our gutters
where's the mustard...also that jar of olives, the crushed red pepper flakes he likes on his pizza, where he laid his glasses, his blue polo shirt, his black leather gloves, and a myriad of other tiny little incidentals that I can put my hands on at a moment's notice when he asks, 'Honey, where's ____________.'

Now for what I don't know-

how to start the MG
how and why we connect the MG to some sort of box in the garage
when to apply fertilizer to the yard
when and where to apply Roundup
when and how to change the furnace filter
how to work that thing he uses to trim the dog
what that thing he uses to trim the dog is even called
how to work the grill
how to use his Blackberry
how to prevent moss on the patio
when is the best time to exercise stock options
how to get upgraded on a flight
how to get the soap scum off the shower

Okay, maybe I do know something about that last one, but shhhh!

Sometimes we don't know what we don't want to know, right?  What's most important is that we both know the big stuff, and when it comes to the bits and pieces, together we know it all. Ha! Marriage= teamwork.

I'd love to know what you don't know.


  1. I don't know lots of things like:
    How to light the gas hot water heater
    How to work all the remotes in our house
    How to make hubby's chili
    and many many more

  2. Ah, teamwork, it makes it so much nicer. My husband doesn't think anything needs hand washed (smh) I don't know how to order my OWN Chipotle Burrito, sad, I know but, like you I enjoy our teamwork too. Loved this post it made me smile and giggle too :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. I know I married a man smart that I, which is the smartest thing I've done :)

  4. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this, haha. Couldn't agree more that's for sure, teamwork all the way! There is MUCH I don't know either. Let me see if I can come up with some you didn't mention (I don't know any of yours either) How to light the water heater, how to change the filters on the heater, how to figure percents IN MY HEAD to the penny, how to carry on an intelligent conversation about any war ever fought almost anywhere, how to work the weed eater or most any garden tool, how to change the oil in the cars, or when it is necessary, how to change a tire,...guess I could go on but I will stop for now. This man can run a huge office full of sales managers and people, but can NEVER remember where the big spatula for the BBQ is, or when his grandkids birthdays are. Yep, good team. Enjoy your day Joyce!

  5. I have no idea how to work an iphone or itouch although since I have an ipad you would think I could figure it out.

  6. Oh my, the first paragraph describes my Hubby to a T. Yep, separated at birth for sure!

    Mine does not know how to use the washing machine, how to log in to the web portal to pay tuition and how to deposit a check using the atm.

    I don't know how to use the Sonos player, fix the handle on a toilet, change the time on the bajillion clocks or the date on my watch.

    But together we get it done. :)

  7. Hubby and I enjoyed your post and it actually was a conversation starter. I agree that most of the things we don't know are those things we do not want to know. In my case, our investments, how to light the pilot in the fireplace or the intricacies of the irrigation system. In his case, it isn't important that he arrange the dishwasher the way I want it done, or how to sort the clothes for washing, or how to set up a spreadsheet. It is teamwork and I am so grateful for my team partner.

  8. I could go on for days about what my husband doesn't know. But then again, he could probably do the same with me. I think I'll leave that Pandora's box closed, thank you very much. : )

  9. I do know how to change the furnace filter and how to work the grill. I would like to know how to get moss not to grow on the patio!

  10. We've lived in Minnesota for 12 years and have owned a snow blower that long. I have absolutely no idea how to operate the snow blower. Kind of on purpose. :)

  11. Great post Joyce, you got me thinking that we need to do a list and maybe find out a few of these facts. I did have my husband make up a list of important things I need to know when it comes to insurance and accounts if something should happen to him. He pays all the bills online and I don't have a clue how to do that or how to get them to send a paper form again. Funny how some of things on your husbands list and your list or totally opposite for us!

  12. It's not that I don't know it, it's that I pretend not to so he'll do it! ;)
    CH's "Where are my ____" absolutely drive me crazy!

  13. That was a fun list. I would have to take a minute (or 12) to think of things my hubby doesn't know. He seems to figure everything out. I don't think he knows my shoe size or my ring size. How's that for petty? But I know his shoe size. He doesn't know the school schedule or the name of my hair aslon. But he DOES know what kind of flowers I want on my casket because I remind him from time to time. On the flip side, I don't know the names of all his meds (I should) or how to turn the basement TV on or why it takes more than one remote to do so. He can fix anything, yes, but it takes me to find the Phillips screwdriver, Allen wrench, or snake for the toilet. We like the quote from the old Rocky movie, in terms of our teamwork: "I got gaps. You got gaps. Togedduh we got no gaps."

  14. Both list made me laugh...oh there are lots I don't know! And the same for my hubby. As long as someone knowing is always nice. 25 years of marriage and my hubby can't figure out where my sock drawer is and every time he does laundry he hang dries everything!! Have a great night!

  15. Neither one of us knows much about all the home maintenance stuff, but we do know phone numbers for lots of people that do, thank goodness.

  16. Fun post! The sun-kissed hair comment made me laugh

  17. i'm afraid my list would be much longer than yours... ;)

  18. Your lists are perfect! What you don't know, he knows, and vise versa. It works out perfectly. =)

  19. Looks like two carefully constructed lists of things you'd rather not know. :) It's good to see them in black and white - it shows the balance of marriage.

  20. I can so relate. Men and women just focus on different things, don't they? For all the role-sharing, we tend to reside in our comfort zones. :-) from The Dugout