Friday, May 3, 2013

Keep Calm and Frag On

Sometimes on Fridays I like to participate in a 5-minute writing exercise over at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog. She posts a word and you write, unedited for 5 minutes. Today's word is brave, and I'm not feeling very brave right now, just tired. And full of fragments, which are also made for Fridays thanks to Half Past Kissin' Time.

Fragments it is.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Hubs flew to Canada on Wednesday morning and returned home at midnight last night after a delay and three gate changes. I'm exhausted.

We have a troubled robin who insists on sitting in our remaining front plum tree (thanks weird October snow) just outside my living room window. About every 20 seconds or so she flings herself into the glass. I don't know for a fact it's a she, but this robin has that tired frustrated look moms get sometimes. You know...the one where they want to bang their head against something. Pretty sure it's a she.

We had Daughter2's bedroom painted this week and I'm so happy with the end result. Normally hubs does the painting around here, but we decided he didn't need to spend what little down time he has painting so we hired the job out. I washed the window treatments yesterday and now we just need to get some stuff on the walls. I also pointed out to hubs that the nice new ceiling in there makes our hall ceiling look a little dingy.

Paint projects are like a virus...they just keep spreading.

My gourmet cooking group meets today, and in honor of Mother's Day our theme is 'something your mama used to make'.  I don't know if she said mama, but I like that word.  I'm making chicken ala king.  Not sure why this dish popped into my head as we were discussing the theme, but it did and it stuck.

When I mentioned the theme to my mom she rolled a few dishes right off the top of her brain that might have been a better choice, but I couldn't let go of the memory of chicken ala king.  I think she made it more as a ladies luncheon dish, which perhaps is why I thought of it. I don't think it was my favorite food, mostly because it contained those tiny little slimy flecks of red known as pimentos.  I'm a convert so I think I'll feel differently about the dish today.  My mom served hers in the Pepperidge Farm Pastry Shells, which I wasn't even sure they made anymore, but rest assured they do.

I still have trouble letting go of the two spaces following a period rule.
Old habits die hard.
How's that for a fragment?

Tomorrow hubs and I are going to a Kentucky Derby party at a friend's house. We're supposed to bring a 'Southern style' appetizer or dessert and I'm making a marinated pickled shrimp which is delish. I look forward to seeing what sorts of food people dub 'southern'.

We're southern...well hubs is southern born and bred, and I'm southern by marriage. Right now we're living in Northern NJ, and I find people who've never lived in the south believe every stereotype that exists about that particular region of the country. Also, hubs could totally rock the seersucker pants-bow tie combo, but this is New Jersey so he'll probably be in khakis and a golf shirt.

FYI-it's not all Snooki and Tony Soprano in these parts either.

We've had two days of absolutely glorious weather and I have my fingers and toes crossed it lasts through the weekend. I am so ready for a little color on the patio, and would love to get started on my pots.

As I've been writing out my fragments my head keeps going back to that word brave.  I may have to re-visit that 5-Minute Friday prompt after all.


  1. Our troubled robin finally stopped the flinging after nearly 3 weeks and 4 different windows. Thank goodness! Except now all my windows need washing. Boo. Thanks for sharing your fragments. Enjoy a mint julep tomorrow. And say hello to Snooki. :)

  2. Yes, you are so right about painting being like a virus, in fact, any home project is like a virus. One thing calls for another.

    What fun, a gourmet cooking club!

    Oh, I would love to go to the Kentucky Derby sometime. I love all the hats and high fashion, forget about the horse race. :o)

    Happy weekend!

  3. Enjoy your gourmet lunch and say "hey" to the SF&N ladies I know. Did you like that I used "hey" not "hi"? Very southern you know! I may not be born southern but I am living it - and loving it! Bless my heart!

  4. I've lived in both the south (Memphis) and New Jersey (south), so I know what you mean. Both great places to live. Your parties sound fun :-)

  5. My mom also used to make a chicken ala king dish. She served it on toast for family and used the puff pastry for fancier occasions. I hadn't thought about it in years....good memory.

  6. We have had that virus over here a few times. It spreads and spreads for sure, haha I think it's because I have such a thing for fresh paint. Gourmet cooking class huh? Now that sounds fun! Enjoy your week-end!

  7. I love hearing of others celebrating the Ky Derby... living here where its just literally a few blocks away, it feels like its a local event. I smile when I see people around the US appreciating our beautiful horses :)

  8. I didn't know that they were doing away with the 2 spaces after a period??? I doubt I'll ever be able to give that up. ;-)

    Have fun at both your get-togethers!

  9. Maybe you meant "Hubs and I" instead of just "Hubs" in the first fragment because why would you be exhausted if you didn't travel with him?
    "Paint projects are like a virus" - that could be a whole post by itself.
    Stereotypes are good for comedy but that's about it.

  10. We lived in KY for six years and loved the derby parties. We would even by crazy with hats :) Have fun !!!

  11. "I still have trouble letting go of the two spaces following a period rule." You mean you are not supposed to do that any more. I have always done it.

  12. I know exactly what you mean about painting being a virus. I need to paint the boys' rooms this summer, but I know that once I get started the rest of the house is going to need it, too!

  13. It sounds like things are really busy for you! I live in the south but I actually don't eat very much southern food. I did have gumbo for dinner though.

  14. So funny you talk about the southern stereotype because many of my southern friends grumble about that. But I loved living down south and picked up many good recipes. Speaking of that, your cooking group sounds wonderful!! I might have to implement that when we get a church!!

    I feel exactly like that robin this week. I could go for some brick wall smacking! I also have a huge struggle with the spacing rules. I got dinged in my first college paper this semester when I double tapped that space for the whole thing. Hey, I learned typing on a typewriter in high school, so there :-)

  15. We need to start painting inside and it will become a virus after we start. Almost every room needs it and it's time to add some color! My mom made chicken ala king all the time. I've only made it a few times since I've been married. Have fun at your party.

  16. Fragments are pretty much all I am capable of right now.

    I don't believe I've ever eaten Chicken A La King. Weird for a child of the 70s but true.