Friday, March 14, 2014

Scraps and Pieces

It's Friday, so let's fragment.
Linking up with Half Past Kissin' Time, and yes, today fragment is a verb.

We had one gorgeous day this week, a cruel tease which is typical for early March, and then back to frigid temps. No snow though, so that's a bonus.

Still plenty of snow on the ground, but no new snow. This little thing surprised me this morning. I looked out my dining room window and she looked right back. Normally they don't hang out up against the house, but baby it's cold outside. Everybody's ready for spring.

This time of year I start to feel like I'm in a cooking rut, which is why I've been on the hunt for some new recipes. Pinterest can always be counted on for fresh ideas, and I tried this one Wednesday evening-spaghetti squash lasagna. 

I've only cooked this vegetable once, and while we enjoyed the taste it was a little too watery. I made a mental note to let it drain longer the next time, and much much better. Last time I made spaghetti squash I just topped it with my marinara as if it were actual spaghetti.

BTW-it's good, but your taste buds know it ain't pasta. ahem.

Still, I love squash, and thought maybe the addition of some fresh mozzarella, along with baking the finished product, would amp up the flavor. And it did, this was good. Not as delicious as my mama's actual lasagna made with actual pasta, but a tasty dish in its own right. 

Plus, isn't spaghetti squash one of the seven wonders of the food world? It's crazy the way it looks like one thing on the outside, then something else on the inside, and once cooked looks like a whole 'nother thing altogether.

The first cell phone went on sale thirty years ago yesterday. It cost $3, 995. There's no record of who the first buyer was, because back then cell phone meant car phone, and was thought of as something gimmicky or maybe something only the wealthy would own.

I remember hubs first 'mobile' phone. It was kept in a small suitcase, almost like a briefcase, and he was happy to get it. Having a phone in the car was a time saver, even if it was the size of a football and weighed 2 pounds. The suitcase phone was a step up from the system he'd been using to make business calls while on the road, which was find a pay phone, then enter a code that was about 18 digits long. Are there still pay phones around? I'm thinking no.

So, fun thing...a while back I submitted a photo to be used in a Cherie Norquay music video, and today I saw the video. The request was for pictures showing love between a parent and child, or a child and child, and I submitted what is perhaps my all time favorite photo of Daughter1 and myself. We're at 3:53/54 in the video, almost the end. The song is Cherie's version of Jesus Loves Me, and it's upbeat and so pretty. 50% of the proceeds (through March 31st) will go to the Maubane Community Center in South Africa. The video is super sweet!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 


  1. Have a great ready for spring. Blessings

  2. Hey I just noticed that the link on your link-up button over at Mrs. 4444's FF blog is set wrong. It goes right back to Mrs. 4444's blog instead of yours. Could be worst but I don't think you wanted that.
    We owned a bag phone for emergencies on trips.
    Not many pay phones - companies lose money on them.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! Guess I wasn't paying attention : )

  3. I remember when someone in my office had to take her car in for two days to get a phone installed. My how times have changed.

  4. Beautiful photo of the deer and I like the video. She has a pretty voice.

  5. squash - eh - in any form. Ha.
    Love that picture of you and Daughter1! Really....LOVE.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. How great is that video!!! So nice that your photo got in, and it is a good cause. I enjoyed catching up with your week! Have a good weekend, now!

  7. I love squash, but you're right, spaghetti squash ain't squash. it's like people telling you that carob is 'just like chocolate.' No, it's just like carob. There's no substitute for real chocolate and no substitute for real pasta (except for rice pasta). :-)

  8. That's a great shot of the deer. Our snow is finally beginning to melt. I'm crossing my fingers that spring is almost here!
    Wasn't there one of those car phone in Back To The Future?

  9. I still have yet to attempt a spaghetti squash!! I want to try it so badly!

  10. I still remember how thrilled we were with our first 'bag phone' for the car :)
    I loved the video, and was able to spot your photo among the line up! How special, to have your photo chosen :)
    Have a good weekend, and may spring find its way to your home soon!

  11. I try to live spaghetti squash, but something about the texture just doesn't work for me. I will try draining it a little more like you suggested, because it is such a good low carb option. Happy Saturday :-)

  12. The video is beautiful, and I love your photo, too; it's a treasure.
    Mr.4444 had a suitcase phone, too!
    I love spaghetti squash!!
    Thanks for linking up! Have a terrific weekend.

  13. I too am sick of my winter recipes....I think I'm ready for BBQ season! Loved the video! I'm looking at a fresh dusting of snow and waving the white flag to Mother Nature! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  14. I love the song, and the video, and especially the photo of you and D1. It's a great one.
    You will LOVE Anita Renfroe at WOF. I saw her at that event several years ago and have been a fan ever since. She is hilarious. I'm sure she will do the Mom song for you, but you can also see it on youtube. It's a classic. And talking to her is just like talking to a good friend. My other favorite is her version of 'You Raise Me Up.' A tribute to underwire. :)

  15. I've thought about trying spaghetti squash but always wondered if I'd just be disappointed because it just wasn't "real" spaghetti.

    I love that picture of you and your daughter ... gorgeous!

    Am I the only one who always checks the visitors to blogs on the Live Traffic Feed? I see someone visited you 6 1/2 hours ago from a little town about 20 minutes from here. And then there's a visitor from Seoul who visited a couple of hours later. Just seems to reinforce that it's a small world.

  16. I love spaghetti squash with just a little butter. The video is so precious, thank you for sharing it!