Thursday, March 6, 2014

There's Always Throwback Thursday

Not a lot is happening here at the moment, and I thought about not blogging, but then I remembered it was Thursday. Sad, but true...sometimes I have to check an actual calendar to be sure of the day. Chalk it up to empty nest syndrome. Or middle age. Whatever. Thursdays mean bloggers with not a lot to say can grab any old photo they like and write because they feel like it.

I thought back to past Marchs. Marches?  What is the plural of March? Anyway, the month of March in years past. How did we cope with the month that wants to last forever? The one with the still-too-cold temps, that refuses to mesh with our longing for warm air and sunshine?

In the year 2002, we coped. We more than coped. We left the snow shovels and our children back in Maryland and Hello St. Lucia! Is it lame to blog about a trip we took twelve years ago?  No. Not when you've been cooped up in the house for too many minutes on a Throwback Thursday, it's not.  

Hubs earned this getaway through work, and some fun co-worker/friends were also along for the ride. We stayed in what was then a Hyatt, but I remember it was sold right after we left (not because of anything we did!), and I believe its a Sandals now. I wouldn't know because it's 2014, and I'm here in NJ where it's 16 degrees, as opposed to lying on a sandy beach in St. Lucia, but I digress. Let's discuss this picture-

My hair! So short! I don't think I've had it that short since. Maybe you didn't notice my hair because you were distracted by my awesome shorts.  Why did we ever think this was a good look?  

Did we think it was a good look?

Apparently.  My waist was small but that whole belt around the middle thing just ugh ew no, not a good look.  Plus I'm pretty sure I could have put both legs in the same opening.  On the bright side, I am rockin' the sunglasses.

Which I lost.

I was on a streak back in 2002...three pair in a single year.

We had such a fun week, dining al fresco, lounging beside the sea, hubs water skied and I watched-ha!, and as per usual he made friends with random people.

This is Raphael who delivered the most excellent frozen fruity drinks right to our chairs every day. We snorkeled and donned ridiculous helmets to ride horses on the beach.

We relaxed and forgot about frozen gutters, doing checking algebra homework, and all that 'what in the world will I fix for dinner???' kind of stuff, because grandparents were happily doing all those things in our place. First world problems I know, but enjoyable to be away from nonetheless.

Big corporations aren't as much fun in 2014, so sadly no Caribbean getaway on my March calendar.  No big legged high waisted shorts either though, so it's not all bad. You know what else?  Back in 2002 I put all the photos from this trip into a cute scrapbook with dates and labels, embellishments and clever sayings.  I'm really off my game in this department.

How 'bout we chalk that up to middle age empty nest syndrome too?

And the plural of March is Marches.
I may have cabin fever, but its not to the point I've stopped caring about good grammar.


  1. I have never been outside the continental US. Chalk it up to a fear of boats and lots of water as well as flying. So I will live vicariously through my blogging friends

  2. Isn't it great that we can scan these old photos into our computers and preserve them for a lifetime. Love it and enjoyed reliving your fun trip to a warm place 12 years ago. Surely it is going to warm up. We're at 37 today and I'm freezing too death!!!

  3. Love you Throwback Thursday photos and tales!! You looked fabulous in those shorts, belt and all. No worries!!

  4. I think you were looking just like you were supposed to look in 2002 and I like the short haircut. My son-in-law can still earn these kinds of trips through his company ....they went to St. John last year.

    1. My hubs company still does some of this, but definitely not like they did in the 90's, early 00's : )

  5. Loved your Throwback Thursday. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  6. I was completely distracted by your soopa sexy, awesome shorts.
    I think I had the exact same pair. I agree, we were thin but don't especially look it.
    We went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon.
    It was nice to look at pictures of warm, it was 9 here yesterday morning.

  7. Omg love the always wear a beautiful smile!! Today I sat in the sun in 40 degree weather...yup it felt like paradise...tomorrow back to 20's ! Have a wonderful weekend !