Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where to Begin Wednesday?

Maybe I can start a new meme for bloggers like me who are so far behind and out of sync with their writing they don't know where to begin. 

Or I can just dive in somewhere in the middle. 

Let's see...well, there's this beautiful girl who turned one quarter of a century old last week. Whoohoo! Happy birthday to my baby girl, and yes I can still say it because September birthdays last a whole month around here. Mine is on Friday, so family take note-ha! 

Conveniently I have a key to her apartment, so while she was busy teaching third grade I was busy setting up 25 big and little surprises on her kitchen counter. 

So much fun!

Well some gifts were fun and some were practical, because I'm a mom. I might have purchased light bulbs for her bathroom and a command hook for the back of her laundry room door, and wrapped them up too, because teachers don't have time to shop for lightbulbs and 25 is more creativity than I can muster just now. There were plenty of 'real' presents too, and I think the best part was just seeing it all laid out in front of her when she walked through the door at the end of a work day. 

We had friends in town from our Maryland days, who've known and loved the birthday girl since she was in the third grade herself, so they helped make it all feel more festive. I made her favorite and most requested meal (chicken divan) and a Texas Sheet Cake for dessert. 

She sparkles y'all, and that's the truth.

In other news, the lake house. I think I mentioned we were breaking ground last week, and we didn't exactly break ground, but we almost did. Does that count? Firstly on Wednesday hubs rode out to meet the builder and they encountered rain of epic proportions, so they mostly talked house plans and then went to lunch. 

Our friend who was in town visiting rode out to the lot with hubs on Thursday morning, and the builder and excavator were there, and we needed to make a few decisions sooo....decisions were made, trees were marked, water was admired, and we 'think' actual dirt will be moved end of this week or early next. The excavator was a day or two behind because of the crazy storms we've had and this is how it goes when you're building a house I'm told, so we're being patient. 


Patient and anxious, but mostly patient. 

And anxious. 

This is the most important stage of the whole process, getting the ground and foundation right, and since we're all about the view and of course the house not falling down around us later, we do what we must. 

Our realtor is a gem, and last night he and his wife who is also a realtor, invited us for dinner and a boat ride. We had some friends in town doing a look-see around the lake, and since we connected these friends to our realtor we got to tag along on their waterside tour.  

It was an absolutely glorious evening on the lake. September is my favorite month. The clear blue sky, the soft almost autumn light, the birthdays, the new beginnings...what's not to love? 

We couldn't have asked for nicer temperatures, and every time I'm on the water I have to dig a little bit deeper for that patience I mentioned a paragraph or so ago. I'm more than ready to be inviting people to our deck for supper instead of the other way round. In the meantime I'll rely on the kindness of friends...

...which I'm gonna say is pretty much awesome.


  1. Happy Early Birthday to you! What a wonderful way to celebrate your daughter's 25th. A ride on the lake sounds so good right now. I am unpacking and still cleaning out our old home and adjusting to our new one. I can relate to being patient and anxious! Looking forward to joining the Hodgepodge next week :)

  2. Actually breaking ground or not, it's still super exciting to actually be moving in that direction, don'tchathink?! ;)
    Totally the stack of 25 is what makes the most impact! Once that is accomplished even the Chapstick and face soap is exciting! That's what my people said anyway. ;)

  3. Believe it or not, I've stopped by to see what was going on with you today! So glad I didn't miss a Hodgepodge!
    It's day 2, post surgery. The minimally invasive surgery wasn't as bad as I feared, and so far, I'm doing okay. (My pain meds are working) The doctor said a bulging disc was actually touching two nerves, so it's good that I had the surgery. He says he took care of things.
    Wishing a belated happy birthday to your daughter, and an early happy birthday to you!

  4. Oh, I know all too well about delays in the house building process. I'm just hoping yours doesn't take 14 very long months. :o)) But, sounds like it is getting very close. BTW, I have kept a Shutterfly album from the very day we signed on the property through the entire building process and now the settling in process. It has taken two books because they only allow so many pages per book. I ordered Book 1 and it came last week and Hubby and I have had such a good time looking through it and remembering each and every phase of the process. You might want to do the same. I did mine weekly so that it would not get ahead of me but some weeks it was really hard to stop long enough to get it done. Anyhoo........And, a happy, happy birthday to you!

  5. I love the 25 presents - girls are such fun to buy for!

  6. What a fun thing to do for #2's 25th!! Joe says doctors need patients, no him...LOL You have chosen such a great place for your new home. I grew up on a lake in Ohio and miss the water. It's going to be so wonderful. Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement.

  7. Delays are, alas, an almost integral part of building a house. But I'm sure that when it's all said and done, it'll be worth it.

  8. Hi Joyce... we have never built a house but I can empathize with the frustrations of doing 2 major renovations. Love the idea of giving 25 gifts! So cute. Your daughter is darling! Hang in there!

  9. Love the birthday surprise. I will have to file that in my list of birthday ideas.

  10. What a lovely birthday surprise. I hope you have a lovely birthday too. I'm sure all the house stuff must be very frustrating but if anyone can cope with it's you.

  11. Beautiful post. The idea of 25 gifts both practical and fun is great. I remember days (years) past when my excitement and anticipation of a new house was just almost unbearable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. May that foundation for your new home be strong and sure!

  12. I can never be as creative for my son as I am for the daughters...they are easier to buy for and please with little things. I think so, anyway.

  13. The tortoise wins the race. Slow but steady. Must be tough to be so close to getting that house started yet having to wait longer. Awesome idea with the 25 gifts!

  14. I love the birthday surprise. That is so special. My son Sam loves Texas Sheet cake too. I made it for his 15th birthday celebration with his Shooting Sports team. ;-)

  15. Happy Birthday Daughter 2!!! Have a wonderful 25 th year😊
    And Happy Birthday to you my friend!

  16. I love your birthday celebrations for your daughter! Hope she was surprised and had a perfect day.

  17. I've never heard of Texas sheet cake, so I'll have to look into that. I won't let my daughters see the birthday gifts photo or they'll both wish they'd been born to you instead. Lol The lake shots are wonderful. Oh to be out on the water, messing about in boats!