Monday, January 11, 2016

January Things

You can only write so many random posts filled with un-related bits of non-essential mumbo jumbo before you run out of synonyms to use in a title. Hence the original and uninspired heading January Things. 

Let's catch up. Not a whole lot is happening around here besides the usual January not-that-interesting-but necessary-life-stuff. There's my ever optimistic post-Christmas efforts to organize the paper piles accumulated when normal life has been temporarily suspended for holiday life.

Holiday life is so much more fun, isn't it?

Also, I thought we were moving towards a paperless society? What is all this paper? I do so much 'bookkeeping' online now, but think I'm part of a generation that still feels the need for a paper backup 'just in case'.

January is also the time of year I update our calendars and book appointments with all the medical professionals a post-50 life requires. For those of you who are something less than that magical number, let me just say it creeps up on you and suddenly keeping up with your healthcare is the equivalent of a part time job.

In January I return to a stricter routine in terms of meal planning, exercise, and tackling some of my goals for the new year. My girls gave me a beginner's calligraphy set for Christmas and I can't wait to dive in. They ordered the kit complete with video how-tos,  from Laura Hooper Calligraphy, and she does absolutely gorgeous work. I've always had a thing for pretty paper and beautiful handwriting, and am anxious to learn from a professional. If you're a fan of words that look like art check her out on Instagram.

Of course January is also filled with football. You should know I have a rather complex system in place for determining team loyalty in any given game, both college and professional. Essentially it's based on where I was living when and who's who in any given match-up. For instance if the Eagles are playing the Cardinals it's simple. I grew up a Philly fan and feel no loyalty to Arizona, so Go Eagles! If on the other hand, the Ravens are playing the Broncos, well that's where things get a bit more dicey. We lived in Maryland for a number of years and naturally cheered for the Ravens.

Except we always, always root for Peyton because our number one loyalty is to the TN Vols and Peyton was a Vol before he was a horse, Colt or Bronco. Do you see my dilemma?

One of our 'rules' when it comes to college football is that we root for teams in the SEC. Now within the SEC there's a hierarchy too, with our Volunteers at the top of the heap and the Crimson Tide and/or Florida at the bottom. Still, if an SEC team is playing a non-SEC team we root for the SEC, even if that team is Bama.

Except tonite. Tonite we're rooting for Clemson because Clemson is in our backyard and we love! the coach. Go Tigers!

What else? We're finally ready to pour the foundation at the lake house, and are really hopeful it will happen this week. When I say 'we' you know I mean the professionals, right? Hubs and I will watch. Or hubs will watch and I'll go see it once it's done, because that's pretty much how I roll when it comes to this part of the home build puzzle.

January weekends often find hubs and I at the movies because it's January. What else is there to do? Last weekend we saw The Revenent, and I think I've almost recovered. It was super intense and I 'watched' most of it with my eyes closed. Even the weather in this film is stressful. Leonardo DiCaprio is always completely convincing in whatever role he plays, and this was no different.

He won the Golden Globe if you pay attention to such things. Hubs and I watched a bit of the awards show because I enjoy the fashion, but honestly we are so out of touch with the programs nominated and the actors too. I didn't know who half the people were, and hadn't heard of more than half the series mentioned. We must be old.

And on that note, I think you're caught up.
Carry on.


  1. "Still, if an SEC team is playing a non-SEC team we root for the SEC, even if that team is Bama."

    Us too! We are LSU alums and breathe purple & gold so we will root for SEC.....but you can bet my eyes will be closed when Saban is on screen...yuk,yuk. NOT a fan of Bama!
    Can't wait to watch your house go up!!!

  2. I had to laugh at your comments about health care. I just this morning said to my hubby that it is a good thing we are retired or we'd be missing a lot of work for doctor's appointments!

  3. Wait until that 50-something number becomes 60-something! I had to go for a bone-scan today...knees next Monday, etc., etc. Thank goodness for insurance! I'm excited for you to get that foundation poured and can't wait to see the walls starting to go up!!

  4. Yes, I, too, chuckled at your comments about healthcare. They were so true! Goodness, it takes weeks to see all mine and Hubby's. I got all mine done by the end of the year so I'm free until about Oct. of this year. And, the football game, well, we are here watching it and Hubby is rooting for Bama but it sure doesn't sit well with him. :o)) Hope you get that foundation poured this week.

  5. Like you, I kinda want a paper back-up for the electronic things. What if somebody pulls the plug and we lose all the 'net documents?!!!

    Cheer for Peyton!!! This, from one living in Bronco country!!

  6. That's a fine looking foundation you have there! Looking forward to seeing a house!
    Honey has a similar, complicated story with his loyalties and hockey because he is a Canadian. His number one team is the Red Wings but it gets twisty if they are not in it.
    I call all those dr appts Temple Maintenance.

  7. I enjoyed "catching up" with you, today. Life goes on, doesn't it? January is always a "let down" after the excitement of December. I'll see ya' again tomorrow for The Hodgepodge.
    Kathy (from Reflections)

  8. I enjoy your blog. I believe I was just behind you graduating from UT. Our house rolls like yours. SEC all the way even though we really don't "like" the teams! My husband is a Cowboy, but Peyton rules in our house.

  9. Yes, holiday life is so much more fun! I feel the need for a paper back up too. I get that about team support. We will probably cheer for Arizona since some family lives there. That college game Monday night was amazing. Foundation, how exciting is that. We are going to see The Revenant tonight! I do pay attention to the awards and I was so happy for him. Hopefully this will be his year for an Oscar because he has deserved one for many years now!

  10. I enjoyed reading your blog today and like you, I'm trying to back into a new routine following the holidays. Wishing you a great start to the new year.

  11. Hi Joyce,
    It's good to catch up here. :) I started a new blog, same title, just new address. I hope you'll check it out.