Thursday, January 21, 2016

Weekend Wanderings

How about a little catch up? I'm going to tell you know now that all pics were taken with my iPhone, which means they're just so-so. 

As opposed to pics taken with my real camera which are so much better. Ha! 

True confession I've gotten lazy with the picture taking. My big camera has a piece rattling around inside, and I have no clue what it is. Since it's only sometimes a problem I don't think about taking it to the experts until I'm out somewhere trying to snap a photo and the zoom jams. Tilting it this way and that is almost alway a fix.  

When it comes to technology I'm your girl. 

Beside the mechanical snafu there's also the small matter of my squad grumbling whenever I suggest we take a picture. Do you have a squad? Does everyone have a squad? Does yours grumble when you want to take a picture? fyi-I've been looking for a reason to use the word squad. Apparently it's a thing now, but I'm not sure it's working for me. 

The word squad wings me right back to sitting on a hard gymnasium floor in 7th grade rows behind a designated captain, all of us dressed in blue onesies- aka gym suits. Anyone? Worst of all they snapped! All the way up the front! 

Back to present day...last weekend hubs and I trekked back to Atlanta to attend the boat show. It's that time I guess. Boat shopping is a bit more fun than car shopping but for me a little bit goes a long way. Boat dealers really really want to SELL! you a boat! You need! a boat! Today! Best time to buy! is at the boat show! That last bit may be true, but we're not quite ready to purchase. We need water and electricity at the dock still, because this man will not own a boat he can't wash. 

He's looking quite comfy here though, isn't he?  Personally I felt like this one had his name on it (and of course so did the dealer!) but we're not there yet. Also we still need a house, but whatever. It's good to look, and for a quick minute I allowed myself to get a little bit excited about summertime on the lake. 

We spent the rest of the weekend with friends just hanging out, watching football, and loving the fact that we're all finally living in the Southland. 

In the meantime, some NJ friends who retired to Maine phoned saying they were going to be in Hilton Head for a few days, and did we want to pop over? 

Why not? 

Please disregard my crazy wind-blown beach hair and the stylish get up. It was chilly on the beach and I opted for warmth over beauty. It was the right call.

This was a quick trip, but oh so nice to see the ocean in January. The skies were sunny and blue, we went for walks on the beach, tracked a dolphin across the surf, and indulged in a delicious seafood dinner Sunday night. Plus we love catching up with friends scattered around the globe.

I'm partial to shore birds.

And swinging in the sunshine.

Pretty sure they're wondering how secure the bolts are.

I'm a firm believer in standing at the ocean's edge. In feeling small. In soaking in the wonder. No matter how brief the visit, there is something about the magnificence and untamed beauty of the sea that remind me life is lovely indeed.


  1. Oh, yes, you must have a boat if you are going to live on a lake. Thankfully, we live on a pond and hopefully hubby is going to rid himself of our boat. :o)) We've "been there, done that" and now it's time to share the fun with someone else. We'll just settle to fish from the bank or perhaps we'll have a pier built. Who knows? What a fun weekend and the beach in January is something I've never done. Happy weekend!

  2. I'm looking forward to your summertime in the boat on your new lovely lake!! It looks like it was cold at Hilton Head, but I understand you all up that way are in for some nasty weather this weekend (starting tonight). Stay warm!

  3. I'm a little jealous of all that blue sky since we are having gray skies for days - almost through January makes me happy though!

  4. The swing picture cracks me up! Why do men always have to 'figure it out' instead of just sitting and enjoying? Ha. Yay for impromptu beach trips!

  5. Bummed that I missed HP yesterday, but Brittany came home for a visit and I wanted to spend time with her. How fun to take a trip to that place!

  6. I sure would love to sit on that swing for a spell. :) Enjoyed your photos.

  7. I love the beach in the winter!

  8. Yes, there is something healing about the beach. I went to Galveston a few weekends ago. It was "cold", but just walking along the shore was healing and refreshing. Hope this weekend is a super awesome one for you!

  9. Pretty pictures!
    I don't like shopping for any thing with a motor!

  10. I don't care what you say about your iPhone camera, your pictures of the beach are great.

    As for sales people -- it's the appliance people who bug me (refrigerators, dishwashers, etc, and vacuum cleaners). Leave me alone and I'll let you know if I have any questions!!

  11. Your last paragraph so resonated with me. Yes to standing on the edge of the sea (and if it is warm enough wading in for a good long swim.)

  12. I remember those gym suits very well indeed! A boat show, how awesome. Duh, I just remembered your going to be on that gorgeous lake. How wonderful to meet up with your friends. The pictures are great!