Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Birthday Wishes Really Do Come True

My first born baby girl.

She celebrates a birthday today.

In just a few short weeks my baby is having a baby of her own, so technically she's a grown up married lady.

Except your baby is always your baby, right?

She was absolutely the sweetest little thing with soft blonde curls and a gentle heart. She loved baby dolls and books...

...dress ups and playing house.

Very soon now she'll be momma to a baby boy.

And she is still the sweetest little thing.

She's funny and fearless and full of adventure, and she'll soon love dump trucks and Legos and throwing a ball in the back yard.

She will  always love books and there will always be a pile just waiting to be read.

When she was home for her shower in March we pulled out her baby book and read through the milestones and the memories from her first year of life. At the end of the book were two letters, both of them written on her first birthday, one by me and one by hubs.

In my letter written all the way back in 1980-something I penned these words..."I wish for you, my sweet little daughter, good health always, that you will grow to understand the values Daddy and I are trying to teach you, that you will come to trust Jesus in a personal way, and most of all, that you will always be as happy and content as you have been in this first year of your life...."

Those wishes were the prayers in a mother's heart as baby turned toddler turned teen turned momma-to-be.

 In 2017 I stand amazed at how those wishes came true.

Happy birthday Daughter1! Watching you grow is still my favorite thing.


  1. Happy Birthday, Daughter1!!!

  2. So beautifully written, Joyce. Being a mother to two daughters, was really a blessing for me and for you. I can hardly wait for you to be a grandma. It's just the best!

  3. Joyce, you are so great at posting these special moments. I saw the photos of the nursery, it is lovely. I am so excited for you and your new grandson coming. A new time in your life, something God has planned for us and I know it will be very rewarding for you. I hope that her birthday is very special and perfect in every way.....

  4. And happy birthday to a very lovely girl - and she's still a girl. :-)

  5. Tears here! Those gr-babies enrich us all beyond words.

  6. Oh my gosh, I crying too. How absolutely precious! Happy birthday to Shannon!

  7. What a wonderful post! I love the picture where she is giving a bottle to her Cabbage Patch doll! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    My daughter's birthday was yesterday!

  8. Happy birthday to your precious daughter. This post made me tear up with the sweet pics and the loving words.

  9. Beautiful Joyce, I always enjoy when you write about your girls. Your heart is in your words, I can feel it. Well done...and tears too.
    Love your honest love, Joyce.