Friday, June 16, 2017

Ode To An Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Hubs! 33 years ago you started your wedding day drive to the church with your shoes on top of the car, and waited forever and a minute at the altar while I forgot what I was supposed to do with that unity candle. And then a whole lot of life was lived and now BAM! here we are still sometimes forgetting things only not because we're nervous, but more because we're not the fresh-faced, clear-headed kids we were back then.

Except we kind of are.

Somehow I imagined this season of married life would be quiet, filled with lots of naps and wondering what in the world we should do today?? Seems I was mistaken, although not about the naps (thank heaven!). Is there ever a day we scratch our heads and wonder how in the world we'll fill the time?

This past year was filled to overflowing with love and construction, frustration and red dirt, impatience and gratitude, laughter and lake water. With happy surprises and the everyday ordinary. With family and friends, crazy travel, and just enough lazy porch sitting.

And like all the years that came before, this one too has been filled with the goodness of God and the amazing grace He continues to pour out on the story of us.

The empty nest is a contradiction of sorts. We imagine life shrinking as we age, but in reality it expands. The heart cracks open a little wider with every passing year, making room for things to grow... new babies, new memories, and old love whose roots sink ever deeper.

While we try to wrap our heads around becoming grandparents in just a few short weeks, I do know our hearts are not prepared for the tidal wave of emotion coming our way. There's nobody I'd rather be a ridiculous, overly excited, blubbering mess with than you. You know that's totally going to be us, right?

Cheers to the next 33! May they be as full of unexpected wonder and joy as the first 33.

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  1. Happy anniversary to you both! I could so relate to what you wrote! But that is no surprise - we do seem to be living parallel lives. ha! I can't wait to hear the news of your first grandchild! Please know, you all are in my prayers as the time comes close.

  2. What a lovely post and I so enjoyed the Smilebox. May you be blessed with many more wonderful years together. We just celebrated #46. Yikes, am I really old enough to have been married that long? I think not! :o))

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love the Smilebox.

  4. Happy anniversary!! Loved the photos/Smilebox. Wishing you more years ahead filled with so many blessings!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Can't wait to see you two become ridiculous, overly excited, blubbering messes in just a few more weeks!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!
    Lovely song choice, and it is a very, very, very fine house! ❤️

  7. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful tribute to your hubby and family...PERFECT song! Thanks for sharing it and have a BLESSED weekend.

  8. Beautiful moments from what looks like a perfect life! Happy anniversary to you both!

  9. Happy Anniversary. Loved the Smilebox and LOVED the words you wrote.
    Beautiful post Joyce.
    Happy Days Ahead!!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Lots of exciting times ahead! I've been wondering if Shannon and Co. will be staying over here or do they get to move to a more geographically friendly (for grammy) location? :)

  11. Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Lovely family and many years of wonderful memories!!
    Our 40th is this sunday....your post has really made me reflect.....

  12. Happy belated anniversary! 33 years isn't often heard of these days, so kudos to you! Here's wishing you and your husband many more wonderful years together.

  13. Beautiful!! Happy anniversary!!