Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Reverie

Here on the blog I tend to find a subject and talk it to infinity and beyond (see house build, wedding, life abroad), but we're kind of all about the grandbaby round here these days so that's where my mind and heart and words are gonna go. I feel as anxious for him to get here as I felt for his mama to arrive back in the day.

We've had a hard busy month here, with a few bright spots sprinkled throughout...friends visiting, beautiful sunrises, glorious sunsets, and a baby boy closer and closer to making his grand entrance. Mostly though, July has been emotionally exhausting so we're trying to take advantage of a couple of low-key, unscripted weekends now and just rest.

Hubs and I have been packing sandwiches in the cooler and taking our boat out for mid-week jaunts around the lake. We keep camp chairs on board so we can pull up to one of the sandy beaches on one of the many islands in the lake and make ourselves at home. It's kind of an unwritten rule on the lake that you don't pull your boat up to an island already taken by another boater, and we love the solitude of an ordinary Tuesday afternoon spent here. We swim and chat and study the clouds, and we practice the art of a long exhale. Everyone needs to master that one, don't you think?

Saturday evening daughter1's in-laws joined us for dinner. I mean we're pacing and they're pacing, so might as well pace together, right? Hubs smoked a pork butt on the grill and mil brought homemade banana pudding which is hubs favorite. Since it was too hot to dine al fresco, we sat around the dining room table inside and talked about I'll give you three guesses our grandson.

Sunday hubs and I went to church and afterwards we heated up all the leftovers for lunch. Yay for Saturday night leftovers on a Sunday! I was thinking about how I couldn't wait for lunch to end so I could take a nap, and how when I was growing up my mom often invited friends over for Sunday lunch. I generally run out of steam by Sunday noontime and have been known to count the minutes until I can get comfy under a blanket on the couch. It's best I stick with having my company on Saturday nights.

As a bonus it rained here on Sunday which made an afternoon nap and old movies on the TV feel less indulgent. Question-why do I sometimes feel like napping is just one step above laziness? I know it's not the same thing at all, but still...

Here's a tip-put napping on your to-do list and you can totally cross it off as something that's been done which then gives you a real sense of accomplishment-ha!  Also-when did movies made in 1990something start to be classified as 'old'?

Lastly, my girls are together on the west coast and yesterday a friend of Daughter1's hosted a baby shower brunch for her. I think Daughter1 was worried she might not make it to the shower, but she did so baby boy can come anytime now. Nana says so.

They sent me this picture and it might be my most favorite snapshot ever of the two of them-

I mean three of them.

Happy Monday all!


  1. Oh boy oh boy...soon you'll see his little face!

  2. Good golly, your excitement spills out for all of us to join in!! I'm so anxious to hear that grandbaby has arrived and all is well. Whew!!

  3. Wow, the time is almost here, how exciting! I can hardly wait to see pics of you holding him. You'll never be the same! Precious times!

  4. Just soo excited for you! It's almost time. And you will begin hands down the best years of your life! Love that pic of your girls too!

  5. I'm getting the biggest kick out of reading your posts! Mostly because you remind me so much of myself as I awaited our first grandchild 7 yrs ago....impatient and giddy all at the same time. And because all three of my boys and their wives waiting until they were close to 30 before starting their families...they came bam bam bam! Be careful what you wish for -- I had SO much fun with that first one that I begged for more. I got 'em. We now have 7 under the age of 7 and they are now wearing ME OUT!!!!
    Seriously.....I'm tired!!!! (but so blessed)

  6. Love the thought of pulling up to the little island!! What a perfect time together. I know you are so excited about your grandson's arrival - Lea (above) is correct - you will NEVER be the same

  7. What a beautiful photo of the three of them!

  8. What a great place to have a picnic. You are exactly where I would like to be with the upcoming birth of your grandson! There comes a time in your life when grandchildren are the next step.

  9. Such a sweet picture of your girlies!
    I know what you mean about napping, but sometimes a busy gal needs a little nap!
    Almost Nana time!

  10. Oh that picture tells its own story, doesn't it. These are such exciting times for all of you.

  11. Napping is good! You need napping skills as a parent. I hope your daughter has good napping skills too - she looks ready to burst. The wait will soon be over Joyce and then the fun will really start. Hope all goes well.

  12. Love the thought of pulling up to the little island!! What a perfect time together.