Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer Sunsets and Other Stuff

Life's been a whirlwind this summer and our grandbaby isn't even here yet. Grandbabies add to life's whirlwind, right? I hope so. We need a baby boy to keep us young.

A beautiful sunset makes the whirlwind feel less whirly.

We had house guests for the weekend and while they were here some other friends boated over to say hello. These peeps all worked together for the same company for many years.

Our friends had their grandchildren with them on the boat when they stopped by, and I enjoyed watching hubs splash the little boys and make them laugh hysterically with his great big running leaps off the dock. He is going to rock the grandpa thing.

Maybe I should learn some tricks too? Or I guess I can just feed him. Nana's homemade peanut butter cookies will surely rank right up there with a grandpa who should have his own variety show, wouldn't you say?

I don't have any solid statistics with which to back up this next statement, but we've had buckets of rain this summer. Barrels of rain. Vats of rain. At least on the weekends anyway. These haven't been gentle summer showers either, more like crazy storms with gusting winds, overflowing gutters, and scary lightning and thunder. On the bright side, our new grass is very very green.

And Saturday night sunsets are completely awesome.

I don't think that has anything to do with all the rain we've been having, but true nonetheless.

My mom was in the Palmetto State last week staying mostly with my sister since we were in Tennessee for a fair chunk of time. Still we managed to squeeze in an overnight at the lake and an afternoon of shopping in my favorite little children's boutique. My mom and I agree newborn babes cannot have too many adorable things to wear. I really just need to stay out of the baby shops because all the tiny little outfits positively slay me.

As do sunsets on the lake.

I finally booked flights to Washington and now just have to wait and see if baby boy cooperates with my agenda-ha! It's kind of been stressing me out, the whole trying to anticipate when he'll arrive and when I should fly out thing, but I finally booked a trip and if he comes on the very early side of things I'll pay the change fee, but if he's on-time or close to it I'll likely leave my ticket as is. Daughter1 wants me there once she's at home with him and I'm doing my best to get there as close to that date as I can. Her sister is there now, and she's my mini-me in every sense of the word, so a good stand in for mama in the meantime.

Also, 'very early' isn't really a thing anymore because we're only a couple of weeks out from his due date. Insert clapping hands, heart eyes, and excited emoji here.

Or a picture of a sunset.

We get killer sunsets on the lake and I'm seriously obsessed.


  1. Oh, my goodness, can't believe it's almost time for that precious little boy to make his arrival. I know all too well about trying to "guess" when it's best to leave and go. We timed it perfectly with Bridget's first but little Coleman got anxious and came 2 months early and threw any plans out the window. Yes, your sunsets there on the lake are just beautiful!! Thinking of you during this most exciting and stressful time.

  2. I am just so excited for that little guy to get here!! And your sunsets are amazing. We've had way too much rain lately, greener grass or not. Enough is enough.

  3. Babies have their own agenda, that's for sure. Hopefully your timing works out perfectly. Fingers crossed! Funny, we haven't had any measurable rainfall for a crazy extended time now! I'm not complaining.

  4. Glorious sunsets. In our neck of the woods the amazing colours don't last long. All the best for your arrangements about the impending arrival.

  5. Such a great time of anticipation...enjoy every minute!

  6. Beautiful sunset pictures!!!
    It's getting close Grandma!!!

  7. I hope your timing works out but I know only too well how babies operate to their own schedule. Lovely photos.

  8. Glad you having a fun time at the lake with friends. Can't beat those sunsets. Sorry about all the rain. Shopping for babies is so much fun. I have a whole container of baby things. I may have told you about .... , they have the softest blankets and great sales all the time. Hope the baby cooperates with you flight plan. Enjoy your weekend.