Thursday, October 12, 2017

Life And Stuff

My daughter and I were talking about how she had recently gone back and read a blog post written in 2006 by someone who went on to become a very popular blogger. This particular blogger had taken a trip somewhere my daughter plans to visit and she remembered this blogger writing about it.

She told me how much she loved reading the post and how it was written in the format of here's what I did on day one of my vacation and here's what I did on day two of my vacation and here's a picture of every single dessert we ate and here's the beach we walked on and how there wasn't a single link to anything commercial and it wasn't polished but it was oh so real.

And we both agreed this was why we became bloggers and it's the thing we miss when we don't blog.

I'm bringing it back. Here's some stuff from the past few weekends that I never got around to mentioning and that maybe isn't worth mentioning because it's just friends gathering and reminiscing and people coming and going and babies being adorable and isn't that the stuff life is made of?

Two weekends ago I was here-

Hilton Head Island.

It was a too quick weekend spent with girls I pledged a sorority with nearly four decades ago, but who are still eighteen in my head. We laughed until our sides hurt and remembered how good that feels. There was some beach sitting, some shop til you drop kind of fun, shared appetizers and stories and a brilliant sunny Saturday. There was birthday cake (pink of course) with too big candles and heartfelt wishes.

We chased down a sunset but were laughing too hard to run so almost missed it.


The kind of weekend you want to tuck in your pocket and pull out from time to time when the world feels gray and your heart needs a pick-me-up. That kind of weekend. These girls. The stuff life is made of.

While I was away hubs drove over to Tennessee and picked up his mom and brought her to the lake to spend a few days with us here. The weather was glorious and we had a wonderful time showing her around tiny town. On Tuesday she visited Daughter2's classroom and read a book to her kindergarten students. So special!

We had an early dinner afterward and enjoyed hearing about her day, and then we spent most of the next day on the lake because it was too nice to do otherwise. This summer weather in October is something, isn't it?

We drove my mother-in-law back to Tennessee Thursday evening, then went on up to collegetown Friday morning for homecoming festivities. We had lunch at a little spot called White Duck Taco where we sat outside and caught up with some of our favorite people also in town for the homecoming shenanigans. White Duck does fancy tacos and I had one Thai chicken and one pork belly and both were scrumptious.

That evening we went to dinner with a big group of friends and then Saturday was game day. Let's just say it was warm. Have mercy! 

Still we tailgated and enjoyed seeing the brand new stadium, but by halftime we were melting so we called it a day and headed back to the hotel for a nap before the evening party.

I know this picture looks cloudy, but those clouds lasted just long enough for me to snap a picture. The rest of the time the hot hot sun was staring us down.

I love visiting campus even if they did take down 'our tree' and put the stadium in it's place. The grounds around the school are still so pretty and hubs and I always take a walk hand in hand and remember why we fell in love. It's good to remember.

Are you still in touch with your college friends? Do they still know how to make you laugh, pull at your heartstrings, say remember when, sense you need a hug or maybe lemon drops and a reality check (hi Amanda!)? Ours do, and for that we are truly grateful. Who knew thirty five+ years ago our lives would be so entwined still?

I really need to blog more because now here I am many paragraphs later and I haven't even mentioned baby boy being adorable. He needs his own post anyway, don't you think? No worries...he'll get one. Or ten. Or maybe a hundred. teehee.

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. When I first started blogging there were loads of bloggers sharing their life, ups and downs, good ideas, what didn't work, good books to read, pretty vacation pictures, recipes, and lots of funny, inspiring, stories that could make you laugh or cry or both! I miss it! I always called them "slice of life bloggers".
    It's becoming a lost art, glad you are still at it!!! And very happy to have been following you for all these years <3

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and "catching up." I had a similar experience recently with a dear friend in Charleston, SC: lots of laughter, shopping, food, and life adventures. Glad all is well with you and your family. Your watercolor layout is beautiful.

  3. We do the same thing when we walk around MSU's campus. The memories are strong and you really feel that why we fell in love connection. It's like the 30+ years have passed in a blink of an eye :-)

  4. Loved this. I agree I so enjoy reading about everyday life. But you lady have such an interesting, GOOD, writing style, it is all that much better. Hubby is still friends with several of his college buddies. So is my daughter (though she's only been out 9 years, lol) I only went 1 year before I began working so not me. But still very close to my high school ones. Nothing like life time friends. Enjoy your day!

  5. I am in contact with my college friends and I'm so grateful! Those gals are the best. One of my closet friends from that era lives a mere 10 minutes from my front door---30 if there's traffic-- so I see her weekly. I love my time with her until she starts sharing stories with the lovelies. LOL I kid, I kid. My MIL used to go read to my girls' kindergarten classes when they were little. They remember it to this day. At the same elementary school (which is where TeacherDaughter- Molly- teaches 1st grade) they have a group of grandparents who come in and read each week. The kids LOVE it! I know how it feels when that sun is blaring down on you in a stadium. This weather has got to go. We're all getting sick now. :( So glad you had that time with your friends and enjoyed time with your MIL!

  6. Oh and, YES to baby boy needing his very own post! :)

  7. Yes, Joyce, this is why we started blogging - to share our lives and goings on. I so enjoyed how you involved us in your times. I stay in contact with only one college friend who was also a middle and high school friend. I wish there were more, but we went our separate ways early on and no way or reason to try to pick something back up now. I did do a search of an old boyfriend who was an outstanding campus leader with a very bright future in politics who is now on the sex offender registry. That broke my heart and quelled any desire to search further.

    Can't wait to see all the hundreds of baby posts. We grandmothers appreciate that.

  8. It seems that blogging has gone away for so many of us. I like sharing my life and keeping a record for my family. To me that is what it is all about!

  9. My daughter said I should blog because I wrote and wrote, that blogging was a good way to share my writing. Your photos are so wonderful, and the stories who share.

  10. Yes, that is exactly why we blog. I really enjoyed this post, Joyce, and look forward to photos and stories about that adorable child!! I went back to college as an adult, so did not have the campus experience. I am still in touch with and enjoying high school friendships of 50 years (or more). Can't beat those 'old' friendships!

  11. No college memories for me sadly but loved hearing your slice of life and oh yes baby posts needed!

  12. Love love love this post - this is why (and how!) I blog so this was affirming to me!!

  13. That is why I blog as well. It keeps a record of our everyday doings and blessings and I so enjoy looking back at where we were, who we were with and how we are today.

  14. All those smiling faces in your post just make me so happy. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for sharing this, Joyce. So enjoyable to read (and much more enjoyable for you, living it!). Yes, that is why I blog too. My blog truly records slices of my life.

    We have some old friends we've known for decades, but as far as college or high school friends, neither my hubby nor I have really kept up with them.

  16. You sure do have fun. I'm glad you got to get together with your sorority girls. I'm still in touch with my high school friends. I didn't attend college. I definitely need to blog more but I just can't seem to get it together these days. Always thankful for Wednesday Hodgepodge!!