Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

It seems like I should mention Christmas on my blog somewhere sometime so how about here and now? I like to write in the early morning and that's just not happening these days, so 10:30 on a Thursday night it is. 

Can we just talk about this? 

I mean I cannot even handle the sweetness captured here. This photograph is in a frame on my kitchen fireplace mantle and it's the screen saver on my phone and I look at it at least ten times a day. At least. It's perfection...the Santa, the darling tree, the face...y'all the face! Can you even??? 

I'm still getting the hang of decorating the spaces in this house for the holidays but Rome wasn't built in a day. We have three trees up in the house, four if you count the small one sitting on the pool room bar, and there's no real rhyme or reason to what hangs where. I see all the beautiful themed trees on Instagram and Facebook and while I'd like to be that girl it's just not me. I'm sentimental and want all my many and assorted memories in the form of Christmas ornaments hanging side by each every single year.

I don't buy boxes of ornaments. Ours are treasured keepsakes from our children's growing up years, places we've lived or traveled, or they hold some other special meaning like a favorite hobby or pastime. 

What that means is a London Taxi sits beside a popsicle stick star made long ago by little hands. It means the ballerina bunny belonging to my youngest daughter dances on a branch beside the Strasbourg cathedral. Pheasants dangling from a hunter's vest fly beside Anne of Green Gables because that's how we do Christmas here.

Also pretend I'm not standing on a ladder-ha! In case you're worried, hubs was close by. The amount of time it takes me to arrange those beads exactly so makes him twitch, but he wasn't about to leave me unattended.

We have a tree on the screened in porch and I may one day decide to decorate it in a more natural way. I know I'll likely still keep a few family ornaments there too because when I look at my Christmas tree I want it to say 'this is us'.

I did have a sign made this year for our family room mantle (Etsy Shop-Rustically Inspired) and I love it-

I'll probably have to invest in new stocking hangers next year because this mantle is a flat front and that heavy brass angel tried to take out the fireplace repairman when he was here last week. I think we've got them situated for now, and we take stockings down for filling. I mean Santa does.

My shopping is done (I think?), cards have been sent, packages mailed, there's a bit of wrapping that needs to happen still and of course more baking because I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as too many Christmas cookies. Just ask anyone. We have a dinner party this weekend and friends dropping by next week... my youngest daughter will be spending her break with us and there will be days enjoyed with extended family too.

Some years are harder than others and I feel like this has been one of those here. Yet in the middle of it all came this tiny baby boy who has brought so much light and joy into our hearts.

The everyday stresses and pressures of life don't cease just because it's Christmas, but they do fade to the background and let hope take center stage. May the truth of the Christmas story touch your heart in a special way this holiday season. 


  1. Comfort and joy, I guess! Comfort being your warm and inviting home so beautifully decorated (I love those plaid chairs in front of the fireplace!) and Joy being having that DARLING baby boy in your midst...oh he's precious! Grandchildren make Christmas a whole new experience! Your trees are gorgeous! Have a wonderful week before Christmas, Joyce.♥

  2. Oh, my goodness, melt my heart with all that cuteness! And, let me tell you, it just gets sweeter and sweeter. All your decor is just beautiful and represents a whole lot of time and effort I'm sure. Always a joy to stop by and read your blog as you do have such a way with words. Happy weekend!

  3. Such a delightful blog post. Your pictures are wonderful, as always. I love your style of decorating. Your grandson is so cute and that's a good-looking Santa there, too!

    Yes, some years feel more like a train wreck than others, and this year's been hard for many of us. But it's good to bring the year to a close with this holiday of hope, cheer, and beauty.

    BTW, I haven't participated in the Hodgepodge in weeks (a couple of months, maybe) due to being just too busy (and traveling) to reply to all the comments, but I am still here, reading and being blessed through your blog posts. Just wanted you to know that.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Your house looks lovely and so cozy. And that Santa photo - he could not be cuter!

  5. That Santa photo!! So cute...what a smile. I love your Christmas decor, and we have the same type of decorations here - family memories and precious symbols of our children's lives. I do plan to revamp quite a bit of the other decor when we get back in our house for next Christmas. have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love both of the Santa pictures with your grandson. So adorable!! I also love that sign you had made and it's beautiful on that fireplace with the stockings.

  7. Oh my goodness! Now how much more adorable could one little boy possibly be. Love how you've made your home so warm and welcoming. And the picture on the mantel is the finishing touch.

  8. I so enjoyed seeing your decorations and your trees! Our tree is full of sentimental memories too. No boxed ornaments in this house either. It's what Christmas is all, love, memories, and hope. May God continue to bless you and yours during this holiday season and into the new year!

  9. Your home and view outdoors are over the top gorgeous as is that sweet baby boy. Merry Christmas. I'm sorry it has been a tough year but you're right, those babies bring joy. Thanks be to God for His Son and His precious gifts to us.

  10. I keep losing my comment! I guess 8:30 at night is too late for me these days. LOL I've had Marcy two days in a row since she's been sick and I'm definitely tired. Anyway, I was telling you I am grateful I don't live in your house or one like it because all I would ever do is sit and look at the lake while sitting in front of one of the fireplaces sipping hot chocolate. Or Bailey's. Ha! I'm worthless when I visit Dad who lives right on Lake Norman in NC. I would love lake life but I'd never do a darn thing. That grandson is so stinkin' cute! I can tell he's a truly happy baby. I've visited Rusticly Inspired before. They have cute stuff. I love your choice! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. We are doing a destination holiday this year which I was feeling very pleased about until I saw this. Now I want to go shop and bake and decorate! Everything loook beautiful Joyce. And I think Memory Trees beat out theme trees by a long shot.

  12. The photo is perfection! Adorable as can be....
    Your house looks so amazing and beautiful.

  13. Things are looking lovely over there!
    Look at the sweet boy, growing so fast!!!

  14. Such cute pics of baby with Santa. Your house looks very nice for the holidays. I like that sign you purchased from Etsy. I have the same kind of ornaments as you (an eclectic array that depicts who we are).