Monday, January 28, 2019

19 in 19

Hey remember how I was going to blog more? Ha! Actually I think what I said was I was going to write more, and I have. Just not here. There's only so many hours in the day people!

Anyway, here we are nearing the end of January so before the year gets away from me (hey, we all know it's going to be Christmas in a hot minute) I want to share my list. There's something someone started called 19 in 2019 where you make a list of 19 things you want to do in the year 2019. Coincidentally we were given a writing prompt earlier in the 31 Day Challenge to write a list, so a great fit. And easy, right?

We shall see.

Also, this list is more or less my 'practical list'. Not digging too deeply into my personal list on the blog today although #2 feels pretty personal. For now let's write some things down and then check some things off. Here we go-

1. Host a wedding. Some might say including this on my list is cheating because I'm hosting a wedding whether I write it down here or not. Still we're hosting a wedding and there are at least seven hundred and forty three things that need doing between now and then.  Let's go ahead and write it down.

2. Delight. My word for this year. I imagine I will write more about it at some point, but for now I'm still figuring out what that word means in my everyday life.

3. Read at least 32 books.

4. Deal with the office. My office. Which is relatively new, but was a room we didn't actively decorate and instead used mostly things that fit the space figuring we'd zhuhh it up later.

The office space is fine and completely usable, but uninspiring. I have a plan I'd like to see come to life and that plan includes shiplap, murphy beds, an inspiration board, a new computer, and the physical files purged and sorted.

5. Make a handmade gift for my grandson. I have something specific in mind, but I don't want to put details here because he reads my blog. Well maybe he doesn't read it, but his mama reads it and she might spill the beans.

6. Publish something. This 31 day writing challenge has been good for me and some of what I've been working on away from my blog is aimed at meeting this goal. Which I've had since 5th grade I started this blog all the way back in 2009.

7. Organize one project per month. Tops on the list? My closet, my photos, and my giftwrap.

8. Attend a professional ballet and a baseball game. I enjoy both and have done neither in the last twenty-four months.

9. See the SC State Capital. I have an unwritten accidental goal to see all the state capitals, because it occurred to me one day a while back that I'd seen quite a few. I'd for sure like to see our own.

10. See the 'Top Ten Most Spectacular Falls in South Carolina'. I think we've seen several on the list, but I want to see them all. None are too far from here so we just need to take the time to go and see and make the trek up or down a thousand steps or steep path viewing falls generally requires.

11. Frame stuff. Re-frame stuff. Print pics and frame pics. Investigate mixed tiles for the hallway. Has anyone tried them? I've seen them on a couple of blogs I follow and their walls look great. I do wonder if this will be one of those things that looks good in my head but in real life is just eh? Also they stick? Like 3M sticks and is easily removed or like glue?

12. Make a book about our Oregon trip. I know!! It's way overdue.

13. Go somewhere I've never been before.

14. Learn calligraphy or hand lettering. They're different and I'm not sure which one is the best fit for me, but I have an online course downloaded my girls got for me last year that I haven't even tried. One of my goals in re-decorating my office is to make room for some creative endeavors like this one.

A shop in my tiny town recently offered a class in hand lettering but I didn't find out about it until after registration had closed. I'm on their list for the next one though, so feel like I can make this happen.

15. Take a southern road trip. I have a whole list of ideas and itineraries and hope/plan/will check one off my list this year.

16. Less screen time. Doesn't everybody have this as their goal for 2019?

17. Get some really good sneakers. I know this sounds like a silly thing to put on a list, but my feet y'all. Ugh. I have almost no arch so I need good sneakers and I need to invest a little time in figuring out which ones are the right ones. You would think this would be something I'd just go ahead and do, but in reality it's something I'm always saying I need to do, but then I never actually do it.

Everyone has some little something that nags at them, right? What's your annoying something?

18. Investigate making a change to my pots and pans cabinet. Actually our cabinetmaker was at the house last week to drop something off for our builder and hubs (who does not need a list to get things done) had him measure the space. The cabinetmaker has already sent me designs, options, and pricing, so balls in my court now I guess.

But first! I need to host a wedding.

19. Delight. On here twice so I don't forget somewhere along the way.


  1. Hosting that wedding is most likely the top priority right now, but you do have some great experience doing that. Daughter1's wedding was beautiful! Nice to see you here!! I've missed you!

  2. Well I'm sure the wedding will be a delight, so two off your list at once😀

  3. That's an impressive list even with delight on their twice lol.

  4. Love your word! Wow, your list is amazing and I hope you can accomplish everything on it. I got some Birkenstock sneakers and I love them. The wedding is so exciting, it's going to be fabulous!