Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Bracelet

I want to tell you a story. A true story. And I want to write it down because I want to come back here and read it when the world feels harsh.

I grew up in a neighborhood where kids walked to school. Where red rubber balls were kicked across the blacktop. Where we learned to write in cursive and play the recorder. Where we hit softballs on the diamond out back and learned to finally do a pull up on the playground monkey bars.

It was the kind of neighborhood where kids spilled out of doors and skated on a frozen pond. Where games were played and arguments occurred but where we always made up because we were a team. A pack. The kids from Barclay.

We lined up every year on the first day of school with our friends, our classmates, kids we'd known since kindergarten. While every year the mix of kids in each class varied a little, whatever the combination it would be recognizable. Familiar. The makeup of our elementary school didn't change a whole lot in all the years we were there.

We rode our bikes 'look no hands!' to the swim club on sunny summer days it seemed would never end. Except they do. Of course they do. We grow up and away and our circles expand. We make new friends and yet always always in my heart is a place I hold dear for the kids from Barclay.

Flash forward to the year 2019, last Friday to be precise. I was reading in our family room when hubs came in with the mail. He put a CD sized envelope in my lap and I noticed the return address immediately. It was from a childhood friend. A girl from elementary school I haven't seen in literally decades.

We're friends on Facebook and occasionally have had a message back and forth about something or other, but no real long talks or heart to hearts. I love her artwork and she likes my travel pics. She encouraged me to try to make our high school reunion this past year, but I wasn't able to go.

So I looked at the envelope and wondered what in the world she might be sending me. I kind of assumed she was mailing something from the reunion, maybe a picture or a CD of pictures perhaps, but y'all in a million years I could not have predicted what was tucked inside that envelope.

It was a bracelet. And a few words with big impact on the backside of the card. The bracelet is a pretty strand of chords held together with a delicate silver bead. In the center of the bracelet is a washer style charm with three tiny hearts and a single word stamped in the metal.

My word. Delight.

I was speechless. I'm still a bit lost for words. A true random act of kindness that made my heart sing.

So obviously she reads my blog and let me just say that's the first thing that 'delights'. When someone reads my blog and I didn't know they were someone who reads my blog. But still, how many people know my word and see my word on a sign or a piece of jewelry or wherever and think of me and then act on it.

Because acting on it is really the thing, isn't it?

I mean many of us have good intentions. We want to do something kind or thoughtful or meaningful for someone but we just never get around to actually doing those things.  I don't know what prompted my friend to act but it doesn't really matter. She saw my word. She made the bracelet. She hunted down my address. She bought the off sized envelope. She packaged it. She wrote the note. She mailed. it.

And I'm still not over it y'all.

I hope I never get over it. I hope I remember my delight at the surprise and the thoughtfulness and the intent and the oh so perfect words she wrote on the back of the card and I hope I pay it forward in a way that makes somebody else feel what I felt when I opened the envelope and saw this.

I've been wearing the bracelet and when I look down and see the charm peeking out of my shirt sleeve I feel my heart shift. My perspective change. Now how do you say thank you for that?

So I'm writing it all down here with the hope this sparks someone reading to act. To do that kind, generous, thoughtful thing you've wanted to do, meant to do, but haven't gotten around to doing.

Thank you V! It's honestly the best thing that has happened to me in forever.


  1. Wow, just Wow! An intentional act of thoughtfulness that you will remember forever. Loved everything about this!

  2. This has warmed my heart. I so respect the thoughtful acts of other people because I feel that I fall so short in this area. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story as only you can. I’m praying that I will become more aware of opportunities bring “delight” to someone.

  3. I had my granddaughter make bracelets for four of my friends in different cities and states
    I mailed them
    They loved them
    Made and sent with love-simple things
    My word is love-granddaughter picked it for me and made me a bracelet with that word!!!
    One friend-we have been together since almost birth-71 years
    Her sister
    One friend since the 1970's and one friend since 2008 or so!!!

  4. I love this! My childhood too, hit some of my heart strings! It has inspired me to something like your friend did from someone too. Good job V!

  5. bliss!! my heart is warm as Im sure your friends is...after reading how she touched your heart!

  6. Hello Joyce,
    I hope you are doing well. I've been over here a couple of times, doing some catching up, but didn't take time to comment. One of these days, I'll have enough energy to blog about what's been going on with me. (You know me, nothing is ever simple) Meanwhile, I just had to write and say how much I enjoyed reading about this random act of kindness of your friend! Bless her heart for doing this, and yours for being the recipient. The world needs more of this kind of thing. Enjoy your day (and your new bracelet).

  7. What lovely and kind gesture! You are lucky to have such a friend.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! What a lovely gift you received.