Thursday, May 23, 2019

Life Lately

It's been a while since last we spoke and I miss writing here.

A lot has been happening in our little corner of the world and I've struggled with the best way to go about getting back on track with my blog. How about we start with three things because three things somehow feels manageable. Three huge ginormous things, but still just three things.

There's no real easy way to write this so I'm going to be blunt. My daughter2 and her fiancee cancelled their wedding a week prior to the event and we're still feeling a little fragile round here. I imagine we will feel that way for quite some time.

It's not a secret but it is private, and yes there is a difference. I'm not going to write about the specifics here, in fact I probably wouldn't write about it at all except people have been emailing asking what's up so it felt like I needed to say something. Daughter2 loves my blog and knows I can't really keep writing here without mentioning the elephant in the room so she's told me to carry on.

This is me carrying on.

Second thing...Daughter1, her husband, son (aka cutest little mancub in all the land), and baby #2 (coming this fall!) are moving to South Korea.

My son-in-law finishes a grueling five year residency program in June, takes his written boards in July, then around the world they go. I will definitely write more about this but let's stick with headlines for now.

Thirdly, their overseas move means this guy is going to live with us for the next two years. Everyone say hi to Hunley-

He's adorable and only slightly naughty and I for sure will have more to say about him as he settles in to his temporary new home on the lake.

He will settle in right?

Of course he will.
We'll settle in too.

And I might have more to say along those lines so don't wander too far.


  1. Joyce, I’ve done my fair share of blogging around the elephant in the room and it’s hard to do. I’ve also gone through the kids moving to the other side of the world thing. Your so proud when they grow up to be all you’d hoped for, but that means they live grown up lives that aren’t so easy for us. Congratulations on grand baby #2. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with Hunley. 🙂

  2. OMG!!! South Korea!! That’s a long way to go visit TWO grand babies!!

  3. Congratulations on grand baby #2!!!

  4. Joyce, I am sending my love to Daughter #2. Give her a hug from all the blog-world! Thrilled about baby #2, know the long distance is tough, and Hunley is adorable!
    Hugs to you!

  5. Wow - big changes all around. That Hunley was a looker!

    Our children's lives can be eventful -as you are seeing now - and it always tugs at our heart - sadness, worry, love, new adventure. So much mixed up emotion! Hang tough. And dogs help with all that!

  6. Thank you for writing. You have been on my mind and in my prayers because of the silence for so long when big things were anticipated. May the Lord bless you all with whatever it takes to move through this and on to the other side.

    Like you, we all occasionally have those 'elephants', some we can talk about and some it's just best to not. You have done well. Be comforted that your blogging friends care and understand and do not need to know more than what has been said.

    Sending you a warm hug and continued prayer for comfort and peace.

  7. Hi Joyce, Wow, those are three very big things to change ones life, for sure! Very sorry to read about Daughter #2 and the cancelling of the wedding. I do feel that the heart knows the right direction to go in and at some point in her life, she'll look back at this time frame and know that she made the right choice for herself! Big news for Daughter #1! Congratulations on baby #2 being on board! I do remember you telling me that they could end up across the world! I have a good friend whose daughter lives and teaches in Korea and has been there for about 3 years and she loves it there! Good luck to all on this exciting new adventure in their lives! Super cute pick of the dog and I love his name! I know you are dog people and will enjoy his company! Enjoy your time together with your family before all the changes take place! Miss you! I think we should chat soon! I will call you! Sending you a hug and much love too! Love, Karen

  8. My heart goes out to all of you❤️ This is where blogging gets tricky on sharing the good things, but also finding a way to share the hard things and keep privacy intact.

  9. Joyce, so much going on. First of all ((Hugs)) to everyone on the cancelled wedding plans. Congratulations on your second grandchild!! How exciting but OMG to South Korea. Your in for some overseas travels. How are your wrapping your mind around all of this?? Huntley should be a nice diversion. ❤🙏

  10. It's always a battle on our personal blogs, trying to figure out how much to share. I'm mostly an open book online having had a presence since the mid 90s, but there are still things I don't share.

    Sorry about the wedding, congrats on the newcomer, have a blast with Hunley.

    DB McNicol
    author, traveler, shutterbug
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  11. Thanks for the update blog, Joyce. I have missed you here and I'm sure I'm not the only one (as seen above). Blessings to D2 and I'm sure she knows she did the right thing. Big hug! Thrilling for D1 to be heading for a new adventure in S. Korea AND bringing baby2 into the world while there. Frequent flyer miles will be adding up, I'm sure! Hope you are feeling the love from your blogging friends, and Hunley will settle in and bring you both some joy. He will LOVE the boat and the water, I'm sure. xoxox

  12. Life is never predictable or boring.

  13. Those are three ginormous things. Sadness and joy seem to always mingle. Praying God helps your daughter through this time. Congratulations on your new grandchild. Yikes, South Korea! Thank the Lord for skype and other instant things that can gratify the need to know and see our kids.

  14. Congratulations on grandbaby #2, first and foremost! My heart hurts for your family as these "changes" are taking place but God already has it all worked out for His glory. Hopefully the next two years will fly by and thank goodness for technology! Hugs!

  15. Goodness, just so much to process at one time, bless you! It's good to see you back in blogland and you always know just how to say whatever needs to be said. Blessings abundant!

  16. Wow... Joyce - some huge changes in your life. So sorry about your #2's wedding. No matter what the circumstances, it is still really tough. South Korea? Double Wow. The new baby deserves a triple wow. Stay strong - I'm sure that you're #2 is grateful to have a wonderful Mother like you.

  17. My heart is with you on all accounts. Sometimes life sucks and sometimes it doesn’t, eh?
    Life changes are hard but your family will survive with LOVE!

  18. Well I'm glad you are back because I was wondering why it was quiet around here. Life is never all plain sailing, sometimes we have to navigate choppy waters but I'm sure your strong family will get through these a) difficult and b) exciting times. Congratulations on the new grandbaby. The pup is adorable and will certainly give you a focus. I hope Daughter #2 is doing ok. And yes sometimes elephants get so big they can no longer be ignored. Thank you for sharing - I'm sure it's stopped some of our imaginations running away with us.

  19. Thankyou for sending me the link to your blog. Will be reading along as much as I can. Sooo sorry for the pain daughter 2 has gone though! Since I‘m commenting so late I know you’ve been to see Baby nr. 2 and wish many blessings for them. Happy New year!