Saturday, April 20, 2019


R is for The Old Rugged Cross

I have lots of favorite words, but if I have to pick a favorite favorite it is this one-hope. And never does that word pack more of a punch than on Easter morning. I like the quote by Thomas Aquinas that says, "Faith has to do with things not seen, hope with things that are not at hand." 

Easter for me is definitely a time of reflection. Everyone has something they're dealing with, and Easter reminds me to put my focus back on a God who is faithful. Who is all-knowing and never surprised or caught off guard by what life brings. 

No matter what small hill or giant mountain lies before us, what fire we're walking through, or what pit we're trying to climb out of, Easter morning tells us there is hope.

Sometimes the old hymns really do say it best-


  1. That song is a favorite of mine and we sang it in church last Sunday. Alan Jackson sings it so well. Great choice for your "R".

  2. I trust you had a glorious Easter!

  3. One of my favorite old hymns which I can still hear my mother’s voice singing.

  4. Love this post and thank you for sharing the video.

  5. That song always reaches into my heart.