Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Few Small Things

I've never been a weekend blogger, but I'm also not a rule breaker. The A to Z challenge says we blog on Saturdays, so a Saturday post it is-

F is for A Few Small Things

So much of what brings delight into our lives falls under the heading of 'small things'. We're told to enjoy the small things, that life is made up of small moments, small blessings, small delights. Some of these are perhaps not enough to fill a blog post on their own, but they are most definitely worth noting and calling out.  I think I might dedicate my Saturday posts to lists of small things that match the letter of the day.

Or I might not, we'll see.

The letter F and a few small things that never fail to delight-

50% off something I was going to buy anyway
finding something I'd misplaced
fresh flowers on ordinary days
French macrons
fine china
bluebirds at the feeder
fast cars
fragrance of a lilac tree on the summer breeze
free wifi in hotels, airports, assorted other venues
fairy lights
dressing fancy
finding out via Facebook that friends I know from different parts of my life know each other
first cup of coffee in the early morning hours
figuring out the solution to a complicated problem
friends who phone just because
baby farm animals out my car window
an unexpected ending in a work of fiction
a great big flag against a bright blue sky
a funny text from the hubs
the red tailed hawk flying overhead

Your turn....what small things are bringing you delight?


  1. It is always the little things that bring the most joy!!

  2. I liked the way you switched some of the things around. Although I'm sure you've done some fancy dress in your time as a Mom. My list would have to include first cup of tea of the day.

  3. I love your list! 50% off is always fun.

  4. So here goes - my adult kids, grand daughter, grand dogs, my cat, yarn, knitting needles, dogs, my cat, a clean orderly house, my condo, audio books in my ears, pod casts in my ears, special actual books that I own (few indeed), walking in nature, my lap top computer, my iPad, my phone, my retirement ... my gift of a life on this earth as long as it lasts (how is that?)

  5. SO with you on 50% off something you were going to buy anyway!
    Hearing seagulls call would be one of my small things.

    Happy A-Z'ing.

  6. Great list, and I’m enjoying your A to Z blogs. Spring daffodils and getting the last scone at Starbucks.

  7. It doesn't take much to keep me content and I can get delighted about pretty simple things. My youngest daughter, who is a pastry chef, has become quite the expert in making macrons and makes side money making batches of them for special events like weddings. I don't get to try her wares very often since I live on the opposite coast from her, but she always brings samples when I go to visit and that delights me.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out